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Amazon Prime Video has added a handy feature: the ability to create separate profiles with individual parental controls. Here’s how to set up profiles so you and your family no longer have to share watch lists.

Configuring profiles allows multiple people to share the same Amazon Prime subscription, but have separate watch histories and lists. You can have up to six profiles, each with its own set of rules and parental controls.

How to Set Up a New Prime Video Profile on Mobile

To set up a new profile on your mobile device, download the Amazon Prime Video app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and then sign in to your Amazon account. After logging in, tap “My Stuff” at the bottom right to access your profile.

Tap "My Stuff."

From there, tap the drop-down arrow next to your name. You’ll see a list of all active user profiles and a premade “Kids” profile.

Tap the drop-down arrow next to your name.

To create a new user profile, tap “New.”

Tap "New."

In the profile creation page, type a name and choose whether you’d like this to be a “Kids” profile. If you do, this account will only be able to access kid-friendly content and recommendations.

Tap “Save” to create the new profile.

Tap "Save."

To switch to the new profile, tap the drop-down arrow next to your name. You’ll see the new account listed under your other profile(s); tap it to use that profile.

Tap the profile name to switch to it.

Customize Your Prime Video Profile in the Mobile App

To customize profiles from your smartphone or tablet, open the Amazon Prime Video app and sign in to an adult profile. Next, tap the Gear icon to open your account settings. (Keep in mind that some advanced options aren’t available in the mobile app.)

If you want to set up content restrictions for kids’ profiles, tap “Parental Controls.” Here, you can set viewing restrictions and change your Prime Video PIN after confirming your password.

Tap "Parental Controls."

You’ll have to perform the initial setup of a Prime Video PIN on a desktop browser (we cover this below). In the mobile app, you can only change an existing PIN; tap “Change Prime Video PIN” to do so.

The "Parental Controls" menu in the Amazon Prime Video mobile app.

On an iPhone, you can also tap “Enable Face ID” to require a biometric login instead of a PIN to watch restricted videos. However, note that “Viewing Restrictions” must also be enabled to use this feature.

Set Up a New Prime Video Profile From a Desktop

To set up a new Amazon Prime Video profile from your computer, navigate to the Amazon Prime Video website and sign in to your account. Click “Watch on Amazon” to go to the main Amazon Prime Video page.

Click your username at the top right, and then select “Add New” from the drop-down menu. The same as the mobile version, you’ll see a default “Kids” profile in the list.

On the “New Profile” page, type the name of the account and toggle-On the option next to “Kid’s Profile?” if this is a profile for a child.

Click “Save Changes” to create the profile.

Toggle-On the option next to "Kid's Profile?"

You’ll then be taken to the Amazon Prime Video home menu. To switch to the new profile, click the drop-down arrow next to your name, and then select the new account from the list.

Customize Your Prime Video Profile From Your Desktop

To customize your new profile from your desktop computer, sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account (you must log in to an “adult” profile to change account settings).

Next, click the Gear icon next to your account to open the settings. Click “Settings,” verify your password, and then you’ll be redirected to the Amazon Video “Account Settings” page.

If you want to customize parental controls or set content restrictions, navigate to the “Parental Controls” tab. You’ll be prompted to create a five-digit PIN, which you’ll use to authorize Prime Video purchases and bypass any restrictions you set up for a profile.

Tap "Parental Controls."

After you create a PIN, you can also choose whether it should be required for future purchases, including movies and rentals.

The "PIN on Purchase" option.

Below this setting, you can also customize any viewing restrictions and to which profiles these should apply. Keep in mind that a “Kids” profile can only access kid-friendly content, like cartoons. It will also only display child-friendly recommendations, and these settings can’t be changed or altered within that profile.

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