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Creating hyper-focused channels in Slack makes it easy to stay on topic but hard to see all of the important messages. Use Slack’s Reacji Channeler to automatically copy important messages to specific channels using emoji reactions.

One of Slack’s biggest benefits is that it keeps your chat in one place, but this also causes one of its biggest drawbacks: it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything. The more people contribute to your Slack, the truer this becomes.

Slack recognized this a while ago and provided a solution in the form of the Reacji Channeler, a free app written by the Slack team that automatically copies a message to a channel of your choice when you react with a particular emoji.

For example, you or a coworker might react to an agreed decision with the gavel emoji, which sends a copy of the message to a #decision channel.

The Reacji Channeler flowchart.

This is an elegant solution to the problem because it makes it easy for humans to choose messages to be copied while automating the busywork of actually copying the message to the right channel. Plus, the app respects private channels by only copying messages from public channels, meaning no one has to worry about what emoji they use in a DM.

To use Reacji Channeler, go to the app page, and click the “Add To Slack” button. You’ll need admin privileges for your Slack workspace to install Reacji as you do when you add any other app.

Once the app is installed, you can activate Reacji using the following slash command:

/reacji-channeler [:emoji:] [#channel]

In our Slack instance, we want anything with a :rocket: emoji to be sent to the #moon-shot channel.

An example of the Reacji Channeler slash command.

Once you’ve run the command you’ll get a confirmation message that only you can see.

The message confirming the slash command.

A message will also pop up in the channel you’re sending messages to.

The message shown in the channel that messages will be sent to.

From now on, if someone reacts to a message in a public channel with the :rocket: emoji, a copy will be sent to the #moon-shot channel. To remove this, use the “remove” slash command:

/reacji-channeler remove [:emoji:]

To help you choose the right emojis, Slack has provided a starter pack of emojis that includes a gavel, airhorn, free food, and news emoji.

The Reacji start pack emojis.

You can download and install these emojis regardless of whether you install the app.

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The Reacji Channeler app can be used for any purpose—to notify a team about a software release, alert the support team about a problem, request help from the legal department, flag a bug report from a user, or anything else you can imagine.

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