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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch, you can unlock the Nook Shopping app for your Nook Phone. With the app, you can access your shopping catalog from anywhere, which is useful if you’re too busy to make the trip to the Resident Services shopping kiosk.

Unlock the Nook Shopping App

To unlock the Nook Shopping app on your Nook Phone, you must purchase 100 items from the Nook Kiosk inside the Resident Services tent (or building, depending on how far you’ve progressed in the game).

The Nook Shopping app works just like the kiosk, but can be used anywhere on your island and on Mystery Island Tours.

The Nook Shopping app works like the kiosk, but unlike the kiosk, the Nook Shopping app on your Nook Phone does not have access to the banking system, and it does not accrue the daily access Nook Miles bonus. You can only order items from the Nook Shopping Service, including “Seasonal” items, “Promotional” items, and your own catalog.

You can open the app when visiting friends’ islands, but you cannot order anything if you’re not on your own island. This is a bit of a pain, but by acquiring access to your Nook Shopping catalog on your phone, you can exchange and catalog items easily with friends.


The most difficult task to unlocking the Nook Shopping app is the limit of items you can order per day on the Resident Services shopping kiosk. You can order up to five items per day on the Nook Kiosk. All items that you order are delivered to your mailbox the following day.

You can also order up to two items per day for each of your friends, which is a nice bonus if you’re attempting to unlock the Nook Shopping app relatively quickly.

Track Your Number of Purchases

The number of items you’ve ordered from the kiosk can be viewed in your Nook Miles app. Look for the “Shop To It!” Nook Miles Achievement.

As an added bonus, if you’re sending gifts to friends to help bolster your progress, it’ll also contribute to the “Popular Pen Pal” Nook Miles achievement.

Making the entire island transform into a five-star tropical paradise is the overall goal of the game, so being able to shop at any position, especially when a jolt of inspiration comes along, is very convenient. Enjoy shopping on the fly!

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