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Beginner: How to Switch from iGoogle Back to Plain Google Homepage

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Today a reader wrote in telling us that their home page used to be Google, but now they seem to be stuck on iGoogle instead, and would really rather have the plain old Google back. Here’s what we told them.

What’s happened here is that since the Google redesign, it’s a little more confusing how to switch back to the old Google page, and once your account has been set to use iGoogle, it’s going to keep showing that page instead.

What you need to do is simply click the Gear icon in the top right corner, and then choose Classic Home from that menu.


Just like that, back to plain old Google.


Obviously this article was meant for beginners, which is why we put that in the title. Any disparaging comments will be promptly deleted.

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  • Published 07/7/11

Comments (14)

  1. Graeme

    I always think that’s the most retarded thing on the Google home page. How does iGoogle fall under the category ‘Settings’ (which is what I believe most people associate a gear icon with nowadays). It annoys me that I have to make two whole clicks just to get back to iGoogle (my own personal First-World Problem)

  2. Hatryst

    Thanks, it helped, yes !
    Sometimes fixing the easiest stuff is the biggest annoyance…

  3. John

    @Hatryst I consider myself a Google super user, but this one had me stumped earlier today too. I run multiple monitors so I always keep an iGoogle tab running. Mainly for news and, most importantly, Accuweather radar as a surprise storm could damage my company’s 20 acres of greenhouses if we get caught off guard.. However, sometimes I like to check out classic Google.

  4. mizkitty

    Use HTTPS…your home page will be the classic Google page…no links at the top though…like “News”

    Since there’s no SSL version of iGoogle…use Google Shortcuts on your toolbar to go to iGoogle.

  5. f.m

    it make me mad for long time

  6. Ava

    thank you for including a ‘beginner’ comment. many times my eyes glaze over just looking at the titles. i am probably in the 1% group, but i still enjoy looking at the postings.

  7. sVen

    Wow. I teach a Google search and apps course, in a senior center, and I didn’t know it was so easy to get out of iGoogle. Thanx.

  8. roy humphreys

    i want to get back to plain google home page but can not

  9. roy humphreys

    I have clicked gear no response

  10. Jordan McKimm


  11. shaun

    What “Top Stories” widget is being shown there in the screenshot in the article? I have been searching for it but can’t seem to find it….I thought it was Top Stories – Google News but I can’t get it to show up like they have it in the screenshot.

  12. Dick

    sorry but under my gear icon there is no drop box showing list as per your example. My lists shows print, zoom, file, safety, etc and the internet options. Even tried to change home page under the general settings. Always goes back to igoogle. Thanks for any help.

  13. Andrew Stamford

    My question is similar in a way, I hope it is not way off topic though, apologies. I set my homepage to iGoogle and I had the basic page pop up with the search option and it was fine. When a few days ago I wanted to view a YouTube clip and signed in to continue the next time I went to Google I got the message you have been signed out and I am required to sign in each time. If I do I have a different page with superfluous stuff there and I dont want nor need it. I would like to go back to the basic iGoogle I could choose to remain signed in, but as I noted I dont want this iGoogle ‘homepage’ linked to an email address etc. It is very annoying and makes using Google more frustrating to the point I do not want to use it any longer. Does anyone know how to reset the laptop or browser to return to the time before it knew I have a gmail and constantly asking me to sign in as I miss the simplicity and basic page. Thanks.

  14. Trepound

    If the gear icon doesn’t show the Classic Google option, then simply click on the “Home” icon not far from the gear icon. I tried it just now and I keeps the Classic Home setting when you close/restart IE. Not sure about Firefox or if you reboot your PC but someone can test it out.

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