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By definition, Quibi’s content is meant to be consumed in bite-sized chunks, which doesn’t necessarily lend itself to engaging experiences. Nevertheless, it has some top-quality dramas, comedies, and documentaries that are well worth the price of admission.

I Promise

It’s difficult to make it through an episode of this inspirational study of LeBron James’ I Promise School with clear eyes. James founded the school in his hometown, Akron, Ohio, in 2018, after years of civic work to provide better opportunities for at-risk kids in the community. The Quibi series I Promise features 15 episodes telling the stories of the students, teachers, and administrators who make the school possible.

Run This City

Rated 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Run This City is a documentary about Jasiel Correia, who, at 23 years old, is one of the youngest mayors in the U.S. The 10-episode series covers the incredible string of luck that brought him into the political spotlight, and the chain of events that eventually led to his downfall.

Shape of Pasta

Most Americans know and love the most common types of pasta, like spaghetti, fettuccine, and ravioli. But what about Rasccatieddi di Miscchieddu, Agnolotti del Plin, or Strangulet? In Shape of Pasta, American chef and “custodian of Italian tradition,” Evan Funke of Felix Trattoria, journeys through small towns in Italy to document these rare forms and flavors.

50 States of Fright

From horror legend, Sam Raimi, comes an anthology of the most terrifying tales from every U.S state. The series begins with several two- and three-part episodes set in Michigan, Kansas, Oregon, Minnesota, and Florida. Featuring a diverse range of writers and directors, 50 States of Fright is the most popular horror content on Quibi so far.

Iron Sharpens Iron

In Iron Sharpens Iron, pro athletes trade sports and experience the rigorous training required for each discipline. The distinct talents that make each athlete a star are on full display in these eight episodes. It’s enlightening to see how difficult it is for a baseball pro to swing a tennis racket properly, or a football legend to dribble a basketball with the same skill it took someone years to develop.


Visual artist, Brooklyn legend, and the ninth queen to win Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Sasha Velour gives viewers a closer look at each of the stars who make their touring show, NightGowns, such a ravishing success. It showcases the unique art, music, fashion, and voguing of each queen in the cast, along with a healthy dose of behind-the-scenes drama.

Reno 911!

Over a decade after its cancellation, the best worst cops on TV are back! Quibi’s format is perfect for the reboot of Reno 911! Most of the original cast of this classic COPS satire have returned, along with the excessive jokes about excessive force that made the original a classic.


This series features firsthand accounts from the NBA players and personnel most impacted by the racist remarks, and eventual banning, of Clippers team owner, Donald Sterling. Blackballed is a 12-part documentary that dives into how the owner’s views on race poisoned other elements of his empire. It also covers how the players united to overcome and oust him to build a better league.

You Ain’t Got These

“This is not a show about sneakers. This is a show about sneaker culture.” Lena Waithe, the renowned writer of Master of None and Queen and Slim, has spent her life steeped in sneaker culture. This 12-part docuseries examines the cultural forces behind sneakers. It also explores how gender and race influenced the evolution of kicks, the power sneakers have in our society, and how they’re defining markers that transcend traditional barriers. You might be wearing something on your feet, but You Ain’t Got These


A long time ago, writer Cody Heller was in a relationship with Dan Harmon (the creator of Community and Rick & Morty, played here by Donal Logue) and discovered he had a sex doll. So, of course, she wrote about it, and Dummy was born. This comedy film for the filthy-minded has been divided into Quibi-sized segments. It follows Heller (Anna Kendrick) as she hallucinates conversations between herself and her boyfriend’s sex doll.

Despite a troubled launch, Quibi has gathered plenty of high-quality comedies, dramas, and documentaries from both classic creators and new voices.

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