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Ask the Readers: How Do You Monitor Your Bandwidth Usage?

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Increasingly low bandwidth caps instituted by both home and mobile providers are turning bandwidth monitoring into more of a necessity and less of a novel experiment. How do you monitor your bandwidth?

This week we want to hear all about how you monitor your network usage. How do you keep tabs on your home network? How do you keep tabs on your mobile phone or other cellular devices? If you don’t monitor one but monitor the other, we want to hear about that too. What apps, tools, and tricks do you use?

Sounds off in the comments with your bandwidth monitoring technique and then check back in on Friday for the What You Said roundup to see how your fellow readers are monitoring their bandwidth.

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  • Published 07/6/11

Comments (159)

  1. geeknik

    I don’t.

  2. James

    3G WatchDog for my Android Phone
    NetBalancer Pro (thanks howtogeek) for my home network.

  3. Pete

    I don’t either!

  4. Steve

    I don’t…

  5. Mike

    Linksys WRT54GL with Tomato version 1.28. Bandwidth monitoring on that is all I’ve ever needed.

  6. Mike

    On my iPhone, I used to reset the usage statistics every month, but after doing that for a while and never even coming close to my 500MB cap (yup, MB. Rogers in Canada sucks), I stopped caring.

  7. jon_hill987

    I don’t. TalkTalk give me a 40GB cap, but they don’t seem overly strict about it. I have downloaded near twice that and they have not complained.

  8. Brian Yurick

    Tomato firmware on my Linksys is the way to go.

  9. JonY

    No monitoring here, I personally would never use a service that was not truly unlimited.

  10. MrMikeM513

    What’s important is how the carrier measures your data traffic.

    Right now, Verizon says I used 151.58 MB on my Droid X as of yesterday.

    3G Watchdog Pro says I used 47.87 as of about an hour ago.

    Interesting, no?

    Grandfathered unlimited, but for how long?

  11. Cryptic

    I don’t. My home internet is a local wireless company and doesn’t have any caps.

  12. Yash Pancholi

    i use NetLimiter app to see how much bandwidth ive used! (though its unlimited connection)

  13. Yash Pancholi
  14. Rothbart

    I set up a free Astaro Security Gateway (home edition) which works as a firewall, content filtering system (great for when you have kids around or want to nuke the possibility of P2P stuff going on), and it has great reporting options… including bandwidth usage. I hooked a WAP (wireless access point) to it as well and now even when using things like smartphones, Nintendo DS, PSP, Laptops… literally anything through wifi, the content filtering kicks in (you can of course create exceptions on a user or device basis.) It offers some REALLY interesting stats on your networked lifestyle… who knew your Wii probably has the longest connection time of any device in your house over the course of a month? If you own one and have it connected via Wifi, I bet it does. It doesn’t transfer much, but it’s connected A LOT! It’s also neat to know exactly where all that PSN, XBLA, Netflix, Hulu content comes from and how much is being used by each service.

  15. bob

    Yes, unfortunately. I have a 250GB monthly cap, which i manage to stay under quite easily most times, but once or twice i have gone over and received a warning from my ISP, so i now use ‘netlimiter’ to keep on track of things.

  16. Bob

    BWMeter by desksoft although my connection is unlimited but still good for monitoring speed and access

  17. GabrielSan

    I check my company mobile app once a week. I’m not to worried because the send you a message when you are about to reach your limit. I’m always on wifi when possible.

    At home, I use Netgear’s built in notification system. When I’m close to my limit it shuts off the internet :/

  18. Fireball

    DroidStats for my Android
    Monitors 3G, wifi, SMS and talking time

  19. RvdP

    I don’t. Both LAN and cellular are unlimited.

  20. Steve Stone

    My ADSL service is so slow and goes down so often I’d never max a cap if my ISP had a cap.

  21. coldfire7

    This are the software I have used:
    BWMeter —>
    DUMeter —>
    BitMeter II —>
    BitMeter OS —>

    But currently using BWMeter.

    And planning to use SNMP based software (example MRTG).

  22. Atomsk

    I don’t monitor mine, My phone data plan is unlimited and my ISP doesn’t have a cap. Thankfully :D

  23. Chris Churchman

    I have a smoothwall firewall and i use a plugin called ‘MAC based traffic log’.

    It creates a daily report, breaks down bandwidth usage by IP address. It grabs the ip’s and hostnames from the dchp. you can also add fixed ip’s and mac addresses to monitor.

    Very useful to see exactly where all your bandwidth goes.

  24. Mohamad

    I use PfSense Firewall to keep track of my home network internet usage and also track usage by users, really great overall security / router platform….

  25. Wayne

    I don’t monitor bandwidth. I pay Time Warner for their fastest and best internet package. As of right now, I don’t have a bandwidth cap. The package I have is not advertised and costs me about $70.00 per month which is much more than the general package they do advertise. However I usually enjoy 5 times the speed or about 30 Mbps here in Southern California.

    We use our connection to download movies through DirecTV, iTunes, and Netflix as well as streaming music over Pandora, gaming and internet usage. A bandwidth cap would severely impact our life so I would probably upgrade to the package without it.

  26. Roberto from Canada

    My ISP, Rogers, lets me monitor my usage right on their site, so I never get any surprises on the bill.

  27. MJ

    Only when Internet goes down, and then is when I have the best knowledge: I’m using zero.

  28. gnz

    I still got unlimited bandwidth at home (I’m from South-America), even if it’s a crap-tacular connection.To be fair, all my country broadband services suck, can’t get more than 4MB/s, and those cost a lot, I got 2MB…I really hope they don’t manage to impose limited bandwith as as the norm (they already sell limited plans).
    On my phone I got 512MB monthly at $4/month, and I monitor with my carrier tool, just sending a free sms

    sorry the crappy english

  29. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

    Like jon_hill987 I have a 40GB cap but have never been penalised if I exceed it.That said i use a Rainmeter config that tracks it anyway just for my personal info.Currently for July I’ve used 4.40GB so am well on schedule for not exceeding it this month.

  30. Crypsis

    I have unlimited bandwidth, my ISP is a small company who seem not to care about how much, just as long as I pay my $25 (Canadian so like $50 American…jk) i can use it to my hearts content, which is good cause netflix set to HD streaming uses a lot of Gb (gotta watch my Firefly). Only down side is that my Internet slows noticeably during peak hours.

  31. fengshaun

    I use Netgear’s bandwidth watch, but only for entertainment purposes since I don’t have any caps. It’s nice to know how much internetz you use!

  32. dima

    I use dd-wrt firmware with Linksys WRT54GL.

  33. EppsNL

    My router keeps track of my usage although I never check it as I don’t have any caps. Right now however it stands at 90GB, most of it coming from the Steam sales and me getting a new PC.

  34. A340-600

    I switched from AT&T and its 150 GB cap to Comcast and its 250 GB, so, yeah, I tend to monitor my bandwidth usage. I use Comcast’s own bandwidth monitor, that is until I find an app to do that locally, and I usually use about 175 GB a month.

  35. Bugalugs

    Net Usage Item (Firefox add on) for home network
    Consume for iPhone

  36. tecn0tarded

    i’ve never even thought about it. i was unaware there were even limits on it

  37. Multimon

    Consume App on my iPhone

  38. nik

    use netwrox, it can filter out LAN traffic and only count traffic that’s going to the internet. If u install it on all computers in your network then u can monitor each computers internet traffic. It doesn’t work on mobile device though

  39. _Ron

    I use tomato firmware and watch the bandwidth with it’s internal montior. I used to use WallWatcher but I don’t like leaving a PC on all the time to collect the stats.

  40. likemalls

    fgdas gfeas g gfeashr

  41. Travicane

    I started using NetWorx freeware version for about 2 weeks ago. Claims to sync usage (option to exclude internal Network traffic) for all systems on a home network (option). So far it shows about 1.3 Gbyte per day.
    I stream music most of the day, and watch at least 1 hour of streamed television a day, so this reading seems low.

    Anyone else have any experience with NetWorx, and how accurate it is compared to other methods?

  42. Rob

    BitMeter OS

  43. Antriksh

    I don’t track my bandwidth as much, but I do look at the interesting graphs DD-WRT on my Linksys router makes. It has its problems and doesn’t remember data when I pull the plug off at night, but it gets the work done for me.

  44. Scott

    We have a local ISP. They don’t have or care about any caps, but the connection is slow compared to many others. Wayne said he had 30Mbps. I have 3 Mbps. The highest package they have is 20 Mbps. I have a link to their plans. I have a feeling they’re way overpriced.

  45. Alexplay

    I don’t, if i had to i’d use conky on linux. If on cellphone it already shows my data connection usage (nokia n95).

  46. jim

    3rd party router firmware (dd-wrt/open-wrt/tomato etc do it for me)

  47. Mnzrbt

    I don’t track. Rather do not need to. I am a grandfathered unlimited data user on AT&T(got it two days before they discontinued unlimited data). I sometimes check my data uses on their site just for fun though.

    And my home internet is from Time Warner, they don’t impose any cap either. So, as of now I am free of any cap. Don’t know what’s gonna happen in near future though.

  48. Dexter86

    I’ve got unlimited bandwidth but I use NetMeter;dl=cat1 to monitor my downloading speed in real time

  49. Sovichet Tep

    I use NTM (Network Traffic Monitor) in moonOS .

  50. Vinh

    Running Fedora 15 KDE, I use the KNemo Network Monitor widget to monitor my bandwidth usage every hour, day, week, month, & year. It also notifies me when I exceed a certain bandwidth. Useful if your ISP caps your bandwidth monthly.

  51. Mal

    I don’t measure it… Maybe I should but it would scare me…

  52. BeastFellow

    DU Meter (shareware) on my main desktop PC

    Networx (OpenSource) on Laptop and Netbook

    Installed on each PC in my network. Mobile usage data monitored by their respective apps but not used much.

  53. Road Dog

    This is a reply to a posts by Travicane and BeastFellow, nice choice.
    I use NetWorx meets my needs, got a SLOW DSL out in the boonies.
    Free with good specs, GUI, sticks a graph icon next to your tray-clock.
    Hope it meets your needs too.

  54. BGSOF


    In Bulgaria the avarage Internet speed is 50 mbps for home users, so most people don’t need to watch their speed. Actually for 20 euros you can achieve up to 80 mbps and since it is unlimited bandwidth… metering your network is pointles….


  55. mohammad

    I don’t either!

  56. Bassam

    mostly i dont, but when i want i use netlimiter

  57. ga4a

    DD-WRT statistics.

  58. Jami

    I don’t have a cap (that I know of). I have never had to monitor my bandwidth usage fortunately.

  59. Irish_IT

    We use PRTG monitoring here. It does rather well and even the free version allows you to tag about 1/2 a dozen ports on a router/switch.

  60. iceflatline

    I use pfSense for my firewall. Among other nice capabilities, it features RRDtool, an open source data gathering and graphing tool. It allows me to to view in/out bandwidth, packets-per-second, and latency in 4 hour, 16 hour, 2 day, 1 month, 6 month, and 12 month averages.

  61. singh

    Using KNemo on ubuntu 11.04

  62. r

    I use 3G mobile broadband. I check my usage on a regular basis and enter it into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet tells me at what percentage of usage I am at for each day of my cycle. It also tells me what I have used and what I have left, and the amount I should be using each day. Also other information relating to my contract. I find it works well. I have, in the past, had problems with my suppliers with their counting of data and other matters. They sometimes need watching.

  63. Dana

    Suposed to be forewarned by ISP. Roberto, love the Cdn. eh? flag. Dana Down Under.

  64. Sebastian

    Cacti and sFlow(Trend) great combination! :)

  65. Latepor

    I don´t have cap but I use DU Meter on my W7 desktop and on my W7 laptop.
    It gives me a good idea of my contracted ISP speed, good and bad sites.

  66. geneset

    I am in the UK and use Virgin Media who supply a cable broadband service. I am part of a house-share, so we have about 8 people who can pick up my broadband service. I use a Belkin N1 Vision router which pokes out the radio signal. The best part is that the Belkin displays each computer that is picking up the signal and displays their current bandwidth usage. In addition, it displays how many Mb or Gb each individual has downloaded during the past 24 hours. This router, in conjunction with Network Magic gives me all the information I need. If any user gets too heavy in their usage, then a quiet word usually suffices. Failing that, I change the password and don’t give them the new one.

  67. David Vazquez

    Oh man I wish I’d live in Bulgaria…

    In Mexico the average speed is 1 Mbps (around 30 US Dlls), in my case I have the 2Mb (around 55 US Dlls.) version which is unlimited, although actualy is never over 1.75 according to so as for measuring my usage I don’t really care what mostly sets me back is the low speed I’m not much of a downloader except fpr the ocational Linux ISO or net install.

  68. zukirider

    I dont… I might start though.

  69. Mike

    I’m English and live in France and check with the Nordnet (ISP) site a few times a day because they have proved that I cannot trust them. The second my new monthly quota started last month, 49 MB had been used. Another fiddle is starting the unlimited (with slow internet) night period 40 minutes late so I’m using my day quota. Not a lot of good complaining to them because they have never answered an email or letter yet. Their “unlimited” service is limited, and the best I have had out of their 100 Mbs service is 2 Mbs (250 KBs).

  70. Joleca

    Networx – with Comcast’s bandwidth cap, its the best out there and its free,,

    Went over Comcast’s cap once (about 3 months into having and wasn’t aware of any caps).. They CALLED me and said if I went over again, they would cut off my access for “1 year”.. Stumbled across Networx shortly after that and installed on all 3 network computers in the house.. It monitors and tracks all network computers and gives you the full report on each device (no need to add up the totals), and it will ignore the traffic within your lan.. If you have a laptop and use outside of your home network, you can set it to only track your home IP address and ignore outside traffic.

    Haven’t gone over once since then and after Comcast started posting bandwidth usage on their website, checked the Networx totals against theirs and its just about spot on…

    and did I mention, its free!!

  71. Mohan

    No I don’t, and I know for sure I don’t use as much bandwidth as I used to.

  72. TsarNikky

    I don’t.

  73. TheMrbugz

    I don’t at the moment with 200gb a month but I would like to just to see what I use

  74. bofh420

    I have a business account with Comcast. No monitoring needed.

  75. Thomas Clover

    I use ZDBox on my Android phone. There is no cap on my home broadband so I don’t monitor it.

  76. aracnacon

    Who cares if you “Don’t” monitor? Why even post if you don’t?

  77. Krysaenaar

    DD-WRT on my Linksys Router. I have a 250GB cap so i need to monitor my WAN usage from one central location

  78. Joydeep

    I have a 1mbps unlimited line at home(Mumbai, India). I usually don’t monitor bandwidth usage, but there is a record on my ISP’s website.

  79. Viju Varghese

    I use itraffic monitor
    for the bandwidht and also usage monitoring.

  80. Jim

    DU Meter on all my PCs, Tomato on the router. No caps on ISP, just like to know my net data.

  81. Cucme

    I am only too pleased that other users have also positive feelings about Networx! I think it’s a lovely package (not only that it’s for free) but that it does what it claims — it tells you exactly and correctly what your usage has been per day, per week, per whatever you like. I’m from the southern tip of Africa where we must be careful of bandwith (more underseas cables are laid) usage, and monitoring usage becomes a necessity.

  82. carlos bandido

    Well when i was still in the USA my ISP Comcast gave me a call one day and said i had exceeded my acceptable usage of bandwidth for the month – they put a cap at 250 GB – the security folks told me i had used 638 GB for the month and suggested i use a bandwidth monitor – they said it was putting a strain on the entire system – otherwise they were going to shut me down for 1 year

    i googled for a free ones and used it for 2 months

  83. Michael

    Buffalo Box Infinity flashed with ddwrt, and a linksys box flashed with ddwrt for the WAP.

  84. Gouthaman Karunakaran

    My ISP does it for me.

    I log in to my account at the end of every day and take a look at how much I’ve used. Works for me alright.

  85. Dafoo

    Because I’m on Comcast, I just use their usage meter. However, since it’s not real-time, I also use Download/Upload meter, which is a great tool, that also meshes well with the Windows 7 taskbar.

  86. Dafoo

    To be entirely correct, I meant DU Meter.

  87. Steve

    NetWorx works just fine and its free. Also its very accurate.

  88. Ken


  89. John D

    I don’t. No cap on ADSL2 with my ISP and no cap on mobile data with T-Mobile (UK).

    Nice :-)

  90. Ryan rvkin

    I have a small setup at home and built a firewall/proxy/contentfilter/nat box using pfsense, the box has two nics one for wan and one for LAN. I usually do on average 1TB a month depending on the month. I have serveral servers behind that box serving website music streaming and some video. To See more visit my other website

  91. Yoshiyah

    I do not keep track of bandwidth usage either.

  92. WW

    I use NetWorx for my pc and use my cell provider service to monitor my mobile phone bandwith.

  93. Dhanush

    It is Free & very Accurate,and as i know it is one of the few monitors which excludes the data transferred between a certain time period.(which is useful for me as i am in a night unlimited plan)

  94. brianzion

    KASPERSKY PURE logs all my bandwidth and where i have been great security

  95. Walt


  96. Jim

    On my Android phone, I use Traffic Statistics and Network Monitor Pro cross checking bandwidth useage with myAT&T app. There have been time that my bandwidth useage has spiked and now I monitor it and set alarms in Traffic Statistics and NW Montior Pro.

  97. tanay

    My ISP gives me the info.

  98. Rippletwo

    DU meter on desktop and laptops. It’s an old program but I’ve used it for years and it does just what I want it to do. Also use it to just monitor what’s going on between my computer and the internet. If I want the details, I’ll fire up WireShark.

  99. rctgamer3

    NetMeter for the realtime stats, NetWorx for overall stats (unlimited though).

  100. A

    A little gadget from the windows live gallery that monitors my network usage on my computer.

  101. Kate

    For my phone’s mobile hotspot, I dial #data and they send me free texts showing all my current usage.

  102. Stefs

    Well I got logs created automaticaly by ESET Smart Security 4 but I dont watch them either…

  103. Mike

    I use the systems attributed to the accounts with my providers. For my cell phone, I use AT&T and they have an app which accesses your account and shows you how much you use. For my home internet, I have Comcast, and same thing, on their website you can view how much data you’ve used with alerts in place if it gets too high. So, I rely on them. I use my cell phone or internet like I do normally, then if it looks like I’m using too much than I should be, I scale back my usage. But, for the most part, my 2 GB per month cell and 250 GB home allotment seem more than enough to handle everything I need.

  104. Aviad Raviv

    I’ve been using DD-WRT with SNMP:

    for years now…

  105. Bill

    Using Hughes I have to monitor bandwidth usage and I use the tool they supply. I have a daily limit so monitoring use is a must.

  106. Morely the IT Guy

    I have 25Mbps both up and down fiber at home, and I refuse to get a smartphone because of the ridiculous caps on bandwidth; so I don’t monitor bandwidth.

  107. thewhitesoul

    Well, I have an unlimited option by my provider but I use a Windows 7 Gadget “Network Meter”.

  108. duttaapd2009

    I use my Modem with monitors (2 of them) Which showes the “Speed” “Download” “Upload” and “Band-Width” I also realy on Windows Desktop Gadget named “Network Meter”

  109. microbarnsey

    When I’m on my phone since it’s just basic tweeting, facebooking and emailing I don’t really care about how much I use because on my PAYG plan it’s only 1pence a MB so it’s quite cheap.

    And on my broadband I’ve got an unlimited package so I don’t need to matter (with no fair usage policy!)

  110. Kevalin

    If I ever manage to go over my Comcast bandwidth limit, please kick my behind, then drag me outside and make me go and get an actual life. To say nothing of some vitamin D. Because surely, I’m spending way too much time indoors.

  111. Anonymous

    I don’t monitor my bandwidth. I use physical cable and I’m waiting to hear from my ISP if I’ve run over which they promise they will do. If/when that happens I will then probably have to consider pursuing a lawsuit to find out exactly how these bastards know what my bandwidth use actually is. (Perhaps HTG would like to investigate and explain how these ISP’s actually monitor their customers “dynamic” connections too.)

    I mean, is anyone else even concerned about their privacy or even their RIGHTS?! Think about it! YOUR TAX MONEY HELPED DEVELOP THE INTERNET! So doesn’t it upset you that these a-hole money-grubbing ISP’s are now “limiting” your access to something that we all paid for? (And don’t believe the lies when they tell you that they have to limit bandwidth due to potential overloading either. That part is a damn lie!)

    If you are concerned about this trend and others where companies and even governments are really committing crimes against the average Joe then you may want to include the following URL for your daily read and/or possible donations:

  112. Darakus

    I run an Archlinux firewall and use vnstat to monitor daily, weekly and monthly bandwidth usage. vnstat is super easy to setup and does a good job for what I need. It only does traffic volume though, no typing or filtering. I use iftop on my firewall if I want to see which computers on my network have open connections and how much bandwidth those connections are using in real time.

  113. charlie

    i use netmeter download from link below. this is a beta but this version works with win7 64bit
    used this for years now, very happy with program.

  114. ehs

    Cellular: i dont care, have an unlimited dataplan and i know my monthly surf habits for the mobile.

    At home:
    I need to see how my net is flowing. Just a quick sneak to the tray and i see incoming or outgoing traffic.
    also its counting every kb since 2 years :)

  115. Isaac

    I use a program called Bandwidth Monitor to watch how much I use on my computer.
    I don’t track my iPad, though I would like it.

  116. Bern

    I asked my ISP how I could monitor my bandwith use and they couldn’t tell me. Then they admitted they couldn’t ever remember taking action against someone who overused it. This is rural UK so I can’t download anything fast; outside cities it’s 2MB at most if there’s a following wind.

  117. Jaime

    I use the bandwidth tab on my dd-wrt router, both for real-time current rate usage and historical by month/day.

  118. tommy2rs

    No monitoring needed. Unlimited at the house and I keep internet access on my phone turned off (as well as gps) unless I need it. Which doesn’t happen but once in a blue moon.

  119. dan

    I use Untangle free Open source Firewall,
    its good if you have lots of people (say in a flat) and you need to see who is using what.
    you will need a spare pc with 2 network cards to use it effectivley.

  120. Collins Chinedu

    I use Mikrotik RouterOS installed in my HP X86 desktop as my office Network gateway. it performs well, you can see what is coming in from the ISP and what your LAN is consuming as well. it has bandwidth graph.

  121. outRIAAge

    Ya betcha! I was on an AT&T cell modem: $45/month for 5GB, but every GB over that was $75,000.

    Now my ISP is an AT$T Atrix, and extra GB costs only $10, so I’m a bit more relaxed…

  122. WVK

    Internode provides a tool called MOM (the last letter stands for Monitor). This tool shows uploads, downloads and total as well as history and bandwidth remaining compared to days remaining. The issue for me, is what to do when it gets low

  123. Kaden

    I’ve been using Net Limiter 3 Pro. Im on fastest DSL package from AT&T… because that’s the fastest package available where i live. Even though is has a 150GB cap, my whole familiy EASILY passes 400-500GB per month. $10 extra per 50GB over. :( I also use it to limit the speed of my computers DL and UL. My brother is a major gamer, so if i don’t watch my speeds, he’ll get all mad. Oh well.

  124. Steven Shaffer

    I use the built in bandwidth monitoring of Tomato firmware on my Linksys wrt54g-tm router. I’ve checked it with my Comcast account online monitor and it’s accurate within 1 meg every month. I normally use 200+ gigs every month and run up to the limit and cut back by using a neighbors wi-fi connection (if needed) the last few days of the month.
    By the way if you have Comcast you can now log into your account online and see your bandwidth usage.

  125. allanrockwell

    NetWorx, and NetStat live for the kids (no not Netstat.exe in system32, the software by AnalogX)

    @carlos:: 638GB !!! -why ? -‘you a real bandido ?

  126. Tejaswin

    I use Bandwidth Monitor to check my usage and current upload and download speed ….

  127. Kah Yan

    I don’t, but I think…I should.

  128. john3347

    I monitor my usage by checking my Verizon bill every month. I have a grandfathered unlimited aircard plan and I use between none and as much as 8 or 10 GB in any given month. I also monitor my voice usage the same way. I will typically use between 3 and 15 minutes on a 450 minute plan. I have teeny bopper texting disabled so I have ZERO texting EVERY month. I check my email on my portable computer. I use my telephone for telephone calls…………isn’t that a quaint idea?

  129. Springman

    I have DS3 line and use Bluecoat PacketShaper to monitor the bandwidth usage and do QoS.

  130. Suhel

    I use Networx. Its easy and free.

  131. NolafromNZ

    I think that here in New Zealand everybody has data limits. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. In fact I ended up falling out with one of our main suppliers, Vodafone, because they charged heaps for me going over and at the time I had no way of finding out my bandwidth usage, cause their chart wasn’t accurate. I paid NZ$80 for 6gb from them 3 years ago. I still owe them NZ$1500 which they can whistle for. Now I pay NZ$70 per month for 10gb and if I go over I can buy more really cheaply or go down to dialup. And this ISP send me emails on half way through my allowance, 3/4s through etc. If I go over, I get an email re paying for more bandwidth. It is fast reliable broadband and I live in a very remote rural area.

  132. Bobby Owens

    I use the Hughesnet status meter. Don’t think broadband will ever get here. They are very stingy only 400 Mb in 24 hour period or your cut to slower than dial up, and believe me it’s slow enough at their so called “High speed”

  133. tony

    I have a freeware copy of NetWorx, but don’t really use it. Have a 3gb limit on my android phone, but have not reached the limit yet.

  134. Harshit Sethi

    I’ve been using DU Meter by Hagel Technologies from quite some time…And presently m using its latest version DU Meter 5 and its great..!!

  135. Rick S

    Our ISP don’t allow movie downloads because it slows our system down and they have to pay extra when they go over their limit.
    People that download movies get a warning email.
    Since I don’t download movies I don’t bother to keep track of bandwith.

    One thing I noticed is how many people have real slow connections. Wow and I thought we had it bad.

  136. Morry

    I use Speakeasy

  137. Rick Robey

    I don’t.

    I enjoy Fiber Optic Internet access from the Chattanooga Electric Power Board and the fastest internet available…all unlimited.

  138. karthik

    I use my operator’s website… log into my account and they give me a detailed report of my broadband usage..

  139. GKI

    I don’t, and we post that because we don’t feel it’s necessary to worry about usage. Use above what you’re paying for: pay up!

  140. GKI

    And it appears that many confuse usage with speed.

  141. michael sulisz

    Didn’t IP’s try to do this before and it blew up in their face when they started losing their customers?

  142. Ron

    On my iPhone, I use Dataman. Works great. Nothing at home…

  143. Prashant

    Simple. my operator mails me when ever i come to reach my limit. then i start using public wifi! So, no need of monitoring…

  144. Bilal

    Well I am living in Uganda, and I have a limit of 10 GB download per month.
    However, every month i should recharge twice so i can survive. Also i think that they are charging me more Data then what I am using.
    What do u think is the best software should i use to monitor my bandwidth on monthly basis giving that i am using a linksys WRT 54GL- using it wireless with iphones and ipads.

    Thanks a lot if you could help.

  145. CliffB

    I don’t either – never get close to user my limit.

  146. Alucard1972

    My mobile Provider Virgin has an android app, very accurate which sits as a widget on my homescreen.
    Internet i check my providers website with two clicks of bookmarks if i feel i am getting close BUT!, they only update every 24hrs.
    I also use my G15 keyboard with sirreal app as a guide to data transfer, and also a win7 desktop widget Network Meter.
    I am interested to find a win7 app that can tell me what pc or handheld device has used X – down/uploads over a set period.

  147. iGhweil

    netlimiter3 for windows 7 it has firewall,blocker, and download-upload limiters

  148. jimc52

    I am not too concerned because I don’t do a lot of streaming (I do some but not all the time). I don’t download huge gigabyte streamed movies or music. I think I am well under the normal monthly bandwidth cap that comcast gives me so I am not worried about it. That’s why I still buy DVD’s or CD music or whatever or I will use Netflicks to get movies now that Blockbuster and Hollywood Video have busted themselves. And there is always my provider’s movies and going to an actual theater to see a new movie which is more than sufficient entertainment for me right there – so unless I suddenly get a huge urge to pay, I am not concerned about this – unless they get extremely greedy and tell me I cannot even use the small amount of bandwidth I now use.

  149. CB

    I use several and they all report the same basic issue…
    bandwidth is not exclusive…it is only a maximum potential.
    It will vary considerably depending on clients online at the same time and their consumption.

  150. buddy


  151. DW

    I use DDWRT on a Linksys WRT54G… That allows me to watch the WAN, LAN & WiFi connections and see what kid is doing what! I am also testing for the “Sam Knows” Project. They provided me with the equipment and send me reports every month. My ISP “Charter” has no caps at this time and being an SA-IT & Solutions Provider I have been more than happy with Charter. Awsome speeds!


  152. Gary

    I use Virgin Mobile and Clear 4G at home. Both have unlimited data. Although I use Netlimiter to bottleneck my bandwidth so my computer doesn’t hog it all when I want to play online.

  153. Vic Tem

    I use Win7 gadget Network Meter. Has some nice features and easy to read.

    We live in rural Canada, so connections are limited, slow or non-existent.

    Help!! Held hostage by Canadian ISP’s. Unlimited access, are you kidding? We rural Canadians live in the 3rd world when it comes to wireless and we are hostage to just a few porviders..

  154. Vic Tem

    I meant poorviders.

  155. Bessie Ball

    I paid $32.67 for a XBOX 360 and my mom got a 17 inch Toshiba laptop for $94.83 being delivered to our house tomorrow by FedEX. I will never again pay expensive retail prices at stores. I even sold a 46 inch HDTV to my boss for $650 and it only cost me $52.78 to get. Here is the website we using to get all this stuff, BidsGe ….

  156. Edward Allen Weissbard

    I don’t, maybe I should….any tools available under DD-WRT?

  157. Sridhar

    I use Networx on my laptop, to monitor my bandwidth.

    It’s really a Good Software, works on specific interface too.

  158. Rodney Keene

    I don’t use a monitoring program, Suddenlink does it for me. I regularly download and upload 300GB a month. P2P I recieve a notice with my bill to check my online account profile showing how much I have downloaded. The notice says I may have Malware or a hacker using my network. lol

  159. Abhay MIttal

    Well, I do that using one of the securest & trustable source. i.e., At the top-left corner, a link is given- ‘Check your bandwidth’. It takes a little long time so that, the testing will be accurate. Every body can believe CNET

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