The "Lost" title.

ABC’s Lost is an incredibly popular American drama featuring a group of survivors who crash-land on an island and unravel its mysteries. These streaming services have all 121 episodes and six seasons of Lost available to watch.


"Lost" on IMDb TV.

IMDb TV is a free service where you can watch shows like Lost for free with ad breaks during each episode. It has every episode of all six seasons for you to stream without paying a dime. If you don’t mind the ads, this might be the best choice for you.


The Hulu logo.

If you already have a Hulu subscription or are thinking about subscribing, this would be another great option. You can try the service for free for one month. The basic plan is $6 per month; if you want ad-free streaming, it’s $12 per month.

Amazon Prime Video

"Lost" on Amazon Prime Video.

To purchase the series and add it to your digital library, Amazon Prime Video is a great option. You can purchase season one for $15, and every other season for $30 each. If you want to buy just a few episodes, they’re $3 each.


"Lost" on iTunes.

Apple’s iTunes also sells episodes and entire seasons of Lost. It offers the show in volumes. For example, Volume 1 offers seasons one through three, while Volume 2 includes seasons four through six. Each bundle is $70.

Google Play

"Lost" on Google Play.

Google Play also offers the show for purchase, but there isn’t a bundle for the seasons. The first season is $20, and all the others are $25 each. You can also purchase individual episodes for $2 each.


The Vudu banner showing several films and shows available.

Vudu is a cross-platform service in which you can put all of your shows from other apps. You can purchase season one of Lost for $15, and seasons two through six are available for $25 apiece. You can also purchase episodes for $2 each if you just want to rewatch a few of your faves.

With all these different services to choose from, you can enjoy all the drama and tears Lost serves up. Whether you want to add the show to your library permanently or stream it for free, you have plenty of options.

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