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There are dozens of options for sharing notes across devices these days, but if you use Slack, there’s one more. With Slack’s direct message interface, it’s easy to send yourself quick private reminders and notes that you can read later on any device. Here’s how.

First, open Slack using the platform of your choice. This tip works on PC, Mac, Web, iPhone, iPad, and Android. If the sidebar is not visible, open it up and scroll down to the section titled “Direct Messages.”

Find the entry in the direct message list that says your name with “(You)” after it. For example, if your name is Toby McPeterson, you’ll see “Toby McPeterson (You)” on the list. Click or tap on it.

Select yourself in Direct Messages in Slack

The screen will change into a direct message conversation view. But, in this case, you’re not talking to someone else on Slack: this is a private area where you can store notes to yourself.

To write yourself a note, click or tap on the text input area where it says “Jot Something Down,” type something, and hit Enter or tap the “Send” button. It will show up in the Conversation History area above.

Jot something down to yourself in Slack

You can paste anything you want in your private direct message area, including images and links. Slack will keep track of when you posted it by day, and each entry is timestamped for later reference. You can even upload a file attachment or insert a link you want to view later.

Examples of notes and links to yourself in Slack

Later, you can see your notes on any device by logging into Slack using either the appropriate app or the Slack web interface.

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If you need to delete a note, tap or hover over the message until the action bar appears over it. Then tap or click on the three vertical dots and a menu will pop up. Select “Delete Message.”

Using that same pop-up menu, you can edit your notes (messages), copy a link to the message, pin the note in place so you always see it, and more.

You can even get Slack to remind you about a message later. To do so, tap or hover over the message and then click or tap the three dots that appear above it. In the menu that pops up, select “Remind Me About This.” Then you can choose a time interval. After the time interval you set, Slackbot will send you a reminder.

Setting a Slack message reminder

It’s yet another delightful unexpected feature that makes life a little easier. Enjoy talking to yourself!

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