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While HBO has built its reputation on mature content, its newest streaming service called HBO Max is one of the best streaming services for high-quality children’s content. Create profiles for family members with parental controls for restricting access to content.

How to Set Up Profiles in HBO Max

Creating separate profiles will allow you to restrict content for kids, but they’re also useful for keeping track of who is watching what and where they last left off. To get started, open your HBO Max app or navigate any browser to On the “Who Is Watching” screen, you can add an adult or child account.

HBO Max Who Is Watching

If you’re trying to create a child account, you’ll be asked to create a PIN that will be needed to access an adult profile. Currently, HBO Max’s parental controls only consist of this PIN that you can put in place to restrict what content your child’s account can access based on rating.

HBO Max Create a PIN for a Kids Profile

Next, assign a name to this user and choose one of the colorful rings at the bottom to indicate which profile is yours. If you’re creating a kids account, you will be asked to input the month and year of their birth to provide more accuracy to HBO Max’s ratings-based content restrictions. A birthdate is not required for adult accounts. Once you’ve finished, click “Next” to proceed.

HBO Max Create Profile

Now you can click the circle above the appropriate rating to set which movies and television the account can access. If you don’t want your child to be able to freely switch accounts at their leisure, make sure that the “Require PIN To Switch Profiles” box is checked. Click “Save” to create the profile.

HBO Max Set Parental Controls

You can tell which profiles are child profiles by the presence of a lock icon on the bottom right of their circle. If the lock is closed, the child account requires a PIN to switch profiles.

How to Manage Profiles in HBO Max

Once you’ve created a user profile in HBO Max, you can always edit them later. To edit existing profiles in HBO Max, you’ll want to switch profiles if you’re already logged in. To access the profile menu, click on your name in the top right of the screen, and select “Switch Profiles.”

HBO Max Switch Profiles

Click “Manage Profiles” at the bottom of the screen. You can delete a profile from here using the “Delete” button. You cannot delete the profile of the main account holder. Otherwise, click on a profile to edit it.

HBO Max Edit Profiles

You can now change the name and icon for the profile. Click “Edit Age and Parental Controls” to bring up the content restriction menu. You’ll need to input your PIN before you can access this menu.

Like its competitors Netflix or Hulu, HBO Max provides user profiles so that you can easily keep inappropriate content away from innocent eyeballs, or just separate your differences in tastes so you don’t see recommendations based on someone else’s viewing habits.

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