The "Present Now" option to share a screen on Google Meet.
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If you’re using Google Meet for a team meeting or presentation, you might need to share your screen or browser window. We’ll show you how to share both!

In some apps, like Skype, it’s pretty clear how to use this feature. In Google Meet, though, it’s hidden behind a button with a confusing name. Instead of “Share Screen” or something similar, you’ll see the “Present Now.” Present what, exactly? Does it start a presentation from a linked Google Slides document, perhaps? No, this is just Google Meet’s version of Share Screen.

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If you’re using Google Chrome, you can use the “Present Now” feature to share your entire screen, any app window, or a Chrome tab. If you’re using Firefox, you can mirror your entire screen or a window. In Safari on a Mac, however, you can only share your entire screen.

We’ll be using Google Chrome, as it has all three options, but the process in the other browsers is similar.

You can share your screen at any point when you’re in a meeting. Just click “Present Now” in the bottom toolbar.

Select what you want to share from the pop-up menu. If you want to share your entire screen, click “Your Entire Screen.”

In the next popup, select the screen you want to share. If you’re using multiple monitors, you’ll see all of them here. Click “Share.”

Google Meet will start sharing your entire screen. You’ll also see it in the chat window.

A shared screen in Google Meet.

If you want to share a particular window of any app, choose the “A Window” option in the “Present Now” menu.

You’ll then see all the available windows on the current desktop. Select the one you want to share, and then click “Share.”

If you want to share a particular website with someone, such as a YouTube video or an online PDF, choose “A Chrome Tab” from the “Present Now” menu. Again, this is only available in Google Chrome.

The popup lists all open tabs in all Chrome windows. Choose the tab you want to share, and then click “Share.” If you don’t want to share the audio from a tab, be sure to uncheck the “Share Audio” option.

You’ll now see the content of that Chrome tab mirrored in the meeting.

A shared Chrome tab on Google Meet.

You’ll see a new “Presentation” box in the top toolbar. You can click it to switch between the presentation and participants views.

When you’re done sharing your screen, click “You Are Presenting,” and then select “Stop Presenting.”

Screen mirroring will end, and you’ll be returned to the previous view.

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