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With the acquisition by Facebook, GIPHY has joined the Instagram team. If you’re not a fan of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network—or if you’re just worried the app will stop working—here are the best GIPHY alternatives for uploading and sharing GIFs.

Best Alternative for Sharing GIFs: Tenor

Search Tenor for GIFs from keyboard
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When it comes to sharing GIFs, Tenor (iPhone, Android) is the next best thing. Tenor has a robust collection of GIFs. It also makes it easier to search, collect, and share GIFs, no matter which platform you’re using.

While you can upload, browse, search, and share GIFs from Tenor’s website, your best bet is using Tenor’s GIF Keyboard. It’s a third-party keyboard that works on both iPhone and Android, and allows you to search and share GIFs, no matter which app you’re using.

The GIF Keyboard then becomes a way for you to bypass apps, like WhatsApp, in which the built-in GIF support comes from GIPHY. If you use iMessage, you’ll also find the GIF Keyboard app in your iMessage apps tray. Finally, Tenor also has Telegram integration. Instead of the “/giphy” command, you use the “/tenor” command to find and share GIFs.

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Tenor’s GIF Keyboard also has some over-the-top features to sweeten the deal. The keyboard lets you add personalized captions to any GIF.

If you don’t want to use Tenor, you can also take a look at Google’s Gboard keyboard for iPhone and Android. It comes with a built-in GIF search feature with which you can search and share GIFs in any app.

Best Alternative for Uploading GIFs: Gfycat

Using Gfycat keyboard
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When it comes to uploading and embedding GIFs online, you’ll find many alternatives to GIPHY. You can do it using Imgur and even Tenor.

But right now, the most robust option is Gfycat. Gfycat is a direct competitor to GIPHY. It offers an iPhone app (with an iMessage integration), an Android app for creating GIFs, and there’s a macOS app called GIF Brewery that helps you create GIFs and videos.

Gfycat is also directly integrated into Reddit, Microsoft Outlook, Skype, WordPress, and yes, there’s a Slack app as well.

But Gfycat is in stark contrast to GIPHY in one aspect: it’s a small, developer-focused company (here’s the API documentation). As a consumer, you can pay $4 a month to completely remove all ads and to enable HD video playback by default.

Once you upload a GIF, you can track its use from your profile. You can copy the link to a GIF, download it (HD or SD quality), or you can embed it directly on a webpage. Gfycat also lets you favorite and collect GIFs in your own collection.

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Gfycat’s iPhone app can actually serve as a complete replacement for the GIPHY app. Not only can you create and upload GIFs, but you can also use the Gfycat keyboard to search and share GIFs from any app.

Best Alternative for iPhone Users: GIFWrapped

GIFWrapped showing library
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If the GIPHY business has left a sour taste in your mouth and you’d rather stay away from a GIF service that’s owned by a large tech company, GIFWrapped is here to rescue.

GIF, after all, is just an open file format. You can search for GIFs, download, collect, share, and reshare them without the need for a service.

GIFWrapped allows you to do that in an easy-to-use interface. While GIFWrapped does use GIPHY as a source, it simply downloads the GIF file and adds it to your collection, no funny business.

Using GIFWrapped, you can create your own GIF library that’s synced using iCloud or Dropbox. GIFWrapped offers an iMessage app, but not a keyboard. You’ll have to open the app to search and copy a GIF, but that might be worth it for the privacy aspect alone.

GIFWrapped is free to use, and a one-time $2 in-app purchase removes all ads.

Best Alternative for iMessage: #Images

#images iMessage app
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If you’re an avid iMessage user, you might not know that Apple has a built-in GIF feature. It’s just badly named. You can use the #Images iMessage app to search and share GIFs, just like you would use the GIPHY or Tenor iMessage app.

The difference is that the GIFs from the #Images app come from Bing instead of a stand-alone GIF sharing service.

The Manual Approach

You can also skip the entire process of using a GIF app or keyboard by using a search engine. The next time you want to look for a GIF, just enter the search term followed by “GIF” and then go to the images section.

Searching for GIFs on GIFWrapped
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In both Google and DuckDuckGo, you’ll find what you want. You can then just save the image directly to your camera roll, or you can copy its link.

DuckDuckGo is, of course, more privacy-focused and it tends to show fewer GIFs from GIPHY. But, again, as you’re directly saving the GIF file, you won’t be using a GIF service that tracks your data.

Adding GIF from Google to Photos app
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Once the GIF is downloaded, you can share it on your platform of choice. If you’re using Slack, all you have to do is paste in the link. Slack will automatically embed the GIF.

Did you know, you can turn your favorite GIF into a wallpaper for your iPhone or Apple Watch?

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