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Netflix has become a giant entertainment producer, resulting in some award-winning movies and TV shows. Here are 10 of the best Netflix original movies, so you can stop browsing and start watching!

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Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown of hit Netflix series Stranger Things plays the title character in Enola Holmes, featuring the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister. Enola is every bit the master sleuth that her brother is, and she leaves home to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance.

Despite the disapproval from her famous brother (played by Henry Cavill) and the restrictions placed on women of her era, Enola becomes a capable action hero who remains independent, outspoken, and more than a little snarky.

Dolemite Is My Name

Eddie Murphy stars as 1970s blaxploitation legend Rudy Ray Moore in the biopic Dolemite Is My Name. Murphy is fantastic as the flamboyant, self-confident Moore, who produced and starred in his pioneering independent film Dolemite with no film experience or knowledge, just a dream and a refusal to give up. The movie is a loving tribute to low-budget filmmaking and a warm-hearted comedy about a group of misfits who came together to create an unlikely B-movie classic.

American Factory

One of the best documentaries on Netflix, the Oscar-winning American Factory chronicles the attempt by Chinese auto-glass company Fuyao to bring jobs back to a depressed Ohio town. What starts out as an example of mutual benefit between the corporation and the local residents gets bogged down in culture clashes and labor disputes.


The filmmakers stand back and observe the complex dynamics at work, never judging either side, only offering a look at the modern global corporate machine in action.

Marriage Story

Follow Charlie and Nicole Barber as they do everything they can to keep their family together, despite their marriage crumbling. Marriage Story will make you feel a wide range of emotions, from happiness to anger, and deep sadness. You’ll be taken back to highlights of their marriage, as well as their lives apart.

Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson knock it out of the park with these performances. It’s a great original movie and one you’ll want to watch.


For another emotional experience, Paddleton¬†is the compelling story of two friends dealing with cancer. Two neighbors form an unlikely friendship that’s put to the test when one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Their bond strengthens as they try to figure out a way to end Michael’s life before cancer does.

Their enduring friendship as they try to deal with the awful diagnosis is heartwarming and beautiful.

The Platform

If you’re looking for a thriller, try¬†The Platform. Set in a vertical prison, where each level is one cell, and each cell has two people, there’s only one food platform. The prisoners on the higher levels eat well, while those on the lower levels starve.


This movie is enthralling and perfect for anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers.

Gerald’s Game

Based on the best-selling Stephen King novel, Gerald’s Game follows a couple on a retreat that goes haywire. As she tries to find a way out of her predicament, Jessie Burlingame does everything in her power to fight the visions that invade her mind.

This intense thriller will draw you further in with every memory Jessie relives. Will she escape? Or will her inner demons eat her alive? This terrifying movie reveals things about the main characters you might not want to know.

Always Be My Maybe

Anyone who loves romantic comedies will enjoy the hilarious¬†Always Be My Maybe. Sasha and Marcus relive their past and realize they still have a connection. Maybe everyone else was right and they’re just “meant to be.”

Rom-coms are the way to go for all the feels and a bit of laughter. This is a go-to for anyone looking for a carefree film about falling in love.

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The Willoughbys

Looking for a good family film?¬†The Willoughbys is an excellent choice for the whole gang. Four siblings are looking for a way to get rid of their parents so they can be on their own. They send their parents on vacation, but realize raising themselves isn’t as easy as they thought it would be.


Watch the adventure unfold as these kids find out what it means to be a true family. Life isn’t easy when your parents aren’t around to take care of things!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean discovers her secret letters have been mailed to her crushes. As if high school wasn’t already hard enough, now everyone knows who she likes! She tries to deal with her crushes and their significant others, and all the drama that comes from her revelations.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before¬†is a feel-good romantic movie that draws you in, and will take you back to those silly high school days.

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