Roku Ultra Home Screen

The PIN on your Roku device can be used for many things, such as app purchases or protecting parental controls. Here’s how to change your Roku device’s PIN if it’s not super secure or someone steals the code.

When you turn on your Roku television, streaming stick, or set-top box, you’ll see the Home page with all of your apps. Over on the left-hand side, you’ll want to scroll down to the “Settings” option using your remote control.

Roku Home Page

From the Settings menu, select the “Parental Controls” button.

Roku Parental Controls

You will be asked to enter your old four-digit PIN.

Roku Change PIN Old PIN

As long as you entered the correct PIN code, you’ll now be able to adjust the parental controls on your television. Select the “Change PIN” option. You’ll be asked to enter your new four-digit PIN twice to confirm the new PIN.

Roku Change PIN

Once the PIN has been changed, a pop-up window will appear, letting you know that you have successfully set your new PIN.

Roku Change PIN Successful

Now that your PIN has been successfully changed, you can breathe a little easier. Your Roku will be more secure, and you won’t have to worry about your kids watching things they shouldn’t.

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