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CuriosityStream is a streaming service with content that focuses on scientific topics. For some, this may not be worth the high subscription fee, and canceling the service may seem a little intimidating. Here’s how to cancel your CuriosityStream membership.

After opening the CuriosityStream website in your browser of choice and logging in to your account, select your profile in the top right-hand corner.

CuriosityStream Account

Once the drop-down menu populates, click the “My Account” option.

CuriosityStream My Account

This will take you to the screen that provides your account information. Under the box labeled “Plan Details,” select the “Cancel Plan” link.

CuriosityStream Cancel Plan

A box will pop up with six different options for your cancellation reason. Go ahead and select the one that best represents why you’re canceling your CuriosityStream subscription.

CuriosityStream Cancel Reasons

Once you have the reason selected, fill out the information on why, and click the “Cancel Plan” button.

CuriosityStream Cancel Reason

Another pop-up will give you a cancelation confirmation number and will tell you the date your membership will end. Click the “OK” button to complete the cancellation.

CuriosityStream Cancel Successful

Although your subscription has been canceled, you will still get some enjoyment out of the service. Depending on what CuriosityStream plan you selected when signing up for the service, you can get another month or year out of the service. You won’t be kicked off until the service until the end of your current billing period.

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