Google Calendar Magnified

Google Calendar is packed with handy hotkeys for viewing your calendar, editing events, and working with tasks and notes. Take advantage of them to boost your Google Calendar productivity in any browser, from Chrome and Firefox, to Safari and Edge.

Hotkey Cheat Sheet for Google Calendar

Here is a comprehensive listing of all the hotkeys available for use in Google Calendar:


  • Refresh Calendar: R
  • Go To Previous Date Range: P or K
  • Go To Next Date Range: J or N
  • Go To Current Day: T
  • Go To Add Calendar: +
  • Go To Search: /
  • Go To Settings: S
  • Go To Specific Date: G
  • Go To Today: T
  • Go To Tasks & Keep (Windows): Ctrl+Alt+. or Ctrl+Alt+,
  • Go To Tasks & Keep (Mac): Cmd+Option+. or Cmd+Option+,
  • Go To Tasks & Keep (Chromebook): Alt+Shift+. or Alt+Shift+,

Edit Events

  • Open Create Event Screen: C
  • Open Create Event Bubble: Q or Shift+C
  • View Event: E
  • Delete Event: Backspace or Delete
  • Undo: Z
  • Save (Windows/Chromebook): Ctrl+S
  • Save (Mac): Cmd+S
  • Return To Calendar From Event: Esc

Change View

  • Day View: 1 or D
  • Week View: 2 or W
  • Month View: 3 or M
  • Custom View: 4 or X
  • Agenda View: 5 or A
  • Year View: 6 or Y
  • View all Hotkeys: ? or Shift+/

How to Disable Hotkeys in Google Calendar

These keyboard shortcuts are enabled in Google Calendar by default and can be used in any browser on any desktop or laptop computer. Unfortunately, you cannot alter these hotkeys, but you can disable them. You can do this by clicking on the cog and selecting “Settings.”

Google Calendar Settings

Next, select the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab on the left and make sure that the checkbox for “Enable Keyboard Shortcuts” is left empty.

Google Calendar Enable Hotkeys

These hotkeys don’t overlap with the hotkeys that are commonly used in other Google, Microsoft, or Apple applications. If you’re frequently coordinating schedules, it can be helpful to keep a copy of this cheat sheet on your physical or digital desktop.

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