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Like other Microsoft applications, Microsoft Teams is packed with useful keyboard shortcuts. Become a Teams power user with this cheat sheet of useful hotkeys for Microsoft’s workplace (and home) communication tool.

Hotkeys for Microsoft Teams on Windows

All hotkeys below are for the Teams desktop app on Windows 10 and other versions of Windows. There are some slight differences on the web, so we’ve noted where the Teams web app’s keyboard shortcuts are different.


  • Show Hotkeys: Ctrl+.
  • Show Commands: Ctrl+/
  • Search: Ctrl+E
  • Goto: Ctrl+G (On the web: Ctrl+Shift+G )
  • Start New Chat: Ctrl+N (On the web: Left Alt+N)
  • Open Settings: Ctrl+,
  • Open Help: F1 (On the web: Ctrl+F1)
  • Zoom In: Ctrl+=
  • Zoom Out: Ctrl+-


  • Open Activity: Ctrl+1 (On the web: Ctrl+Shift+1)
  • Open Chat: Ctrl+2 (On the web: Ctrl+Shift+2)
  • Open Teams: Ctrl+3 (On the web: Ctrl+Shift+3)
  • Open Calendar: Ctrl+4 (On the web: Ctrl+Shift+4)
  • Open Calls: Ctrl+5 (On the web: Ctrl+Shift+5)
  • Open Files: Ctrl+6 (On the web: Ctrl+Shift+6)
  • Go to Previous Item: Left Alt+Up
  • Go to Next Item: Left Alt+Down
  • Go to Previous Section: Ctrl+Shift+F6
  • Go to Next Section: Ctrl+Shift+F6
  • Move Selected Team Up: Ctrl+Shift+Up
  • Move Selected Team Down: Ctrl+Shift+Down


  • Go to Compose: C
  • Expand Compose: Ctrl+Shift+X
  • Send (In Expanded Compose Box): Ctrl+Enter
  • Attach: Ctrl+O
  • Insert Return: Shift+Enter
  • Reply to Thread: R
  • Mark Important: Ctrl+Shift+I

Meetings and Calls

  • Accept Video Call: Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Accept Audio Call: Ctrl+Shift+S
  • Decline Call: Ctrl+Shift+D
  • Start Audio Call: Ctrl+Shift+C
  • Start Video Call: Ctrl+Shift+U
  • Toggle Mute: Ctrl+Shift+M
  • Toggle Video: Ctrl+Shift+O
  • Toggle Fullscreen: Ctrl+Shift + F
  • Go to Sharing Toolbar: Ctrl+Shift+Space

Hotkeys for Microsoft Teams on Mac

The hotkeys below are for Teams on macOS. The Teams web app is a little different, so we’ve noted where the website’s hotkeys are different.


  • Show Hotkeys: Cmd+.
  • Show Commands: Cmd+/
  • Search: Cmd+E
  • Goto: Cmd+G (On the web: Cmd+Shift+G)
  • Start New Chat: Cmd+N (On the web: Option+N)
  • Open Settings: Cmd+, (On the web: Cmd+Shift+,)
  • Open Help: F1 (On the web: Cmd+F1)
  • Zoom In: Cmd+=
  • Zoom Out: Cmd+-
  • Return to Default Zoom: Cmd+0


  • Open Activity: Cmd+1 (On the web: Cmd+Shift+1)
  • Open Chat: Cmd+2 (On the web: Cmd+Shift+2)
  • Open Teams: Cmd+3 (On the web: Cmd+Shift+3)
  • Open Calendar: Cmd+4 (On the web: Cmd+Shift+4)
  • Open Calls: Cmd+5 (On the web: Cmd+Shift+5)
  • Open Files: Cmd+6 (On the web: Cmd+Shift+6)
  • Go to Previous Item: Left Opt+Up
  • Go to Next Item: Left Opt+Down
  • Go to Previous Section: Cmd+Shift+F6
  • Go to Next Section: Cmd+Shift+F6
  • Move Selected Team Up: Cmd+Shift+Up
  • Move Selected Team Down: Cmd+Shift+Down


  • Go to Compose: C
  • Expand Compose: Cmd+Shift+X
  • Send (In Expanded Compose Box): Cmd+Enter
  • Attach: Cmd+O
  • Insert Return: Shift+Enter
  • Reply to Thread: R

Meetings and Calls

  • Accept Video Call: Cmd+Shift+A
  • Accept Audio Call: Cmd+Shift+S
  • Decline Call: Cmd+Shift+D
  • Start Audio Call: Cmd+Shift+C
  • Start Video Call: Cmd+Shift+U
  • Toggle Mute: Cmd+Shift+M
  • Toggle Video: Cmd+Shift+O
  • Toggle Fullscreen: Cmd+Shift+F
  • Go to Sharing Toolbar: Cmd+Shift+Space

Can You Set Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Teams?

Microsoft Teams does not currently let you customize your hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts. Skype does, although similar apps like Slack and Discord haven’t yet implemented these features. Neither can you disable hotkeys in Teams as you can in Discord. This suggests that it’s only a matter of time until this highly requested feature comes to Teams.

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If you’re using keyboard shortcuts for accessibility reasons and have a question or need some help, the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk is a great place to ask for support for Teams and other Microsoft applications.

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