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No matter which device you’re using to write, Grammarly can help keep your writing sharp. Despite that, the built-in autocorrect feature can sometimes incorrectly edit your writing. Here’s how you can deactivate Grammarly’s autocorrect across its various apps and extensions.

We’re going to go over disabling the autocorrect feature found in the company’s browser extensions and mobile keyboard apps. At the time of writing, the word processor built into the Grammarly desktop app does not autocorrect your writing.

Disable Autocorrect on Grammarly’s Browser Extension

Grammarly’s browser extension works well with most modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. The extension will help you with your writing on almost any website, including email, social media, etc.

Once the Grammarly extension is up and running, the Grammarly icon will appear in the top bar of your browser or wherever extensions are stored. Click the applet’s icon to open the settings for the Grammarly extension.

To deactivate autocorrect in that browser, toggle off the “Correct Spelling Automatically” option found near the bottom of the extension.

Grammarly Extension Menu

Disable Autocorrect on Grammarly’s Smartphone Keyboard

Grammarly’s apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices provide a similar autocorrect feature that can be similarly deactivated. Open the app on your device and tap the “Grammarly Settings” option.

Grammarly App

Next, at the top of the Settings menu, set the “Auto-Correction” toggle to off.

Grammarly Autocorrect Setting in App

Grammarly’s app will now stop automatically changing the words you type. You can enable this setting again at any time by navigating to the app’s settings menu.

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Programs that guide our spelling and grammar should only ever be trusted as suggestions and not hard rules. Like humans, the best grammar apps know they’re not always right.

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