Muting Notifications during a conversation

Ever since Twitter changed the default replies behavior, things have gotten out of hand. When someone hits the reply button, every single person in the thread is automatically mentioned in the tweet. The way out of this madness? Mute those threads.

How to Mute Twitter Threads on the Web

When you’re using the Twitter web interface and you find a slew of notifications from a single thread, here’s what you can do to mute the thread or the conversation.

Once muted, you won’t receive any push notifications for the tweet, and you won’t find any new activity in the Notifications section either. You can also choose to hide certain replies in your Twitter thread.

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Either from the notifications section or from the tweet’s expanded view, click on the drop-down arrow button found in the top-right corner.

Now, click on the “Mute This Conversation” option.

If this is the first time you’re muting a conversation, you’ll see a banner telling you what the Mute feature does. Here, click on the “Mute This” button. The next time you mute a conversation, you won’t see this banner.

The conversation will be muted instantly, and you won’t receive any more notifications for new replies.

Follow the same process to mute additional conversations.

If at some point you want to unmute a conversation, go back to the tweet, click on the Menu button, and select the “Unmute This Conversation” option from the drop-down menu.

How to Mute Twitter Threads on iPhone and Android

The process of muting Twitter threads is similar on iPhone and Android devices.

First, open a particular tweet from the conversation you want to mute, then tap on the Menu button.

From the popup, select the “Mute This Conversation” option.

You’ll now see a banner telling you that the notification has been muted. If you mistakenly muted the wrong conversation, you can tap on the “Undo” button to unmute the conversation.

You can unmute a Twitter thread at any time by going back to the tweet’s Options menu and then selecting the “Unmute This Conversation” button.

Unmute a Twitter thread by clicking "Unmute This Conversation."

Want to save tweets for later? Try bookmarking tweets instead of liking them.

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