Adding a web page to Note in Apple Notes on iPhone
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Apple Notes is a great place to organize your thoughts and to collect your research. If you’re studying or researching online for a project, here’s how you can quickly add links, photos, and other media directly to Apple Notes.

Add Anything Using the Share Sheet

The easiest way to add something to Apple Notes is by using the Notes extension in the Share sheet. This feature is available virtually everywhere. If you can see a share button, you can share the content with Apple Notes. It works in all default Apple apps, along with third-party apps.

Using this method, you can add links, photos, videos, map locations, PDFs, and screenshots to the Notes app.

For example, let’s say we’re researching ways to disinfect and clean all our gadgets, and we want to collect all the links and tips in a single note (or different notes).

To start, navigate to the web page in Safari, then tap on the Share button.

Tap on Share button from Safari on iPhone

Here, tap on the “Notes” option from the apps section. If you don’t see the Notes app here, swipe all the way to the end of the list, then tap on the “More” button to add it. Take a look at our guide to customizing the Share sheet for detailed instructions.

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Tap on Notes extension from Share sheet

You’ll now see the Notes Share sheet extension. The link will be in the text area, in the rich text format, showing the title, and the feature image. You can tap on the area above the link to add any information that you want to send to the Notes app (observations or notes on the link, for example). The first line of text automatically becomes the title of the note.

As this is the first time you’re using the Notes extension in the Share sheet, you’ll see the option to save the details in a new note (denoted by the “New Note” option in the “Save to” option). Once you’ve added all the information, tap on the “Save” button.

Add note title and tap on Save

You’ll be sent back to the original page and the link will end up in a new note.

Now, navigate to another webpage, tap on the Share button, and select the Notes extension again.

You’ll now see a change in the “Save To” option. It will show the title of the note you just created. If you want to add this link to the end of the previous note, you don’t need to change anything. Just add the text and keep going.

But if you want to create a new note, tap on the “Save To” option.

Tap to change the saved note

Here, tap on the “Create New Note” button.

Tap on Create new note

By default, the Notes extension always shows the previously created note as the destination. If you want to create a new note, you’ll have to switch to it manually every time.

Once you’re happy, tap on the “Save” button.

Tap on Save after choosing new note option

You can follow the same process from any app to save content to Apple Notes.

Try Copy and Pasting

If you don’t want to use the Share sheet, or if you just want to add some text to the Notes app, the easiest option is to copy and paste. This also works for media and documents.

First, select the content that you want to send to Apple Notes. Then, press and hold on it. From the context menu, tap on the “Copy” button.

Tap on Copy

Open the Apple Notes app and go to the note where you want to add the information. Then, double-tap in the empty space and choose the “Paste” option.

Tap on Paste

If you’re using iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or newer, you can also use the new text editing gestures.

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Use Drag and Drop on the iPad

iPad users should try and embrace the drag and drop feature to share content from one app to another. When you’ve got two apps side-by-side, it’s much faster to just pick up a link and to drop into another app.

But you can use drag and drop even if you’re not using Split View.

First, tap and hold on the link, text, or media, and drag it a bit to pick it up.

Pick up and drag the link

Now, use your other hand to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Dock. From here, select the Notes app. (If you don’t have the Notes app in your Dock, you can go to the home screen instead.)

Tap on Notes app from the Dock

Navigate to the note, all while you’re holding the content with your finger.

Once the note opens, use your finger to navigate to the place where you want to put it. Simply release your finger to drop the content in place.

Drop the link in Notes

Easily Find All Attachments

There’s now an easier way to only filter notes with attachments in Apple Notes.

In the Notes app, go to the All Notes section and swipe down and tap on the “Search” bar.

Tap on the Search bar in Notes app

Here, from the Suggested section, choose the “Notes with Attachments” option.

Tap on Notes with Attachments option

Notes app will now only filter notes with attachments. You can choose to search for a title of the note to further narrow down the search results.

Filter and tap on a note to open it

New to the Notes app? Learn how it can help you organize your thoughts.

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