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Whenever Facebook updates its interface, familiar features can be hard to find. While the ability to sort your Facebook feed by most recent is still available, it has moved to a slightly different location.

Sort Feed by Most Recent in Facebook’s New Design

If you haven’t already enabled the new Facebook Desktop interface, most should have the option to upgrade and switch over right now. This new design will probably replace the current Facebook interface in the future. But for now, most accounts are able to change back and forth between the two interfaces at any time.

To sort your Facebook feed by most recent, start by going to Facebook’s website in any desktop browser and log in to your account. Once you’ve enabled the new Facebook interface, click on “See More” in the left sidebar. In this sidebar, you can access a wide range of additional content, including the new Facebook Gaming streaming service.

Facebook See More

Scroll down this expanded list to find the “Most Recent” button. Click it and Facebook will refresh the page.

Facebook Most Recent

All of your feed’s posts in the center of your main page will now be sorted by date, with the most recent posts at the top. This will not be a permanent change, unfortunately, as the social network will occasionally revert back to an algorithmic view. You’ll have to follow these instructions any time you want to sort your Facebook this way.

Sort Feed by Most Recent in Facebook’s Old Design

If you’re using Facebook’s older interface, you can still sort your Facebook feed by most recent. Click the three horizontal dots next to “News Feed” in the left sidebar and then select the “Most Recent” option.

Facebook Old Most Recent

As with the new design, you’ll need to enable this setting every time you close or refresh your feed.

Given that this entire interface is brand new for millions of Facebook users, there may be some changes in the future as feedback starts to roll in. Whether or not that has an impact or changes how the Facebook Feed is sorted remains to be seen.

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