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How to Disable Windows 7’s Aero Peek in Two Clicks


Most of you probably already know how to do this, but earlier today I was showing somebody how to turn Aero Peek off, and they were surprised at just how simple it is—you only have to use two mouse clicks to disable it.

This method only disables the setting in the lower-right. If you’d like to disable the taskbar thumbnail version of Aero Peek, you’ll need to read our article on the subject. Or if you’d like to disable the delay, you can do that too.

Disabling Aero Peek

Move your mouse to the bottom-right corner of the screen, and hover over the Aero Peek button in the corner. Right-click, and you’ll be presented with a popup menu. Simply check the box for “Peek at Desktop”, and Aero Peek will be disabled.


That was rather simple, right?

This does the same thing as heading into the Properties for the Taskbar and finding the check box:

Taskbar Properties

Nice and simple, just the way everything should be.

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  • Published 06/22/11

Comments (19)

  1. Meena Bassem

    wow, that feature was sometimes really annoying
    thanks alot

  2. Carving Sameness

    I love Aero Peek and can’t imagine why you’d want to disable it. I use it all the time to peek at running sidebar gadgets without having to minimize my program, especially to check on CPU or GPU percent while running a game.

  3. Saptashwa

    I thought clicking “Show Desktop” is disabling it. Wouldn’t you think Aero “Peek” is primarily for “peeking” at the desktop? BTW If you are disabling it, you are losing out on a quality feature.

  4. aldo

    You can still peek at the destktop even with the option disabled by using the hotkey WinKey + Space

  5. Starkiller

    Not as good as the Win+Space, but if you need to do a little more then peeking, you can minimize everything with Win+D (e.g. starting a program or opening a shortcut). If you don’t start anything, pressing Win+D again will bring all windows back in the same order you minimized them.

  6. e1sunz

    apparently you save some ram doing this but you have to also disable areosnap

  7. Glenn

    Giving some reasons/instances as to why/when this might be a useful thing to do would help. As it is, I have no clue why I should ever want to do this.

  8. UpNorth

    this is one of the features I like in WIN7 and will for sure not disable it.
    And just clicking in that corner will minimize everything and clicking again will bring it back.

  9. Jason

    Seriously, people, what’s with the negative comments? Just because you have no reason to do this doesn’t mean there aren’t people who, for whatever reason, need this information. The “you’re doing it wrong”-style comments add nothing to the conversation.

    To The Geek: Personally, I like keeping peek enabled, but it’s nice to know the option is there. Thanks for providing a simple, quality tip!

  10. Hawkins

    For those looking for one, I have a great reason as to why I turned it off as soon as I read how: My desk is uneven, and my mouse always slides down and to the right when I let it go to type. Yes, I need a new desk, but in the meantime, thanks, Geek, for removing that headache!

  11. Anon A Mus

    I can’t disable or enable this feature. While both of my options (listed in this article) are checked, they are both grayed out. Why is this? Thanks!

  12. Silver Sparrow

    You may be running home basic, im not sure but in vista home basic all the cool effects were disabled

  13. Pete

    Why disable it? It’s a very handy tool to have!

  14. Philboat

    I disable it because I don’t have any need for it and it’s annoying to trip it accidentally. With it disabled, I can do the exact same thing by clicking the box to peek and clicking it again to unpeek. Once again, though, I don’t have anything on my desktop I want to peek at. I don’t run gadgets and stuff like that.

  15. Fernando

    Jason, I agree with you. Somebody may need this tip. Me, for instance, I have never used this function. And I had already disabled it. Those Geek people are doing a good job.

  16. Jim

    Or your 3rd graphics card conflicts with the other two and causes annoying black-outs if the mouse hovers over the task-bar. Aero is nice, but I would rather have the 5th screen and a stable system.

  17. Ivydapple

    But I love it. D:

  18. rc

    Windows 7 i am not a comp geek i have a questionpn the enternet history even though u delet your historyis thier a way to retrieve the web sites u went i found a wed site for music didnot put on favorites wrote it down now i forgot which web site i went toand my threw the paper awayy amd cleared the history aahaahh but can u help

  19. Jack

    Thanks for removing this annoying feature. When playing the buggy games from STEAM the mouse selector would INVISIBLY hit that freaking little “Peek” feature and close out my game momentarily. I know it’s not Peek’s fault, but damn was it annoying. Also, I don’t run gadgets. Never really had a use for the darn peek thing. WIn+D works just fine for me.

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