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Keeping your passwords updated is very important, especially for streaming services that have personal information. Thankfully, it’s simple to update your Hulu password, and here’s just how to do that.

Start by visiting Hulu’s desktop website and then select the account icon in the top right-hand corner.

Hulu Home Page

Once the drop-down menu appears, select the “Account” link.

Hulu Accounts

You should now be able to view your account information. Click the “Change Password” link next to your current password within the “Your Account” section.

Hulu Change Password Option

The “Change Password” box will pop up. Type in your current password and then enter your new password twice. Ensure that the password is strong and cannot be easily be guessed.

Hulu Change Password

When you have the password filled out, select the “Save Changes” button to update your password. You may want to check the box next to “Log Me Out Of Other Computers”, especially if you think an unwanted party has access to your Hulu account.

Hulu Save New Password

You have now updated your Hulu password. Sign back into your account on any devices that you want to have access to the streaming service.

Now that your password is secure and up-to-date, you can breathe a little easier. Make sure to update any friends or family members that may use your Hulu account. Your service is now secure with a better password, and you can keep on streaming.

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