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You will likely spend days earning Bells (in-game currency) in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and you’ve probably wondered what the easiest and quickest method is to make money. Whether this is your first time playing or you’re looking for new methods, here’s a quick list to help you along.

The Sow Joan’s Stalk Market

Animal Crossing New Horizons Daisy Mae

Every Sunday in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Daisy Mae will appear to sell turnips, continuing her grandmother’s Stalk Market tradition. Daisy Mae will ask if you know how the rules work, but here’s a quick rundown!

There isn’t a limit to how many turnips you can buy. Daisy Mae will sell them for varying amounts, and if you have enough money on hand and you want to take a gamble, just go for it, she has a never-ending supply. Just know that it is easy to lose bells in the process—you’ve been warned.

You can’t place them in your house storage, so if your inventory fills up, you’ll have to drop them on the ground or in your house.

Timmy and Tommy will buy the items at Nook’s Cranny twice a day: once at midnight and once at noon. You can’t sell the turnips on Sunday.

Before you run off to the store, it’s important to know that the buying prices are all over the place, ranging from a steep loss to a solid investment. Seeing a 50 percent loss isn’t uncommon.

It’s common for players to group up with friends and keep each other updated on turnip prices on their islands to score a huge investment—sometimes even one million Bells.

Check in with Timmy and Tommy as often as possible throughout the week but be sure to sell all of your turnips before Daisy Mae returns on Sunday! The turnips you buy will rot after a week, so if you held on to your turnips, be sure to sell them by Saturday afternoon.

Daisy Mae appears every Sunday as early as 8:00 a.m. and leaves the island at midnight.

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Catching Tarantulas

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tarantulas

My first encounter with a tarantula in Animal Crossing: New Horizons nearly had me in tears. There I was minding my own business, making my way to Nook’s Cranny, when I walked behind a tree and suddenly one was chasing me. I ran and ran not knowing what to do before I ran into yet another one—the first one stung me (maybe it bit me? I’m not sure).

Little did I know you can catch these horrifying arachnids for profit.

Catching tarantulas on your island is just as horrifying as it sounds; they only appear at night and they will attack you, so you must approach them with caution.

If they see you, they’ll give you a chance to run away, but chances are they’ll probably chase you until you run into a building to escape them. If they do manage to catch you, you’ll be bitten and end up back home in front of your house.

Each Tarantula you catch can be sold for a massive 8,000 Bells!

If you’re really desperate to catch a massive amount of these spiders for profit, Tarantula Island can be explored by going on a Mystery Tour using a Nook Miles Ticket at the airport. The Nook Miles Ticket will always spawn a randomly generated island, which means several attempts may be made before discovering it.

For those playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the Northern Hemisphere, tarantulas will appear beginning in November through April between 7:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

Catching Scorpions

Much like the tarantula, when you approach a scorpion, it will first raise its guard and then if you continue moving, it will start to chase after you. Instead of running away, you can turn the tables and catch it in your net if you’re standing at a good enough distance.

With the net equipped, hold the A button to creep up to the scorpion and then release the button to swing the net when it comes after you.

One of the tricky parts about catching a scorpion is its powerful sting, which will automatically send you back to your home and cause you to miss out on catching it. If you approach a scorpion head-on, it will chase after you and sting you if you fail to catch it right away.

Scorpions can spawn on your island and they sell for 8,000 Bells each. They only appear at night from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. within your game. They will appear beginning in April through September.

Catching Wasps

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wasp

During your time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ve probably shaken a few trees and found yourself immediately regretting it as you watch in horror as a wasp nest falls to the ground.

Failing to catch a wasp won’t immediately knock you out and send you back home, but they will leave you with a nasty sting. If you’re successful in catching one, they sell for 8,000 Bells.

Wasps can be found year-round and at any time of the day, so keep a lookout for these stinging creatures.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Whisp

Wisp is a ghost that will appear randomly on your island late at night. In exchange for helping the spirit out, he will reward you with an item of your choice—a piece of furniture you don’t own or “something expensive.” Accept the latter if you want to make a few Bells.

The Bell Rock

Animal Crossing New Horizons money rock

A rock will spawn on your island every day that will drop Bells when you hit it with an ax or a shovel. The tricky part is hitting it quickly enough in succession to receive all 16,000 Bells.

To maximize the amount of Bells you get from the rock, dig holes behind your character. This will prevent your character from bouncing back too far from the rock and wasting time scooting back up closer to hit it again.

Plant a Bell Tree

Animal Crossing New Horizons bell tree

Every day, a glowing patch will spawn on your island. If you dig in that spot, you’ll make an easy 1,000 Bells. After digging, a glowing hole will be left behind.

Open up your inventory by clicking the X button on your Nintendo Switch and then hover over the Bells menu. Grab a few and move the Bells to your inventory. Alternatively, take the 1,000 Bells you just dug up and choose to bury them in the glowing hole.

By planting Bells into the glowing hole, you will have your very own Bell tree. The Bell tree takes about five days to mature. Once it’s fully grown, the maximum total from each bell tree is 30,000 Bells, which means you should only plant a maximum of 10,000 Bells at a time.

Sell Non-Native Fruit

You can sell fruit that isn’t native to your island to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny for 500 Bells each. You can also take fruit you’ve obtained from other islands and grow different fruit trees around your island.

Sell “Hot Items” From Nook’s Cranny

After you’ve finished building Nook’s Cranny, Timmy and Tommy will inform you of a few different services they offer upon first visiting their shop. One of the new services involves a hot item of the day. The “hot” item will change daily, and if you bring one in to sell, they’ll double the price.

The hot item of the day will be displayed daily on the sign in front of the shop or by asking Timmy and Tommy directly.

Some of these methods should be recognizable to familiar players of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons series, but even so, making Bells in this new game is time-consuming (and sometimes daunting). If you want to become the next Bell-billionaire, be sure to plan your day wisely!

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