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Discord has the most PC gaming features of any VoIP app. This includes the ability to stream your game live through your Discord server’s voice channels. Here’s how to set up your stream with just a few clicks.

How to Go Live with Discord

Only Discord‘s Windows desktop client is capable of streaming. You’ll need to use the desktop or Chrome browser client to watch Discord streams.

First, open Discord and enter the server where you want to stream, then open the game you want to stream. If the game is already recognized by Discord, click the “Go Live” button in the bottom left near your username and avatar.

Discord Go Live Button

In the Go Live menu, select “Change” if Discord didn’t automatically recognize the game you want to stream. Check the voice channel you want to stream to and click “Go Live”.

Discord Go Live Menu

Once your stream is up and running, Discord will display a smaller preview of the stream in the Discord window. Hover over this stream and click the cog icon to access the Stream Settings menu. Here, you can change the quality and frame rate of your stream.

If you want to stream with 60 FPS and 1080 or better stream quality, you’ll need to sign up for Discord Nitro, the service’s paid premium service. It costs $9.99 per month.

Discord Go Live Interface

How to Add a Game to Discord Go Live

If the game you want to stream isn’t automatically giving you access to the “Go Live” icon, you can add the game manually. Start by opening the Settings menu with a click on the cog icon in the bottom left.

Discord Settings

Open the “Game Activity” tab on the left, and click “Add It”. Select your game, then go back to your server and click the “Go Live” button as above.

Discord Game Activity Add a Game

How to Screen Share with Discord

To share non-gaming apps or your entire screen, join any server’s voice channel and click the “Go Live” button.

Discord Go Live Button

Select either the “Applications” or “Screens” tabs, and click one of the options you can scroll through. Press the “Go Live” button when you’re ready to share that application or one entire screen with the channel.

Discord Go Live Screen Select

How to Watch a Discord Stream

If someone is streaming in Discord, you’ll see a red “Live” icon next to their name in the voice channel. To watch their Discord stream, hover your mouse over their name and click “Join Stream”.

Discord Join Stream

Discord’s easy integration with Twitch, the premier game streaming platform, suggests that Discord has no interest in competing as a streaming platform.

Yet, in response to the COVID-19 shutdowns, Discord temporarily raised the limit on Go Live from 10 people to 50, making this solution a perfect fit for smaller communities and streamers.

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