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Linking to a whole plan in Microsoft Planner is easy, but it’s a blunt tool when you want to talk about a single task. Here’s how to link to an individual card to make discussing specific tasks a bit easier.

If you’re responsible for a plan in Microsoft Planner, you probably have to talk to people working on the tasks and also report up the chain using a spreadsheet or bespoke reporting tool. Being able to link to individual tasks makes both of those jobs easier, as it means clicking a link rather than diving into Planner to find a task manually.

Luckily, Microsoft has made getting individual task links really easy. Open Planner and find the task you want to create a link for. Click the three dots in the task card and then select the “Copy link To task” option.

The "Copy link to task" menu option.

A notice will appear at the bottom left of the plan to confirm the link has been copied to your clipboard.

The notice confirming the link has been copied.

Paste the link into an email, Microsoft Teams conversation, spreadsheet, report, or anywhere else you want someone to be able to access the task at the click of a mouse.

As a bonus feature, you can export your plan to a .csv file if you need a spreadsheet of the tasks. We’ve covered this in a previous article, but as a recap, click the three dots at the top of the plan, then click “Export plan to Excel”.

The "Export plan to Excel" menu option.

This will create a spreadsheet containing a snapshot of the data about the plan and all the tasks. You can add the links to the spreadsheet without having to type in all the information about the tasks.

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