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Unless your lock screen is locked down, anyone who picks up your iPhone can read your notifications. If you want to hide your private WhatsApp conversations from your lock screen, you can disable notification previews in two different ways.

Disable Notification Previews on Your Lock Screen

One of the new features introduced with Face ID on iPhone X was the ability to hide notification previews. The feature was rolled out in iOS 11 and is available for all iPhones, including older iPhones with Touch ID.

The option is enabled by default for devices with a Face ID sensor (one of the best iPhone privacy features), but you can enable it manually if you have an older iPhone.

When enabled, the content of all notifications are hidden by default. The notification will show the name of the sender and the notification text will simply read “Notification”.

When you unlock your iPhone with Face ID, the notification will expand to show the content.

If you’ve disabled the feature, or if you’re using an older iPhone, you can turn it on from Settings.

Open the “Settings” app and then tap on the “Notifications” option.

Here, tap on the “Show Previews” option at the top.

Switch to the “When Unlocked” option. Now, your iPhone will only expand the notification content after you scan your face using Face ID, or after you place your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

If you want to be extra cautious and don’t want any notification content to show up on the lock screen, choose the “Never” option.

Disable WhatsApp Notification Previews

The previous method is an all-or-nothing deal for every notification that come into your iPhone. But what if you only want to disable notification previews for WhatsApp and not for other apps? You can do this using a setting from the WhatsApp app.

Open the “WhatsApp” app and tap on the “Settings” tab found in the bottom-right corner.

From there, choose the “Notifications” option.

Here, tap on the toggle next to the “Show Preview” option.

Now, when you get a new message on WhatsApp, the notification will tell you the name of the sender and the content area will simply read “Message”.

This is just one of the many steps you can take to make your WhatsApp account more secure and private. Take a look at our WhatsApp security guide to learn more.

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