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When you’re using Slack for communications, it’s important to remember to follow up on a message, attend a meeting, or just get up and drink some water. Set reminders in Slack and Slackbot will help.

How to Set Custom Reminders in Slack

You can use basic slash commands to set customized reminders for any time, while tagging another person or channel in that reminder. In any message field, type /remindand a basic template will appear.

Slack Remind Slash Command

After the /remind slash command, in any order, you can use the following formats to give the Slack reminder details on when, who, and what:


  •  in X hours
  •  at XX:XXpm EST
  •  on March 30 or  on 30 March or on (MM/DD/YYYY) or on Mondays
  •  every weekday or every Monday and Thursday
  •  every other Wednesday or  every March 30


  •  me
  •  @name
  •  #channel


  • Use quotation marks to define the reminder (e.g., "Stand Up Meeting" )

You can always type /remind list to list all of your current reminders. This will allow you to delete, edit, or complete your various reminders.

Your recurring reminders, like /remind me "Stretch" every day at 11:00am EST ,  cannot include other people. This feature might not function as well in languages other than English. You can find in-depth explanations of all the options the /remind command supports in the Slack Help Center.

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How to Set Message Reminders in Slack

You can instruct Slack to remind you about any message. If you’re on the desktop app, select any message and click the three vertical dots on the right. In the menu that appears, hover your mouse over “Remind Me About This.” Choose when you’d like Slack to remind you about this message.

This is particularly useful when you’re in the middle of working on something and want to take action on (or just remember) an incoming message later.

Slack Message Reminder

If you’re on the mobile app, touch and hold the message. Tap “Remind Me” and select when you’d like to be reminded.

Slack Message Reminder on Mobile

In a time when more people than ever are working from home, it can be essential to set some reminders for yourself and others. Don’t forget your due dates, remember your next meeting, and definitely make sure you’re regularly stretching and drinking water.

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