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The Good Place is a fantastically funny show that is sure to make just about anyone laugh. If you want to catch it as the final season has just aired, these streaming services will have most of the episodes available.

While not every service has all the episodes, you can purchase them from some of the services available. Netflix runs up to season 3 while Hulu has a few of the season 4 episodes available for you to watch. You can catch up with the show with the available services below.

NBC The Good Place

On NBC’s website, you can catch some of the newest episodes of season four if you need to play a little catch-up. You’re able to watch episodes nine through 13 on the website, though the available episodes will likely change over time. Additionally, you’ll get some insides with a podcast and photos from the show. If that’s what you need to see, then this is an excellent option for you to watch the show for free.


Netflix logo

Netflix is a great way to get up-to-date with the show, at least until season three. You can watch every episode from the beginning up until the end of that season with this service. Season four isn’t available yet, but it’s set to come to the service on August 25, 2020.


Hulu logo

Hulu is a great service to watch your favorite shows, but it currently isn’t the best place to catch the entire The Good Place series. It only has the last five episodes of season 4 for you to watch, which is okay if you’ve been keeping up with the show so far. As with NBC’s website, the exact episodes available for streaming will likely change. If you’re an avid watcher of the show, then this is how you can catch up on how the series ends.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video The Good Place

If you want to own every season of this show, then Amazon Prime Video is the way to expand your digital library. You can buy every season for $25 apiece or individual episode for $3 each. This way, you can always have the show with you, no matter where you go.


iTunes The Good Place

If you’re an avid user of Apple devices, iTunes may be the best way to purchase the seasons of The Good Place. For $25 a season, you can have the entire show on your Apple mobile device, so you can keep up with Eleanor and the crew.

Google Play Store

Google Play The Good Place

Google Play is another service that has the entire show available for purchase. You can spend $20 to get each season or $2 an episode, so that you can be entertained by each moment of the show.


Vudu logo

If you’re looking for a multi-platform video source, then Vudu is an excellent choice for Apple, Android, and Windows devices. You can purchase each season on this site for $20 each or every episode is for $2 apiece.

With all the different options to enjoy The Good Place, you’ll be able to stream it to your heart’s content. Watch as the series unfolds, and stay up to date with all the laughs, tears, and uncomfortable silence. You won’t miss a beat of the show, and you’ll likely feel a little empty when you get to the end of the series.

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