The Office

Undoubtedly one of the most popular TV shows of its time, The Office, is not only known for its comedy but also its heartfelt moments throughout the show. If you want to relive it all, here’s where you can stream it.

Peacock TV

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Peacock TV, the NBC-owned TV show and movie streaming platform, is the home of The Office. Featuring every episode of the beloved sitcom, you can watch the first two seasons for free (with ads) by simply creating a Peacock account. To watch all nine seasons, you’ll need to subscribe for $5 a month to gain full access or $10 a month to remove ads.

Additionally, Peacock has created collections for fans of The Office. You can find playlists for superfan episodes, the best cold opens, and more.

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Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is the perfect place to purchase every season of The Office. For $13 for the first season, $20 for each season after season one, and $3 an episode, you can have the entire series in your library. Have all of the best parts of this show right when you want it with Amazon Prime Video.


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iTunes is a great place to buy the show if you use mainly Apple products. You can buy the first season for $13 while the other seasons will set you back $20 each. You’ll see every Dundie and each sneaky smooch from any Apple device.

Google Play

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If you have an Android device or enjoy the Play Movies app, it may be best to buy this show on Google Play. Each season has a different price, starting at $10 for season one while the other seasons are $30 each. Season four is the only one that’s priced at $25, and you can also buy each episode for $2.


Vudu is perfect for those wanting to watch The Office on multiple platforms, as the company has apps for almost every device whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows. The first season is available for $10, every other season is going to cost you $18, and you can purchase each episode for $2 apiece.


Netflix logo

Update: The Office was removed from Netflix in the U.S. on December 31, 2021. You will need to subscribe to Peacock to stream episodes of the hit comedy. The first two seasons can be watched using a free account (with ads) while the rest are locked behind a paid ($5+ a month) account.

For now, Netflix has The Office available for you to stream right on the app. It has the rights for the show until 2021, after which it will then go onto NBC’s Peacock. You can watch the show for the rest of the year for $10 a month for the Basic plan, $13 a month for the Standard plan, and $16 a month for the Premium plan.

These services bring Jim and Dwight’s shenanigans right to your home, even though identity theft is not a joke. You can laugh at Michael’s awful jokes and cry with the characters through heart-to-heart moments across all nine seasons. Don’t miss a single moment of the show while it’s available on these services.

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