Grey's Anatomy

Since its start in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has had a massive following. With all the ups and downs of the show, it will hook you the moment you start watching it. You can use a ton of services to catch the latest episodes or even play some pick-me-up if you’re new to the drama.


ABC Logo

ABC is the home of Grey’s Anatomy and the place to catch every episode if you ever miss out. Although the website only offers a few episodes, it’s free to see the recent ones that you may have missed. You can catch recent episodes on the app for iPhone, iPad, and Android if you want to watch on a smaller screen.

Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime offers the purchase of every season of Grey’s Anatomy. You purchase the whole first season for $20 or each episode for $3 apiece. Every season after that is $25 each and the same $3 an episode, except for season 15 and 16. Season 15 costs $30 with the $3 an episode, while season 16 is $40 with the $3 an episode. These prices may change over time.

Google Play

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You can purchase Grey’s Anatomy on Google Play as well, which is great for Android users or those who use the Play Movies app. With this platform, season 1 is available for $15, seasons 2 through 14 are available for $20, season 15 is $25, and the latest season, season 16, is $35. You can also purchase each individual episode for $2 each if you want to watch a specific episode.


Netflix logo

Are you not someone who purchases TV series? Netflix has seasons 1 through 15 available on its platform for your viewing pleasure. That means you pay the monthly cost of Netflix, which is anywhere from $9 to $16 a month and then you’ll have access to almost every episode.


Hulu logo

Hulu will let you watch the old seasons of the show while also having access to live episodes as they air. If you want to stream the past seasons, you can pay anywhere from $6 to $12 a month, depending on your thoughts on ads. You can also catch lives episodes with Hulu Live, which has a monthly cost of $55. Either way, you’ll be able to take in all the drama of Grey’s.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV Welcome Page

YouTube TV is another live TV streaming service where you can catch the latest episodes of the series. For $50 a month, you can stream the live show and see past recent episodes with Video on Demand. Just sign up with your Google account and watch all the drama unfold.

If Grey’s Anatomy is one of your favorite shows, it just makes sense to find a service that will help you enjoy every moment of it. Whether you need a refresher of the old episodes or you want to watch the episodes live, these services will give you everything you could want out of this drama.

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