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Outlook Online can detect when an email contains reservation or booking information and automatically adds the details to your calendar. Here’s how to turn the automatic feature on and choose what gets added to your schedule.

By default, Outlook Online will automatically add flight, car, and hotel reservations to your calendar. You can choose to turn those off, if you want, and also choose to have any of the following events automatically added:

  • Bills (currently only supported in North America)
  • Package deliveries
  • Dining reservations
  • Event reservations (music, sports, etc.)
  • Service reservations (doctor appointment, car maintenance, etc.)

Microsoft maintains a regularly updated list of vendors whose event emails can be added to your calendar, so you can check if your provider is supported yet. Events in the past, or events from unsupported providers, won’t be added to your calendar.

The great news is that this works in all versions of Outlook Online, regardless of whether you have an Office 365 (O365) subscription or you use the free version of Outlook.com. You must have a Microsoft account, though, as the automatic calendaring doesn’t work with other providers’ mail accounts.

To turn on or amend the automatic calendar updates, log in to your Outlook Online account and then click Settings > View All Outlook Settings.

Outlook's Settings panel.

From there, open Calendar > Events from Email.

The "Calendar" and "Events from email" options.

The “Events from Email” panel will open. By default, the “Mark Events As Private on My Calendar So Only I Can See Them” option is switched on, but you can change that if you want. You also get a series of dropdowns for each event type.

The "Events from email" panel.

To add events to your calendar automatically, click a dropdown and choose “Show Event Summaries In My Email and on My Calendar.”

The dropdown displaying the different event summary options.

When you’ve amended the dropdown for each event type, click the “Save” button in the bottom right of the panel.

The Save button.

That’s it, you’re done. Events will now be automatically added to your calendar. This won’t go back through your emails and add events in the past, but it will scan any emails you receive from now on and automatically add them to your calendar.

If you want to turn this functionality off, open Calendar > Events from the email and change the options back to the original “Only Show Event Summaries In Emails” value.

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