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Doctor Who is an incredibly popular show all around the world, yet it’s hard to rewatch old episodes. Whether you want to stream it live or watch the classics, this is where you can catch them all.

Live Episodes

The BBC America channel shuffles through a lot of older episodes of the latest Doctor Who seasons. It is also the one place to go to watch the latest episodes as they air. These are the streaming services you can use to see every episode of the newest season.


Sling TV

SlingTV has two options that allow you to stream BBC America at a rather low price. You can purchase the Sling Blue option for $20 for the first month and then $30 a month after that. There is also the Sling Orange and Blue option that is $35 for the first month, then it goes up to $45 a month every month afterward.


Philo main screen

Philo is another cheap option that gives you the ability to enjoy everything available on BBC America. For $20 a month, you’ll get access to around 60 channels so you can catch all the shows you need. You can test out this service with a seven-day free trial to ensure that you enjoy all that it offers.


fuboTV channel page

fuboTV is the most expensive option, but it has a lot of channels to choose from. With over 100 channels to choose from, you’ll be paying $55 a month for this service. There is a seven-day trial for the streaming service as well, so you don’t have to give up that chunk of change right away.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV Welcome Page

If you want a large variety of channels with high-end channels included, then YouTube TV might be the one for you. This service offers 70 or more channels, including local sports and news at $50 a month. There’s a five-day trial for this service as well, so feel free to try it out before you buy it.

Modern and Classic Who

Try catching up with older episodes of Doctor Who by streaming the recent seasons of the show. While you do have to purchase them, it’s not a huge expense. These different websites have the episodes available to you so you can enjoy them in the days to come.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon logo

Amazon Prime Video is the home of tons of seasons of this beloved show, which you can buy at an episode or season at a time. For $2 an episode or $15 a season, you can have all of the seasons in your library for you to watch whenever you wish.

Google Play

Google Play Store Logo

Quite a few older episodes are available on Google Play that allow you to see how the show started. You can spend $2 an episode or $7 a season for the older shows. These are great for seeing how we got the Time Lord that we know and love today.


iTunes Logo on iPhone

If you have a specific Classic Doctor you know and love, iTunes has the best episodes rounded up for most Doctors. With collections for Tom Baker, William Hartnell, and Peter Davison as well as many more, you’ll be able to get each season for around $10 each.

With all the different ways to enjoy this amazing show, you’ll be able to catch up with every episode and every emotion. You’ll be laughing, crying, and everything in between with every Doctor even shown on TV. Allonsey!

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