The Keyboard and Mouse icons in Windows 10

Left-handers make up only 10% of the world population and face daily obstacles that right-handers might not think about. Using a right-handed mouse doesn’t have to be one of those problems. Here’s how to swap your mouse buttons on Windows 10.

Swap the Mouse Buttons from the Control Panel

Access the control panel by searching “Control Panel” in the Start menu and then selecting “Control Panel” from the search results.

The Control Panel window will appear. Here, select “Hardware and Sound.”

In the “Devices and Printers” group, select the “Mouse” link.

Now, you’ll be in the “Mouse Properties” window. Here, check the box next to the “Switch Primary and Secondary Buttons” in the “Button Configuration” group. Select the “Apply” button at the bottom-right corner of the window to apply the change.

Swap the Mouse Buttons from the Settings Menu

Use the “Windows + I” shortcut on your keyboard to open the Settings menu. Here, select the “Devices” option.

Next, select “Mouse” from the left pane.

Select Mouse option in the left pane

You’ll now see a large selection of customizable options for your mouse. The first option listed is selecting the primary button for your mouse. Open the list and select “Right” to swap the mouse buttons.

Swap the Mouse Buttons from the Registry Editor

Open the Registry Editor by searching for “Regedit” in the Start menu and selecting “Registry Editor” from the search results.

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Once open, navigate to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

the Control panel mouse folder in regedit

In the right pane, scroll down until you see the “SwapMouseButtons” option. Select this item.

Once selected, the “Edit String” window will appear. In the “Value Data” text box, enter “1” to set the right mouse button as the primary button. Select the “OK” button to save your changes.

To switch the mouse controls back, repeat these steps and enter “0” in the “Value Data” text box.

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