Nascar Race at Daytona 500
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The most significant Nascar race of the year, the Daytona 500, takes place later today, Feb. 16, 2020, at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT. All you need to get access to all of the racing excitement is a streaming service that offers the Fox channel.

The Daytona 500 is the biggest race of the Nascar season and it shows who is the cream of the crop in this sport. With names to watch like Jimmy Johnson and Ryan Newman, this race will show who is the best out of the bunch. If you’re a cord-cutter, then you may be looking for a service to use to watch this race. These services allow you to catch the big race from the first lap to the checkered flag.

Fox Sports Go (With TV Subscription)

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports is the home of Nascar, so it’s no surprise that you can pick up the show on the network’s website and app. With Fox Sports Go, you can watch live content by connecting your TV provider to your profile. Once you get that setup, you’ll be able to enjoy the Daytona 500.

Hulu Live

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Hulu Live TV is a perfect option for any live sports you may want to watch, seeing as Fox Sports is one of its main channels. For $55 a month, you get access to over 60 live channels, meaning you can stream just about anything. There’s also a free one-week trial, so you can try it out before shelling over that much money.


If you’re looking for a little more, check out fuboTV. For $60 a month, you get over 100 channels of streaming goodness. The service also offers a seven-day free trial so that you can try out the streaming platform before signing up for the service.



AT&T TV Now offers HBO channels along with your usual live networks, including Fox Sports. Although this comes at a steep price for the number of channels you receive, $65 a month still gives you a lot to watch. There’s a seven-day free trial that you can try out before you hand the company a large chunk of change.

Sling TV

Sling TV

If you’re looking for a dirt-cheap streaming service that still offers the channels you want, Sling TV is the way to go. With Sling Blue, you can get 47 channels while only paying $20 for the first month. After that first payment, every month going forward will be $30 a month.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV Welcome Page

YouTube TV is a wonderful service as it has a great variety of channels to choose from without being as expensive as the other services. For $50 a month, you get over 70 channels to choose from, which also includes local stations. The company offers a five-day free trial that you should take advantage of if you’re not ready to pay half a Benjamin every month.

No matter what service you choose, you’ll see every lap, tire change, and crash that comes with today’s Daytona 500. Watch your favorites race their hearts out while still keeping the cable companies at bay.

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