There are few things more annoying than unwanted calls and texts. Even seemingly decent companies sometimes turn to scammy tactics; or perhaps you have a former friend who keeps trying to contact you against your wishes.

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With iOS and macOs, it’s pretty all or nothing. You can’t block someone from contacting you through iMessage without also blocking them from calling, FaceTiming or texting you. Here’s how to do it.

How to Block Contacts on iOS

To block someone on iOS, you need to go to their Contacts Page. There are a few ways to get there.

Open the Contacts app and use the Search to find them.

From the Phone app, tap the Information symbol next to any Recent call. You can also use the Contacts tab.

In the Messages app, open the conversation with the person you want to block and tap the Information symbol. Next, tap their name.

Whatever method you use, you’ll end up at a page that looks like this.

To block the person from calling, texting, FaceTiming, or iMessaging you, tap Block this Caller followed by Block Contact.

If you want to unblock them for any reason, tap Unblock this Contact.

Here’s a tip: If you have a lot of spammy callers you want to block, put all their numbers in one contact, and then block that one contact.

How to Block People on macOS

Messages isn’t just an iOS app; it’s also on macOS. Here’s how to block people there.

Open Messages and go to Messages > Preferences > Accounts.

Select the Blocked tab.

To add someone, click the + icon.

Use the search to find the contact you want to block.

Select them and now they’ll be blocked from iMessaging or FaceTiming you.

To unblock someone, select their name from the list and click on the – icon.

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