Spotify working with Siri on iPhone
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Spotify finally works with Siri on your iPhone. If you’re running iOS 13 or higher, you can directly ask Siri to play your favorite playlist, song, or an artist on Spotify. Here’s how to set it up.

iOS 13 expands third-party support for Siri. And one of the apps that’s taking advantage of the new feature is Spotify. This means you can get Apple Music style playback controls with Siri on your iPhone. There’s now one less reason for you to stick with Apple Music.

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How to Enable Spotify Access for Siri

If you already have the Spotify app installed, and you’re logged into your account, all you have to do is start talking to Siri.

To bring up Siri, press and hold the Side/Power button on your iPhone X-style device with a notch. If you have an older iPhone with a physical Home button, press and hold on the Home button.

Then, say something like “Play the Beatles on Spotify.”

As this is your first time using Spotify with Siri, it will ask for permission to access your Spotify data. Here, tap the “Yes” button.

Tap the Yes button from Siri page

Spotify will start playing the music you requested. You’ll see a Now Playing widget in the Siri screen.

You can also control the Siri access for Spotify from the iPhone’s Settings app. Open the “Settings” app, scroll down, and then select the “Spotify” option.

Tap Spotify from Settings

From here, tap the “Siri & Search” button.

Tap Siri and Search from Spotify section

From the bottom of the screen, tap the toggle next to “Use with Ask Siri” to enable or disable Siri access for Spotify.

Tap the toggle next to Use with Siri

How to Control Spotify Using Siri on iPhone

Once Spotify is connected to Siri, you can use it to play any song, album, artist, or playlist. You can also get specific about albums and years of release.

Spotify paying the playlist in Siri

Here are a couple of Spotify commands to use with Siri.

  • Play [song name] on Spotify: Spotify will play the requested song and will continue to play recommended tracks.
  • Play [album name] on Spotify: Spotify will start playing the requested album.
  • Play [artist name] on Spotify: Spotify will start playing the “This is [Artist Name]” playlist.
  • Play on Spotify: Spotify will play the requested playlist.
  • Play my liked songs on Spotify: Spotify will play music from your liked songs list.
  • Shuffle on Spotify: Spotify will play the requested playlist or album in shuffle mode.
  • Play the latest album by [artist name] on Spotify: Spotify will find and play the latest album from the requested artist.
  • Play [genre] music on Spotify: Spotify will start playing random music from the requested genre (pop, indie, rock, and so on).

Other than these, you can use the standard playback controls in Siri as well. For instance, you can ask Siri to play, pause, skip, repeat, shuffle, or go to the previous track. As you’re using Siri, you can do this from your AirPods or your Apple Watch.

For now, Siri only supports playback features in Spotify. You can’t use Siri to interact with the app. For instance, you can’t search for something like a song in Spotify using Siri. You also can’t use Siri to add a song to a playlist either.

You can use Siri to do a lot more from adding reminders, setting alarms, to even finding your lost Apple devices.

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