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Cleanup Your Windows 7 Login Screen and Remove Unwanted Logon Items

Windows 7 adds functionality to your login screen to give you additional logon options. If you want to lose the clutter, here is how to disable some or all of your credential providers.

Whether it was installed from the factory or add-on software you installed, these registry settings will disable the unwanted credential providers at your login screen.

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers

It will not be obvious what some of the providers are but you should be able to determine which one goes to which provider by looking at the value of the (Default) DWORD inside each key.

The screenshot below references the fingerprint scanner on my system but yours may be different.

To disable each of the items, create a DWORD value named “Disable” with a value of 1. For each key you disable it will be removed from your login screen.

Be careful which items you disable or you may not be able to log in with your password either. Only disable the items you know you won’t need and disable them one at a time. This should stop you from disabling too many items and not allowing you to login to your computer.

If you accidentally disable too many items, restart your machine in safe mode and set the disable key to 0 for the providers you need.

Once you have found all the correct keys your new login screen should show only the items you want.


Justin Garrison is a Linux and HTPC enthusiast who loves to try new projects. He isn't scared of bricking a cell phone in the name of freedom.

  • Published 06/1/11

Comments (22)

  1. Alexander Rhett Crammer

    This was not at all helpful for me because I only have three accounts. Administrator, Alexandér, and my other one that’s in Chinese. I didn’t even know that you could buy a fingerprint scanner!

    Useless article, but maybe some day somebody will find it useful…

  2. Saptashwa

    “Weather it was installed from the factory or add-on….” It should be “Whether…” Anyway, good article.

  3. whbs

    Some people do nitpick don’t they? The content on these pages generally is excellent and I have found several items incredibly useful. I certainly don’t leave “negative comments” when something is of no interest to me.

  4. Gildawie

    Great article even if the troll says otherwise!

  5. redfacer

    Hey Saptash and Alexander for that matter, hows about you don’t use this site anymore if it upsets you that much? Take out your bad feelings on a proper target like,say, M—-soft, they really give us problems.
    You were nearly right about the “weather” but not quite.

    When whether is used, it must ALWAYS be followed by ‘ or not ‘ , much the same as too many people use “absolutely” in quite the wrong way.

    Anyone else feel like joining in??

    Long Live HTG !!

  6. bergerac

    Nowt wrong with the article, you take it or leave it at your will. Thanks anyway.

  7. Saptashwa

    @redfacer Read the article now. They have changed it to “whether
    . If you aren’t sure about something, don’t comment. It makes you look stupid.
    And, I didn’t say the article was “bad”. Rather, I said the article was “good” (or useful). Some people….
    PS – “whether” can be used without “or not” if used in the right sense. Example – this article.

  8. JungleBoi

    @Redfacer: Saptashwa is correct on both counts; you may have taken his comment in a negative way given the preceding tripe by noob Alexander Rhett Crammer.

    @Saptashwa: ‘Tis a good article, ain’t it? You may have been a bit harsh with the “stupid.” Eye for an eye and everyone ends up blind. Then again, the one-eyed man is king in the valley of the blind :)

  9. JGBT

    I would just like to have the complete address :
    …\HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers

  10. The Unspoken

    @JBGT: That is the complete address to the spot in the registry were you place the disable DWORD so that login (credentials) won’t show up anymore…..

  11. The Unspoken

    This would be useful if your company or better yet your home, was not using a smart card or did not want to use the features to login that are available.

    Thanks HTG!

  12. wiklendt


    Weather/whether/wether are all very *different words* with *different meanings*. They are called ‘homophones’ because they all *sound* the same, though they are all spelled differently (

    An example most people would recognise is “son” (human male offspring) and “sun” (the celestial body keeping the earth warm and in orbit around it): you can’t use ‘sun’ to mean ‘male offspring’ no matter what the peripheral words in the sentence are, just as you don’t change ‘weather’ for ‘whether’ even if you want to use ‘or not’.

    An example I see a LOT of people getting wrong is “to/too/two”. ‘Two’ = 2. ‘Too’ = also. ‘To’ is either “I want to do something” or “I’m going to the shops”.

    When we talk of ”weather”, we talk about rain, hail, sunny, etc… e.g. “The weather was bad yesterday”.

    When we use “whether” we mean to present one side of a possibility etc. “Whether you want to do that is up to you”. The “or not” is only required if the *meaning* of the sentence is ‘regardless of whether’… e.g., “We need to leave for the airport in five minutes whether you’ve found your teddy bear or not.”

    There is also the lesser-known word “wether”, which is actually a castrated sheep – just as ‘gelding’ is a castrated male horse, and ‘stallion’ is a ‘complete’ male horse (a female horse is a ‘mare’).

    A very good website for these matters is: i use it all the time.

    Have a nice day.

  13. Ivan Lapis

    So, how do I get that face recognition login option?

  14. Bob


    The face recognition login program is called Fast Access. It usually comes with Dell products.

  15. MarcKC

    Very good article. I only have 1 account and the fingerprint account for logging on. Definitely I won’t use the tip, but I love to know what to do if some day i have the need for. Thanks. Keep up the good work

  16. GregInTX

    Interesting article…and comment trail! :-D
    I am always interested in increasing my knowledge of the Registry. Thanks for the post.

  17. Terry

    good article, but I would really like to know how to hide some user’s names from appearing in the
    login screen at all. We regularly install a backdoor user as an admin on our customer computers (you would be surprised how many well intentioned people disable their administrator account!!).
    I would like to hide this user from their login page.

  18. Fred

    Good article. How do you remove the red shut down icon on the right of the screen?

  19. Machete

    Love that icon you have for your logon. I remember that video game, but don’t recall the name. Which was it and where did you get the icon. :)

  20. Justin Garrison

    The game is River City Ransom. I the icons I have here I had found them years ago I think on Diviant art.

  21. Morgo

    good artical, I won’t use it but its nice to know.
    @Justin Garrison: Props for the name of that game… know where I can DL and play it?

  22. sophiemarianne

    Hi! Does anybody out there know how to restore the Caps Lock key beep on Windows 7 (Dell Inspriron laptop)? Thanks a lot.

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