Made for the photographer on the go, our newest HTG Cheat Sheet is designed to be printed and is conveniently credit card-sized to fit in most wallets. Carry critical photographic info with you wherever you go!

For the newbie photographer or the quick reference for the DSLR aficionado, the How-To Geek Photo Cheat Sheet will make your life easier with critical information to help you take better pictures. Whether it’s common aperture full stops, camera white balance settings, or the common exposure value table, the How-To Geek Photo Cheat Sheet is a great addition any the photographer’s wallet.


The How-To Geek Photo Cheat Sheet

You can click the image or the link below to download the cheat sheet in PDF format, which you can easily print using your favorite PDF reader.

Confused about any of the terms on this Cheat Sheet? Check out our previous article on the elements of exposure for clarification, or learn about how cameras work.

(Author’s Note: For best results, follow the printing directions included on the PDF, and print your cheat sheets on a heavy cardstock, available at any office supply store or copy center.)

Download the HTG Photo Cheat Sheet (PDF).