Migrating your saved Angry Birds Rio game from your iPhone to your iPad is a real pain. However, if you’re using jailbroken devices, this process just became simple thanks to DataDeposit. And, with Dropbox integration, it’s cloud-compatible.

Backing Up App Data

Installation is identical to any Cydia app, so once it’s done and you’ve done a re-spring, open it up. You’ll see an important notice.

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DataDeposit won’t be able to properly restore data for any app that’s already running. Tap “OK, I Got it!” and then go to “Change Settings…”

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Here, you can link your Dropbox account, toggle whether to use HTTPS or not, and whether or not you want to backup files from the /Documents and /Library folders. You can leave these last two options on, and I always recommend HTTPS for the added security. Pop in your Dropbox credentials and then choose “Backup My Save Data…” from the main menu.

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You’ll see a list of your apps. To back up an app, just tap it and you’ll see a confirmation dialog.

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Tap the button and you’ll see it go.

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DataDeposit will compress the data and upload it to new folder called “DataDepositApp” in your Dropbox.

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Restoring is easy, too, but make sure the app you’re restoring data for is closed. If you need to, press the Home button twice to bring up the app switcher, hold the icon for the app you want to restore data for, and then tap the red minus sign to close it.

Restoring Data

Restoring works the same way as backing up. Choose “Restore My App Data…” from the main menu and tap the app name.

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Tap the button to restore your data. That’s all! You can also restore data to multiple devices as long as they have DataDeposit installed on them.

I restored my Angry Birds Rio, Meebo, and Sleep Cycle data to my iPhone, a friend’s iPod Touch, and another friend’s iPad. Some apps, like Recorder Pro, didn’t work and gave me an error while backing up. It seems that apps that have their own large caches – Files, Stanza, Recorder Pro, etc – may not work with this method, so your mileage may vary. Aside from that one limitation, DataDeposit has worked flawlessly, and now there’s one less thing I need to use iTunes for.

DataDeposit is a jailbreak-only app and is available for free from Cydia.