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How To Remove Image Backgrounds Using PowerPoint 2010

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We’ve recently shown you lots of ways to remove backgrounds from photos using Photoshop and some other tools, but did you know you can do the same thing from within PowerPoint 2010? Here’s how to do it.

Be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to Remove Image Backgrounds in Photoshop, and then check out the second part of the series. Otherwise, keep reading.

Removing Backgrounds Using PowerPoint

We will take a presentation we have and insert any picture right in it.


After inserting the picture, we will go to the Format Picture tab and click on Remove Background.


Notice that PowerPoint makes a good job depending on the picture to recognize the background and paint it in purple.


If your image, like ours, needs a little more editing, you can click on Mark Areas to Remove and select the areas that are still left to being removed in your picture.


When you have finally ended editing your picture, just click on Keep changes and you will notice the background will be entirely removed.


You can now even select a different background for your picture.


Do you think this will come up handy? This is not as professional as editing them with Photoshop, but for a presentation, this could do the trick.

  • Published 05/20/11

Comments (8)

  1. vistual

    This can open up the way for a mini-series of sorts : ) there’s actually quite a few pretty cool tricks / effects you can achieve using PowerPoint for editing images.

  2. x3geek

    this can be pretty neat way to digitize my signature, have been waiting for a while to do it without photoshop. any other tips for making digital copy of scanned signature?
    i hate having to print forms just to sign and scan back to send them.

  3. JT

    I second x3geek. It’s a drag to do everything on the computer and have to print out a document for no other reason than to sign it, scan it back in then throw away the original. Any tips on avoiding this time and resource waster would be appreciated. Particularly with PDFs.

  4. gknows

    yeah, i like this

  5. bluelord

    why don’t you simply scan your signature, keep it safely hidden behind a password (maybe online in an account) and then insert it in your pdf as an image – you can create your documents using Live Cycle designer. Thats what we do…

  6. txlakeside

    This is available in most Office 2010 apps. Word, Publisher, etc.

  7. Ranjit Ranawaya

    There is an app for iPhones which let’s you digitally sign PDF documents and then send them back without the need to scan and fax back called Zosh.. Try it out. Even works for iPad

  8. Kirk

    I was wondering whether you could perform the same operation in Power Point 2007? I’ve messed around with for a while and came up empty. Any comments are appreciated.

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