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How to Bring Back the Firefox Default Menu Button in Ubuntu 11.04

Buttons in top panel

The new Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal uses a Global Menu which puts the applications menus (File, Edit ,View…) on the top panel. In Firefox, this also removes the Firefox menu button in the upper left corner of the browser window. If you liked that menu button and would like to get it back then you are lucky because it can be done in just 2 easy steps!

First Step: Open the add-ons manager by going to “Tools > Add-ons” or you can press the shortcut keys “Ctrl + Shift + A”

Open add-ons manager

Second Step: Locate the add-on “Global Menu Bar Integration”, disable it by clicking on “Disable” then click on the “Restart” buttons that will appear next.

Disable add-on

Third Step: In the top most of the Firefox window itself,  click “Views > Toolbars” and uncheck the “Menu Bar” option.

Disable Menu Bar

TaDa!! The Firefox Menu button is back in it’s place.

Final Product

Omar Hafiz is a geeky Linux user who loves customizing Ubuntu to fit his personal style. Whether it's the login screen or his Gnome panels, he's got them tweaked to perfection.

  • Published 05/31/11

Comments (14)

  1. Cambo

    Unfortunately I’ve had to ditch this iteration of Ubuntu. Unity is quite possibly the worst interface I’ve ever used. I was using Ubuntu for 3 years prior. After the switch to PinguyOS (Ubuntu Remaster) and ditched the Global Menu, I’ve never looked back.

  2. Gabriel

    I do agree with you I have always used GNOME.Unity is not good

  3. tecn0tarded

    Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15 are both epic failures. They are the Vista’s of the linux world now. Gnome rules. Pinguy has some nice features but i’m sticking with Linux Mint 10. 11, doesn’t work right yet.

  4. Jyo

    Any of you guys tried xubuntu? I’m a linux newbie with some command line skills but I find the xfce desktop environment to be quite nice and efficient.

  5. tecn0tarded

    jyo, i like the LXDE and Xfce desktop environment mainly because the operating system doesn’t get in the way. Linux mint lxde and xfce are really nice lightweight distro’s that work great on just about anything.

  6. SWJ345

    @ Gabriel and cambo

    you could just select ubuntu classic at the login screen to use gnome. I quite like unity though.

  7. Ben

    Awesome! That’s exactly what i needed. Thanks a lot :)

  8. DSP

    I am relatively new to Ubuntu (or any Linux distro for that matter, and before I go any further let me say that I like Linux Mint too), but I like the Unity interface so far. I guess there’s different strokes for different folks. I’ve downloaded all the free Linux distro’s and each of them have their nuances, some I enjoy more than others, but I’ve stuck with Ubuntu as that was my first distro that I used and learned a lot on. I wish I could use the CLI better then maybe I’d like Gnome better.

  9. DLM955

    I really like the Unity on my laptop, but tried it on my desktop and took it out after just a really is made for smaller screens like a netbook…and like others have said just select Ubuntu classic at startup.If you need the space you can uninstall it through synaptic package manager…

  10. Omar Hafiz

    @ DSP – Yeah it is a good thing to learn the CLI. Here is some documentation that might help.


    I hope it helps.

  11. cam2644

    This is a good tip. Thanks.
    My initial dislike of Unity is slowly fading away.
    As has been mentioned before you can opt to open Ubuntu at start up in the traditional way or you could try out Linux Mint.

  12. UUUnicorn

    I love Xubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal! Love love love!

    I wasn’t sure whether to go with Lubuntu or Xubuntu for my netbook (MSI Wind U100-432US), but I chose Xubuntu (has a few more features/capabilities than Lubuntu–I think).

    Wish I knew of websites like, but more specifically for Xubuntu fans!

  13. MarcKC

    I have a question: I am new on Windows 7 (just bought a new laptop few days ago). I am definitely a XP Pro user. On XP i had the chance to restart my computer from the backup location by selecting it during startup. How do I do to restart Windows 7 using Linux (Ubuntu) ??. I didn’t see any options I could use arrow up/down and look for other startup locations during restart on my Windows 7. Thanks in advance.

  14. Matt

    I agree with everyone about unity. I used to love KDE until they revamped it and came out with KDE4 thats when I started searching for a new Linux OS and finaly found Ubuntu with gnome was not to bad, but now I may need to start the search again.

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