If you frequently use Microsoft Word and want to achieve Keyboard Ninja status, you need to learn how to add tables to your Word document without touching the mouse.

All you have to do is type +-+ and hit enter, and Word will automatically insert a table. The + symbol indicates a column break, and the – symbols indicate the width of the column in the table. For instance, +-+ will get you a very small single column table, but you can do more.

Let’s look at a more useful example, where we want a 3 column table with a wider middle column.

Here’s what happens after you press the enter key. (I added data to the table for illustration)

When adding data, you can tab from one column to the next. To add a new row, just hit tab again when you are in the last column to the right.

You can add as many columns or rows to your table as you want using this method.