Do you find yourself needing a color code for the website work that you are doing and just want a quick simple way to get it? Now you can enjoy color code finding goodness with Color Detector.


Color Detector is quick and easy to install and once you have finished the installation you are ready to go. Color Detector has everything that you need to use it built right into the main window. Notice that there are three specific “Keyboard Keys” associated with Color Detector to enhance ease-of-use.

Color Detector in Action

Getting the color codes that you need is very easy…simply move your mouse over the desired color and watch the “Hex & RGB Values” display in the main window. You can temporarily lock down the color codes by using the “F5 Key” to freeze them…using the “F5 Key” again unfreezes things so that you can get your next set of codes. The copy to clipboard function is also very convenient if you prefer to paste your new codes into your notes (or web editor).

Sometimes the color name will display as “not found” but that is okay. You have those wonderful color codes and that is what really matters.


Color Detector is an extremely useful program to have in your website building toolbox…small, unobtrusive, and very dependable. This is definitely a recommended install for your computer.


Download Color Detector (version 2.0)

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