If you liked using the earlier releases of FavBackup, then you will certainly be pleased with the additional features that have been added. Join us as we take a closer look at the newest version.

See our earlier review of FavBackup here.

Browsers supported in this release: Internet Explorer (6 – 8), Mozilla Firefox (2 – 3.6), Opera (9 – 10), Safari (3 – 4), Google Chrome (1 – 4), and Flock (2.0 – 2.5).


As before, FavBackup is still portable so all that you will need to do is place the exe file into an appropriate folder, create a shortcut, and you are ready to go. Things are going to look different from before since the UI for FavBackup has been migrated to the Microsoft Ribbon interface. Notice that there are now additional backup and restore capabilities…focus on just one browser or back them all up at the same time.

The “Backup, Restore, Full Backup, & Full Restore Menus” are all identical as shown in the screenshot above, so the only ones shown here are those that are different. “The Convert Opera Profile Menu”…

Choose the theme that you like best.

And the “Help Menu”. At the moment this section is minimal and will link you to a webpage for help.

Creating the Backup

Here is the browser that we have decided to backup. This is a portable version set up on one of our Vista systems…

To get started select the “Backup Ribbon Menu” and choose the browser that you would like to backup.

Browse for the location where you would like to have the backup file placed…

Since we were backing up a portable browser, we needed to browse for the appropriate “Profile Folder”. Once you have your profile located, click “Finish”.

The earlier release created multiple files but now all the information is placed into a single easy to manage (and transfer) file…

Restoring the Backup

This is our fully installed “pre-restore” browser on a virtual Windows 7 install. Very fresh with only the homepage being changed…

To start the restoration process select the “Restore Ribbon Menu” and choose the appropriate browser. You will then need to browse to where you have the backup file located…FavBackup will automatically detect the file and display it as shown… Since we were restoring to a regularly installed browser no further “profile browsing” was required. Click “Next”.

Once the restore process has been completed all that is left to do is click “Finish”.

The End Result

Here are our two browsers “side-by-side”…one on our Vista system and the other inside the VMware Player window.


The earlier releases of FavBackup did a very nice job with backup and restoration of browser profiles and now the additional features have made it even better.

Know issues with this release: 

  • General: Restoring backups directly from DVD/CD drive can give error. Copy backup to your PC first.
  • Windows XP: When using low screen resolution, scrollbars might appear.


Download FavBackup (version 2.0.0)

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