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Ask The Readers: How Do You Maximize Your Multi-Monitor Setup?

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Multiple monitors allow you to spread out your work, see more at once, and—ideally—help you get more done. This week we want to hear all about your multi-monitor setup and what tips, tricks, and tools you use to maximize its effectiveness.

Photo by Sean Hobson.

Whether you have two monitors, three monitors, or a bank of monitors that makes your office look like a command center, we want to hear about it. What software, hardware, and system tweaks do you use to get the most out of your monitors? Is there a benefit to the way you have them configure (physically or within the operating system)? What makes your setup awesome and enhances your workflow?

Sound off in the comments with your tips, tricks, favorite apps, and—for extra geek points—photos of your setup. Check back in on Friday to see all the tips and tricks rounded up and highlighted in the What You Said follow up.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 04/20/11

Comments (75)

  1. TechGeek01

    One of the things I do is use zBar to add a toolbar on my other monitor. I’d have 3 monitors, but I use a laptop, and a splitter won’t work.

  2. Carl

    I work in Desktop Support for a large publishing company. I’ve got two identical 20″ LCDs on my desk. The left monitor is hooked into my Windows PC and the right is hooked to an old style Intel Mac Mini. The whole shebang is held together with Synergy so I can share a mouse and keyboard between the two systems.
    This gives me the flexibility to document and troubleshoot on either platform or both simultaneously without the overhead of additional peripherals.

  3. BF

    When the hardware supports it, I like to rotate one monitor 90 degrees so that I have a tall monitor for reading long documents or seeing large portions of code, and a normal wide monitor for things that work better on it (like web browsing).

  4. LAFR

    Two monitors here, using Display Fusion to set one large wallpaper and Divvy to organize windows.

  5. Cate

    I use UltraMon to get a toolbar on each of my three monitors. Central widescreen monitor is my main, and one square on either side are used as needed. I also use Display Fusion for backgrounds, to get a different image on each, or stretch a widescreen image across all three. Or sometimes I use Dreamscenes, though I haven’t yet figured out how to get one Dreamscene across all my monitors, so far it only displays the same vid on each screen.

  6. Neil

    I use Ultramon to give me the smart taskbar and for wallpapers. Very useful.

    I ahve two Samsung 20″ monitors side by side with a 19″ Yusmart centred above. Mainly use that for iTunes or holdinga window out the way when it’s needed later but don’t want to close it

  7. Jake T

    I have an HP ENVY 17, so I have the ability to use up to three external monitors. I only use one right now, but I’m looking for cheap second and third monitors soon! Ultramoon is handy.

  8. SuAlfons

    When I first attached an old CRT 17″ as a secondary to my workstation, the colleagues LOLed. By now we have switched to laptops – and everybody uses them as secondary when docked.
    While I would prefer a full 24″ as secondary, I can call myself lucky that I have a 24″ as MAIN screen. Default is to provide a 19″ (either 1280×1024 or newer 1440:900) as a docking monitor.
    I could not stand having a smaller monitor in the office than at home (mostly for surfing…).

  9. Guilherme de Sousa

    I use a dual monitor setup with ArchLinux and awesome wm.

    Awesome is a tiling window manager, so I use 100% of my screen space, and have it configured to open specific apps in specific virtual desktops and monitor.

    Switching between monitors is a two keyboard keys press process, which makes it very fast (a lot faster then alt+tabing all windows until you find the one you want).×1050.png


  10. cdeszaq

    2×24″ monitors on Ergotron arms so I can put them exactly where I want, + a 20″ attached to an older machine for simple things. Built-in multi-monitor capabilities of Win7 + Dexpot (with 7 virtual desktops) so I can organize everything. I usually have about 5 projects on-going at once, and getting the development environment set up (loading programs, finding places in code, etc.) takes too much time, so it’s much easier to just leave everything up until I am done with it. 12GB of RAM is a must in order to make this work. I regularly am running at over 60% RAM usage.

  11. vistual

    im jealous
    : (

  12. Cody

    In my opinion, any dual or triple system setup with Windows, a distro of Linux, and OS X all held together by Synergy is ideal. It is by far one the best utility applications available.

  13. Andrew Schreiner

    I use input director to use my mouse, keyboard, and share clipboard over multiple machines

  14. Nick

    23″ Acer main monitor and a 18″ Dell 4:3 secondary monitor. I have a question, rather than advice though: How on earth do you calibrate both monitors in a dual monitor setup so the color, contrast and brightness are the same? I’ve tried both adjusting the monitors directly and through the Windows display properties and the Nvidia control panel but have yet to get them similar enough not to notice the difference. One is DVI and the other VGA, as seems typical.

  15. Luke Rogerson

    Agreed about Ultramon. It is pretty essential for me now to increase productivity working on two screens. I have a Dell 24 inch IPS and a cheap LG 23 inch TN monitor side-by-side. It’s just so useful to know which program relates to which monitor.

  16. nt0xik8ed

    i use dual 24″ dell monitors, the one thing i found most important is the mouse. a logitech tracball set to high speed is the best way i found to navigate all that space.

  17. Lady Fitzgerald

    I just have one 22″ monitor on my desk right now (no room for another one) but I have my 32″ TV cloned to the monitor. I tried running two different desktops but then the AeroSnap emulator I’m using wouldn’t work (I’m on XP); snapping to the right just sent the window to my TV. I’m using Divvy to control window size and, kinda sorta, position (I frequently have six windows set on my desktop with one reduced slightly so I can get to the recycle bin plus one or two temporary windows open on top of the six).

    Eventually (when I move to new digs), I want to have two monitors on the desk and the two TVs I will have running in tandem as a third monitor (both TVs showing the same display). I’ll be able to see one TV from the desk, the other will be in the bedroom.

  18. chuckbales

    I have 4×19″ monitors running off my desktop. I have my laptop on the same VLAN so use Synergy to control it. I also have another 19″ monitor on my desk but I normally use that if I’m staging a server.

  19. chuckbales

    Forgot to mention I use Ultramon as well for the Smart Taskbar feature, love it.

  20. Steven

    I use three monitors for my work laptop and a virtual desktop utility. So, in theory, I can have 60 monitors available via a keystroke.

  21. Handalaan

    I have 3 21″ Asus displays mounted to my desk on a triple-mount stand and a 32″ LCD TV on a wall mount above them angled down for movies and what not. I keep everything connected with ultramon to give me 4 taskbars (a godsend when you have as many windows open as I do on a regular basis) a to keep my wallpaper spread across without stretching.

  22. Multimon

    Can’t go past Winsplit Revolution for my 2×23′ LG monitors.

  23. 01nb

    I run 2 hp2710m monitors. Only thing I use is display fusion to allow me to have panoramic wallpaper.

    Other than that, they just get used. Don’t need any extra software.

  24. jellymelly :D

    I have my main liquid nitrogen cooled PC with a flux capacitor powered by light from a super nova, running on SkyNet OS connected to a 30inch IPS LED Display with 4 additional 27inch monitors set in a semicircle with my head being the centre. The displays are set in place using the monitor mid air hovering unit attached to the back so I can adjust them anyway I want and they are very stable. All the monitors are connected to a central switch so I can switch between my PC, Mac Pro with 96 cores and 12TB of RAM, my XBOX 1180 or my PS31.

    I wish I could afford better hardware :(

  25. 14M31337

    I have one LCD hooked up to my main Windows workstation, and other LCD connected to my virtualization workstation running OpenSUSE 11.4. Using synergy to manage both. Works amazing.

  26. Wayne

    Dual 21.5″ HP monitors using DisplayFusion Pro to manage desktop and task bars. Looking to add a third monitor maybe a 23″ in between them. Also use my iPad as a tertiary monitor using the Air Display app. Can move things like IRC and Skype to the iPad to keep them out of the way or watch a Hulu video their website and not be restricted to the Hulu+ app.

  27. Krish

    Two – using Ultramon for toolbar and Second Computer with a single monitor, am handling using Input Director from the dual screen computer.

  28. Jonathan

    I’ve got a 23″ Dell Ultrasharp as my main monitor and a cheapie 17″ 4:3 LCD as my secondary monitor. The built in functions in Windows 7 work wonders, as the secondary monitor is used as what it is: a second monitor. I don’t need much more than that. It’s often used, but mostly only for reading documents, playing a movie or for chat windows.

  29. Jithin

    Well I have an old CRT monitor in my home… but I’ve never tried connecting my laptop to it. I usually connect my laptop to my 32″ Sony BRAVIA LCD TV via VGA. I play games and watch movies in my TV. Recently I bought an HDMI cable for $5.80 (which is a very cheap one) and tried connecting it to my laptop. Initially I failed to get it right. I had to change a couple of settings to get it done. But I noticed that the text was sort of too sharp in the TV and games ran very slow. So I avoided using the HDMI cable. May be this was due to the cheap cable or the low end ATI mobility radeon HD 5470 in my laptop. But using VGA was quite satisfactory. The picture quality is also good. I mean better than HDMI for whatever the reason might be. I run both my laptop and TV at 1366×768. I have a desktop PC in my home which is a very old PC. It uses Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 440. I used to connect it to my old CRT using a composite cable which gave a very very poor picture quality. According to my experience its the settings in the control panel (Nvidia or ATI whichever you use) that makes the difference. I dont use any other software other than the latest drivers and the ATI control panel.

  30. Frank

    I use Actual Multiple Monitors. It gives me Start, Tray, Toolbars on all secondary taskbars! It’s great! It costs about $40 like Ultramon but much more powerful and useful.

    I used wikipedia comparison table to select the best multi monitor software. –

  31. ADWheeler Photography

    Here is a picture:

    Two Samsung 23″ widescreens connected to a custom PC in a NVidia Case, Two NVidia 260GT SLI’d video cards, 12gigs of triple channel ram, Six 1TB drives, Two 2TB drives, Intel i7 920 processor OC’d to 3.0ghz. Bose sound. Dell XPS laptop. One keyboard/mouse across all three monitors which are linked using Synergy Plus. Display Fusion Pro for the 2nd monitor taskbar and widescreen wallpaper (Which is one of my photos btw).

  32. Delusional

    Laptop (15,4″) + 24″ Acer LED LCD connected with a HDMI cable

    Ultramon for extended taskbar, vertical positioning of my external monitor and different wallpapers

    Linux (Ubuntu):
    Absolute positioning to vertically align TwinView.
    Linux could use better dual screen support (it now acts as one supersized screen (with dead zones where my laptopscreen isn’t large enough to match the 24″))

    I anyone has a solution for this or a better way to do dual screen in Ubuntu, please let me know!

    What I use my second monitor for:
    Multitasking (aka working and watching a movie at the same time)
    Reference documents when I’m working

  33. DeepcoverNZ

    Input Monitor for the win. Way easier to add, manage and set up than Synergy.
    I run 3 pcs with monitors side by side but use only one keyboard and mouse.
    Input Monitor is at the heart of this set up.

  34. ADWheeler Photography

    Cool, Ill check it out…Synergy wasn’t hard to set up for me though…

  35. ADWheeler Photography

    Got a link? Because it doesn’t seem to exist.

  36. Brodiemac

    Three 19″ non wide screen monitors here running Windows 7 Pro. I just use the standard hot keys to move windows when needed. Would like to have the toolbar span across all monitors but don’t find it necessary for what I do. Remote Desktop & Firefox on the right, Outlook in the middle and my ticketing system & OpenOffice on the left. To make things even better, I use Q-dir whenever I need to use Windows Explorer, setting it up with quadrants of the different directories I need to access.

  37. ADWheeler Photography

    Ahhh…. Input Director…. thanks.

  38. Orlandes

    Have had at least 4-monitor rig for financial markets for more than 10 years. 6-monitor rig currently… 2 X 24″ in landscape mode, 4 X 20″ UXGA in portrait mode. Using Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 video cards. No extra software, just Windows Extended Desktop and Nvidia driver.

  39. cseiter

    5 monitors total: my dell latitude xt2 in tablet mode on a media bay with touch enabled and 4 external monitors. 1 in the vga port on the media bay and the rest with a USB-vga converter from Aluratek. Ultramon ties it all together. for field users we have MobileMonitor’s products.

  40. Hollywood

    Main is 3x32in in eyefinity running off my 5870 crossfirex also 5x 22in atached to other clustered systems that I monitor all my virutral systems on

  41. Lord Vyle

    I usually run between 2-4 monitor setup. This may or may not involve my laptop. No matter what my setup is, I add synergy and deskspace to the computer(s) to expand the number of screens available.

  42. Dojo

    I’d like to hear from anyone using multiple monitors with a terminal server….with you being the remote desktop user. I can’t change anything about the terminal server’s setup (well…I might convince the guards to load some software if it wasn’t too intrusive), but I would really like to find a way to use multiple monitors with it.

    Locally….I use 2 monitors at work and home….love it

  43. win

    I use shortcut key ( Win key + P ) in Windows 7 . It work fine for me. I surf on one monitor and I just drag and drop the window which I want to see on another monitor.

  44. jtd

    I use 3 monitors and it is great. I also use two video cards and when I want to watch a movie or share something with a bunch of people I just move the screen to the flat screen Tv on the wall….so I guess you can say I have 4 screens if Iwant.

  45. Bryan

    I use two machines on a daily basis. An HP media-center connected to a 23″ LG and an HP 14″ laptop. My additional monitor is an older 19″ Acer LCD which is connected to either machine as needed. . Typically attached to desktop computer, the extra screen space displays a live cable TV news channel and any running chat windows, freeing the larger monitor for multiple browser or program instances. The laptop is usually running alongside and is connected manually when needed. Often when attached to the laptop it’s also rotated 90 degrees for editing documents or portrait oriented images. Reconfiguring the display is a pain so I’ll be watching this topic to discover a better way to share that extra real estate.

  46. jwt

    Ultramon all the way! 2 PCs (764 and V64), 5 monitors. A weird occasionally popup menu ghosting problem, but otherwise flawless…

  47. Roshlyn

    two PCs, one on portrait, linked by the ATI drivers. Plus a laptop – using Synergy to link the mouse and keyboard from the desktop monitors to the laptop’s.
    Win7 is playing havok with the cursor though. Still haven’t fixed the bug that corrupts the cursor, although a lot of people have reported it — sometimes its a big black square, sometimes a series of carots, or a long series of straight lines. No idea why it happens or how to fix it, except that happens when I move the mouse between monitors a lot and very quickly. BTW, Synergy also stopped working when I got an upgrade to Win7.

  48. Matthew T. Wood

    I use Ubuntu in a dual display. I have an XP machine running in VirtualBox. I have 4 desktops in Ubuntu with two monitors in each Desktop. That means XP is dual and just CTR-ALT Arrow left or right up or down to a working desktop. I use XP to manage the domain because it works better in a 2003 domain and the other desktops to troubleshoot and do projects.

  49. Wayne Riker

    I use two identical Mag Inovision monitors side by side. One is usually viewing a website, the other is my workspace. Been thinking of adding a third lately as some software interfaces are ideal when spread completely over both of these.
    I also have a repair/examination monitor behind me, usually DOS or Win98, but also Linux.
    Then there are the two laptops when I need to run lengthy analysis programs. All in a cozy “U” shaped 11 x 11 office.

  50. g-train

    question….how can i hook up 2 external monitors to my laptop? i currently have one connected to the laptop, but want another one.

    great article and amazing tips/comments.

  51. Maxwave

    Many people have more than one laptop. What if you have a nice large monitor and you want to share it? Use a USB KVM and you can share the monitors with a simple press of a button.

  52. Jack Swanborough

    I have an 8 monitor setup, a mish-mash of 5 different sizes on top (around 17-19 inches) and three 24s on the bottom, which can be run in eyefinity when required. You can see it at

  53. outRIAAge

    My problem is I’m cheap. I dropped $200 on a great monitor stand from these guys: (the guys to go to if you ever hanker for a “Minority Report” monitor-wall). It weighs a ton and could easily handle 30″ Apple Cinemas or Dell Ultrasharps. I have an old 24″ Dell 2407 next to a new 27″ Asus VE278. I find it slightly tooo wide.

    But cheap? when I look at $90 for a DVI-capable KVM switch with emulation, I punt and go for a $20 VGA one that takes about 20 seconds to switch. I have the Asus hooked up by DisplayPort to my home box and by DVI to my work laptop, so I switch video that way.

    The big disappointment? The loss of real estate on the Asus. I thought I’d hardly notice the difference between 1920×1200 and 1920×1080, but once you have real estate, you NEVER want to give any up. I run Photoshop at 3840×1080 though so I’m just being greedy.

    My only interesting twist is tricking Cyberlilnk PowerDVD to play Blu-Ray on one monitor, allowing me access to the other. (PowerDVD – may it rot in hell – hyperventialtes and gets huffy on startup with multiple monitors). I switch down to just the movie-monitor, start the movie on PowerDVD, put it on pause, then open up the other monitor.

  54. BigFerret

    I use Ultamon. It puts a “move to other monitor” in the right click drop down as well as an addition button next to the minimize/maximize/close buttons on the top right of the windows. It comes with dual wallpaper capability and dual monitor screen saver. Many many options in the easy to access system tray icon link to customize the dual monitor experience. Places a separate task bar on each monitor for window icons displayed on that monitor, or no task bar at all. Allows use of your videos as screen savers.
    I couldn’t live without Ultramon.

  55. john

    At work I use a radeon 5570, and 3 identical Dell 19″ lcd’s. One vga, one display port, and one dvi. At home, a Radeon 5770 and two 17″ mis-match lcd’s.

    I just use Displayfusion (free edition) to have the wallpaper spread across the monitors. I especially like HTG’s emails announcing dual & triple wallpaper downloads!

  56. Steven Shaffer

    I have 3 monitors. I have a 28″ main surrounded on each side with a 19″ wide screen turned 90 degrees in portrait mode. I run 2-gtx460 is sli to the 28″, and I have a gt240 that runs the 2-19’s and also does dedicated Physx. I have the 19″ on the left setup with all my icons, shortcuts, and docks, the 28″ in the middle is where I do all my work and gaming, and the right 19″ holds all my sidebar gadgets, HTC home, and Aimp for playing music. This allows me to never have to minimize my main working area to get to, or to see anything that is going on. It also allows me to see all my system stats, Ventrillo, and or webcam while in a game.

    Here you see a very crude picture I just did in like 5 minutes but it shows what it needs. I had to paste 2 photos together so sorry for the crappy looking picture.

  57. kwisj

    I have 2 PCs a laptop which has an extra monitor connected, and a desktop which has 2 monitors. I link them together using maxivista so when using the laptop I enable the maxivista remote control function to allow me to use the pc without having to use its attached mouse and keyboard. As my laptop is my main computer, using maxivista, I can enable the tower’s monitors to be an extra 2 monitors for my laptop so in effect i have my laptop connected to 4 monitors: with a 4 screen desktop. ( the built in monitor, the extra monitor connected to it, and the 2 monitors connected to my desktop).

  58. StarsLikeDust

    At work I have 3 19 inch Dell Monitors, side by side. Two are being used as a dual display for a Win7 box and the third is connected with two a linux box with synergy. The only twist is I threw a KVM switch into the mix on the third monitor that allows me to switch to other computers as they wander across my desk. This last is quite handy for desktop repair/configuration. At home I only have a 22 inch Acer connected to my desktop, though often I end up adding one of my laptops to that set-up, again with synergy. Dropbox or network shares tie things together file wise.

  59. pandaSmore

    I am rocking the HP Envy 15 and a 24” Samsung SyncMaster 2494 HM.

  60. John in Brisbane

    For the last 2 years I’ve used a cheap 32″ full HD TV as my main screen – poor TV but awesome PC screen. Lets me place screen at the back of my big desk. I have 1 17″ panel nearby it for gadgets, media playing and things like streaming tv. Upgrading soon and will get mobo for SLI/cross fire and add 2 other panels I have lying around. Those multiple screens are awesome for researching and writing papers. People are generally either impressed or amused.

  61. A

    I have dual monitors. My main screen is a 21.5″ HD Touchscreen. My secondary screen is an old 17″ CRT monitor (I know it’s old, but with my budget I’d rather have one stupendous screen and terrific computer than 2 stupendous screens and a sucky computer.)

  62. John

    I had a question. I have a Win7, a Mac Mini, and a Linux Machine…I plan on getting monitors for all of them…is there something that I can hook all three up to so I don’t have to switch keyboards or use a kvm switch (not sure if that’s what it is) ….?? I saw the gentlemen up top said something about Synergy but thought I would just throw it out there….

  63. outRIAAge

    I posted earlier, but forgot the one great dual-monitor “hardware” trick that I invented myself: I spent a long time with my optician, coming up with a prescription for custom-made dual-monitor computer glasses. She got the idea immediately and really got into it, too. The difference? Their focus point is at 30″, and they’re useless for anything else (you can’t read a book with them unless you have very long arms), but at 30″, everything is so clear I’m kicking myself for not getting a 27″ Ultrasharp: these glasses could easily handle 2560×1400 (or even x1600) squeezed down to 27″, never mind I just turned 60. They cost $130, and any optician could make them for you.

  64. Ellman121

    Eyefinity all the way! I use 4 widescreen monitors as 1 eyefinity display powered by my ATI Radeon 6970. I as well have a laptop and iPad to either side of the display for other uses. Needless to say, I have quite the setup.

  65. ADWheeler Photography

    @John, Input Director or Synergy Plus. You run it on each machine, 1 MASTER and as many slaves as you want. Here are the links:

    Input Director:

    Synergy Plus:

    I was using Synergy but tried the Input Director and actually like it better. Best!

  66. Wayne

    I’m set up with Synergy connecting my dual monitor Windows PC to my linux laptop for the ultimate effect of a triple-monitor system. I typically use the laptop for IRC when at the desk, the middle monitor for web browsing, and the right monitor is my primary, therefore I use it for whatever else I may be doing.

  67. Jim

    If I’m working from home I use 3 monitors, otherwise 2. I can hook up a combination from 2×22 inch and 2×24 inch widescreen monitors. I use external video cards, one from Diamond and the other from Plugable Technologies, using displaylink software. Both externals will do up to 2048×1152, but the monitors only go to 1920×1080. I use multi-mon because it’s free, but I’ve tried ultra-mon also. I don’t need high speed gaming or video, so the external cards work fine.

  68. Dustin

    I’m currently running a dual screen setup with a 22″ wide main and a 19″ 4:3 as a secondary. However I’m in the process of building a rig to hold a matched set of 19″ 4:3s with the 22″ wide at the center and a 14″ wide above that. I have habitually used Display Fusion to manage my wallpapers which works wonders, and has a free limited feature trial version for anyone that wants to look before they leap, and I primarily use Windows 7’s built in window management (Start + Arrow Keys/ drag the window to the edge of a screen (top or sides) which lets you either expand a window to fill a screen, or have it fill half of a screen for side by side comparison. For anybody thats interested in the 4 monitor rig, I will probably be posting an Instructable about it next month under the alias Blacknight22. Cheers.

  69. booyah_27


    To quickly bounce [active] windows between monitors using Win+[Left Arrow] or Win+[Right Arrow].

    Works with any number of monitors but comes with a warning – you can move a window infinitely off the visible area of the screen. This can be undone by reversing the hotkey used to push it off the screen.

    Since its AutoHotKey, you can probably modify the script to prevent it from occuring ;)

    WinGet, mm, MinMax, A
    WinRestore, A
    WinGetPos, X, Y,,,A
    WinMove, A,, X-A_ScreenWidth, Y
    if(mm = 1){
    WinMaximize, A

    WinGet, mm, MinMax, A
    WinRestore, A
    WinGetPos, X, Y,,,A
    WinMove, A,, X+A_ScreenWidth, Y
    if(mm = 1){
    WinMaximize, A

    *Credit to the original author, this was found on a forum somewhere on the interweb.

  70. Chaos504

    Here’s some comments from an accountant with a heavy geek background (software – RPG programmer amongst other arcane skills). My company offers multiple Citrix connections using NVIDIA to manage dual monitors. I’ve tried having one desktop across both monitors or one Citrix session apiece. I’ve opted for the two Citrix sessions, since it drives me nuts to have an application refuse to put its windows anywhere other than dead center, spanning both monitors.

    When I used to program IBMs, I’d put three sessions on one monitor: 1) screen design; 2) RPG programming; and 3) operating system programming. On the other monitor, I’d put two sessions: 1) program testing and ) SQL queries to test results. I used macros to jump between sessions.

    Bottom line – as many others noted: put things in the same place all the time.

  71. vicsar

    I have 2 20″ monitors I use one for coding and the other to entertain my son :) I get to watch a movie (pop corn and all) with him while getting some work done. Yes, we go to to the park once in a while.

  72. Darklord

    Man, you guys have some crazy setups! Two 24 inch work fine for me, one IPS for reading and work and one Alienware for gaming.

  73. George_M

    to :jellymelly :D,.. Great post, you made my day!

  74. cseiter

    For terminal server the newer client supports the /span switch which allows you to extend the terminal server screen across up to a 2×4 monitor setup at 1024×768. This was on a server 2003 with no extra hardware. The downside was the clients, xp, and vista, did not detect them as multiple monitors so we got something called SplitView. Server 2008 and windows 7 has true terminal server multiple monitor capability so we don’t need the program anymore.

  75. Matt C

    I’ve got a 15″ laptop hooked up to a 22″ HDTV (1680×1050) through HDMI. TV for main work (and xbox), and laptop screen has iTunes, Outlook, and sometimes chrome if I need to have research info up for a paper. Nothing fancy, but it all works.

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