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Books We Love: Cooking for Geeks Teaches the Science Behind Cooking


We don’t do a whole lot of book reviews around here, but after buying this book and reading it, there was no way I could keep from sharing it with you, the geeky readers. Even if you don’t cook, you definitely eat, and you’re a geek, right? Read on!

I’ll admit, I’ve got a not-so-secret passion for food and everything else food-related, so when I found a book that explained how it all works “under the hood”, explained it all from a geeky angle, and then gives you hacks to help save time—it was a done deal.

The photo of the book is from my coffee table, in case you’re wondering whether this review is genuine. Notice the lousy photography work. =)

The Book

First: this book is not a cookbook! There might be some recipes in there, but that’s not the focus of the book. If you want to understand why medium-rare steak is so popular, how to calibrate your oven using sugar, or what happens if you cook a pizza at 1000 degrees.

And let’s not forget how to make ice cream in 30 seconds… check out this video:

It’s a great book, definitely worth checking out.

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  • Published 04/11/11

Comments (12)

  1. shashi

    thanks to show how to make ice cream in 30 mi please show all your new cookies thanks lot

  2. Andy

    HMM, will check it out.

  3. durr

    “I am such a geek because the cook book says cooking for geeks an the front page”
    Why would someone need a cook book for macaroni and cheese?

  4. Seasider2

    durr, You don’t understand geeks then. Get this book and you should have a better understanding of them.
    This book is so funny. Well worth buying.
    Having watched the video clip and think it should be turned into a movie now.

  5. CrimsonRose

    durr— you would be supprised how many people out ther don’t know how to cook mac’n cheese. My ex husband and my 2 nephews would be a couple of people. Seriously!

  6. Hatryst

    Cooking + Dunno how to cook + This book = Hazardous, probably :D
    Make sure you know what you’re doing, before trying it out !

  7. durr


    First of all what’s your definition of geek?
    I work in an IT-company, i use linux professionaly (Debian and RHEL), i develop software under linux and for linux, i build my own nas and workstations (of course all run linux except one), i compile my own kernels and i do alot of other stuff. Is something like this your definition of geek? If yes, well crap, i can cook and not just macaroni and cheese.

  8. Rascalion

    @Hatryst – Or at least have someone post the video to Youtube.

  9. larbar

    @durr – the other sign of a geek is when they brag about their accomplishments or what they know.

  10. durr


    That is a poser, a poser is not necessarily a geek. Know the difference
    Also: Geeks share knowledge, what other people barley do.

  11. Roi

    “It’s so big!! Wait til you see what it can do ;)” ROFL!!

  12. cook books, kitchen appliance

    You’ve got great insights about cook books, cooking, keep up the good work!

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