We don’t do a whole lot of book reviews around here, but after buying this book and reading it, there was no way I could keep from sharing it with you, the geeky readers. Even if you don’t cook, you definitely eat, and you’re a geek, right? Read on!

I’ll admit, I’ve got a not-so-secret passion for food and everything else food-related, so when I found a book that explained how it all works “under the hood”, explained it all from a geeky angle, and then gives you hacks to help save time—it was a done deal.

The photo of the book is from my coffee table, in case you’re wondering whether this review is genuine. Notice the lousy photography work. =)

The Book

First: this book is not a cookbook! There might be some recipes in there, but that’s not the focus of the book. If you want to understand why medium-rare steak is so popular, how to calibrate your oven using sugar, or what happens if you cook a pizza at 1000 degrees.

And let’s not forget how to make ice cream in 30 seconds… check out this video:

It’s a great book, definitely worth checking out.

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