Friday Fun: Bad Birds – The Escape Chronicles

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By Akemi Iwaya on April 8th, 2011


Friday is here and it is almost time to escape from your workplace, but until then we have something fun to help pass the time. In this week’s game your mission is to help a group of bad birds successfully escape and make their way to freedom.

Bad Birds

The object of the game is to help all of the birds escape from each level using various methods such as digging, parachuting, etc. to reach the exit.


The how-to for the game provides an easy to understand overview for playing. Notice the Bird Types at the bottom of the screen…they will be essential for progressing through the levels based on what you encounter along the way. All that you will need to play the game is the left button on your mouse.


The levels are laid out in groups of six with notes beneath each one providing information about the challenges you will face on them. There are thirty levels of escape goodness waiting for you to play through…so get ready for fun!


One of the great things about this game is the momentary pause before starting. You can see your goal for the level and get yourself ready to go.


On the first level you only need to have one of the birds dig his way through the ice in order for all five to escape. To get a bird started on digging click on the Digger Type along the bottom and then click on one of the birds. Notice that only the type of bird(s) needed for a level are available to click on along the bottom. You can also monitor the number of birds that have entered the level and the number of birds saved in the upper right corner.


There go the last of them towards the exit…


When you successfully complete a level you can replay it if desired or move on to the next one by clicking on Done.


Time for some parachuting!


Five birds to help save once again.


On the second level you only need to click on the Floater Type along the bottom once, but you will need to click on all five birds this time to give each one his own parachute. Any birds without a parachute will die and you will fail the level!




Level three has a combination of two Bird Types that you will need to use. From this point onwards things will definitely start getting busier and more difficult.


Are you ready?


As with the first level you can get away with having only one bird dig his way through the ice, but each one will still need his own parachute just like in the second level. Good luck on helping your birds to escape all thirty levels!

Note: You will need to click back and forth in the bottom bar to change Bird Types as you help your birds maneuver through the different levels.


Play Bad Birds – The Escape Chronicles

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  • Published 04/8/11
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