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Ask the Readers: What Gear and Gadgets Are in Your Geek Bag?


Every day you battle the mean streets—fluffy pastures?—and equip yourself accordingly. This week we’re asking you to dump out your bags, laptop cases, and even pockets, to show us what geeky tools you pack with you every day.

Photo courtesy of Everyday Carry.

Earlier this week we shared a web site with you called Everyday Carry. Since then we’ve been quit curious what our readers had squirreled away in their pockets, bags, and briefcases. So the question this week is… what’s in your geek bag? What tools do you bring with you every day because they get tons of use, or because you enjoy them, because you might just need them for a zombie apocalypse?

Sound off in the comments with photos and descriptions of your gear. We’ll be rounding them up for a What You Said post on Friday—the better your description and the clearer your photo, the better your chances of being included in the roundup.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 04/6/11

Comments (80)

  1. Atomsk

    Laptop, Lighter, Nook Color, wifi usb for packet sniffing. :D

  2. meatloaf

    things i always carry with me are:

    cloths, cellphone(LG Cookie) and a wallet.

    wallet containing several cards and some cash…

    i watched that site of everyday carry and i noticed there isnt a single picture without any kind of weapon(gun, knife). why do ppl need so much stuff and weapons with them…is it really that unsafe outside? :P

  3. SilverSuperman

    Tablet, Linux Live USB drive, CD (usb boot drivers), headphones, USB traveler (includes portable apps like chrome and Kitty (SSH Client)), Swiss Army Knife, cologne, mints and spare battery for cell phone.

  4. Dan

    I have the ThinkGeek Bag of Holding, so I manage to put a lot into my geek bag!

    Big pocket – usually my camera (Canon T2i) and a couple of lenses), plus my macbook air

    Medium pocket – ipad and moto xoom, sometimes whatever other little things need to go with me for the day. Nook, notepad, that sort of stuff

    Small pocket – AC adapter for MBA, SecurID token for remote access to work, Clear 4G hotspot, small cables or adapters I might need

    Outside/flap pocket – iPod nano, anything else small I need to get at somewhat quickly like a metro card or my keys or Netflix envelopes to drop off

  5. Rose

    What’s in my bag depends on the day of the week (sort of).

    Some days I have everything, other days I only carry my phone and purse (plus paper and a pen), but my various combinations can include:
    eBook Reader
    Noise Cancelling Headphones (big over ear ones)
    Point and shoot camera
    Chargers for most of the above (not the camera or the ebook reader).

    As a note that’s mostly for longer trips (i.e. more than a day).

    If I’m doing a “long haul” work session in the library (I’m a student) then I have:
    Noise cancelling headphones (so wonderful when someone’s chatting on their phone and the quiet area is full).
    Laptop + Charger

    Shorter days or note taking in classes:
    Apple Headphones

    Carrying my eBook reader on a day to day basis varies, if I have a lot of work to do I leave it at home (avoiding temptation), on the other hand if I have longer gaps between classes then I often carry it to read a little as a break.
    My noise cancelling headphones take up quite a bit of room, but they’re definitely worth it. They also mean people are more likely to realise you can’t hear them as they’re quite obvious instead of someone getting angry because you’re “not listening”.
    I pretty much always carry a pen and paper, it’s always useful as I don’t want to give a lecturer my iPhone because that has my email address on, or give my friend my laptop because that’s what I noted the homework on! Plus other people nearly always forget paper.

    Unfortunately I don’t have photos of the above but for the curious my actual products are as follows:
    Laptop: MacBook Air 2009 SSD Model
    eBook Reader: Sony PRS-505 (Tuff-Luv Black Leather Flipstand Case)
    Camera: Canon SX210IS
    iPad: 1st Gen 32GB Wifi (Marware C.E.O. Case)
    iPhone: 3GS 16GB White
    Noise Cancelling Headphones: Panasonic RPHC500

    Yes I have a lot of Apple stuff, but I was brought up believing that if you can afford what you want you’re better off with that than a substitute you’ll throw out in a few years because you’re not happy with it :)

  6. Withanamelikedave

    Laptop (none more heavy)
    Plastic bags (lunches, et c.)
    Rubber bands
    Zip ties (velcro and nasty)
    knitted cap
    soft tote bag (it’s like carrying a smaller car inside a larger car)

  7. Hatryst

    A USB thumb drive (a mighty one, with Ubuntu installed in a hidden partition)
    And some loose change :)

  8. Dave

    iPad, iPhone, mifi, laptop, external DVD burner/reader, 8GB Thumbdrive, live utility CDs (ERD), small tools, crossover cable, regular Ethernet cable. Need to buy crimpers then I’ll be set (for now).

  9. Hotmann

    On the road I go equipped with:
    – Asus EEE 1201n (dual core atom cpu, nvidia ion gpu, upgraded to 4gb ram)
    – Dell Streak (almost renders the laptop useless except for writing long emails and movie watching)
    – Columbia River Zilla Tool (knife/pliers/philips/flathead)
    – Crank Brothers Multi 19 tool (plenty of hexes, screwdrivers, torx)…I get around town via bike most of the time so these tools are for both general use and just in case something goes wrong on the bike)
    – Black Diamond Storm headlamp (waterproof, bright for night riding, low setting for when fixing computers and other junk)
    – 16 gb flash drive…rarely gets used now thanks to dropbox
    – Pilot G2 pen
    – Dakine Heli Pro backpack (great for cycling, skiing, and everyday use)

    Job: configuration management at software company, some freelance computer repair on the side, wannabe pro skier on the weekends

  10. ga4a

    Am I THAT boring ?
    1)Samsung Galaxy S
    2)iPod touch 2g
    3)Sennheiser headphones Cx400-II
    4)A wallet
    and an Armani watch but I don’t count that because It’s on my wrist at all times.

  11. Alex

    In my bag I keep:
    1) USB to IDE/SATA adapter
    2) Notepad
    3) Whatever book I’m reading
    4) Crossover and Loopback adapters
    5) Cordless screwdriver
    6) Small CD pack w/ ERD, Knopix, Drivers and misc
    7) Flashlight
    8) Wire strippers and crimpers

  12. Whiskey Tango

    Linux Live USB drive, Linux Live CD for those BIOS’ w/out a USB boot option, 2Gb drive full of every portable app you can imagine to just about anything, a security flash drive with only RKill and Mbam, an “extra” DWA 140 wireless adapter, and job-specific tools if I am aware of the problem and system(s).

  13. mocca

    Just my thumb drive loaded with repair tools and my phone w/c is not smart.

  14. Michael

    Pockets: pen, business cards, wallet, hard-case with small reading glasses (it sucks getting old, tho’, as they say, still beats the alternative), Bluetooth
    Belt: Droid, Leatherman
    Always: Franklin Quest planner
    When necessary, in briefcase: laptop, power adapter, ethernet cable, telephone cable (for dial-up or fax… haven’t used it in years, but still carry it!), wireless mouse, flash drive(s), Linux Live CD, laser pointer
    In car for calls: various cables (lengths and types), spare WiFi router, cable tools, screwdrivers, wrenches, solder/gun/sucker (believe it or not, still use these fairly often, due to a design flaw with a locally used machine controller), spare set of reading glasses (did i mention…?)

  15. Czarina

    At least 2 Ethernet cables (longer the better)
    SATA/IDE to USB converter
    write-protected USB thumbdrive with portable apps (virus cleaners, etc)
    addl large (2Gb or more) thumbdrive
    external usb cd/dvd rom drive
    set o install/recovery disks
    usb-to-miniusb cable (for charging various devices)
    serial to usb converter (for cisco console)
    couple blank cds/dvds
    generic set o screwdrivers
    iphone + power cable

  16. Joao Henriques

    This stuff is all in my jacket and trouser pockets. Real men don’t wear bags or backpacks (kidding!, sort of… no, I really mean it):

    – BART/MUNI Clipper Card (I’m obviously in San Francisco)
    – Debit Card
    – Money (mostly spare change)
    – The cheapest cell phone from AT&T
    – Box with reading glasses in it
    – Passport
    – Keys
    – Company card (to get inside the buildings)

    And that’s it. If you guys also lived in the Mission, you would understand why I don’t carry expensive stuff.

  17. Rushir

    MacBook pro 13 inch 2.7GHz with 500GB RAM
    iPod Nano 8GB
    iPod Shuffle 2GB
    Flash Drives:
    Cruzer 2GB
    2 PNY 4 GB each
    Verbatim 8 GB
    SD Cards:
    PNY 2GB
    Sandisk 256 MB
    External HardDrive 640 GB

  18. Joao Henriques

    “with 500GB RAM” – OMG Where did you buy such a powerful machine?… -_- LOL

  19. Dantv

    iPad2 with Logmein App – All I need now to get the job done!!

  20. Alex B

    Because I still go to school, no leather-man :(
    but basically I take a trusty iPod touch 2g and 3 4GB USBs
    one for normal stuff, one for emergencies or lending people and one that has ubuntu 10.4 live installed on it with persistence.

  21. Aaron

    Android tablet, cell phone, chap stick, Propel water, USB drive (sometimes full HDD in enclosure), Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, and Uni-Ball pens (only), Live Ubuntu disk, and dried seaweed.

  22. Aaron

    …and camera (whether it’s a cute point-n-shoot or Canon EOS Rebel. When I have to do serious work, I carry my laptop, so about 3 times a week.

  23. Jake T

    I’m a major geek, so whenever I go somewhere with my laptop, all of this stuff goes with it:

    – A 4 port USB hub with a different USB cable type in each slot, all neatly wrapped up for whatever I need to connect. One iPod cable, one USB mini, one USB micro, one specialized USB cable that my camera uses.
    – 4 of each of the following discs for whatever I may need to burn: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R DL.
    – A sharpie.
    – A USB card reader for SD(HC) cards.
    – Two external hard drives. One 512GB, one 1TB.
    – Two SD cards. One 8GB, one 1GB.
    – My computer’s remote control.
    – An extension cord – you never know when you’ll be out of outlet range and need a charge.
    – My Rii Mini wireless keyboard/trackpad. It comes in handy.
    – My SwiftPoint wireless mouse, since I despise my laptop’s trackpad.
    – A piece of crap fold-out table that I got for free off of I think it’s called the TableTote. It folds flat, and it’s come in handy many times when I’m looking a place to set my computer.
    – My set of Bose QC15 headphones.
    – And of course, my laptop. An HP ENVY 17 3D laptop, fully customized and super powerful, accompanied by its set of 3D glasses.

  24. Two Replies

    Kindle, gTablet, iPhone, DSLR (with Eye-fi), Laptop.

  25. Mitchell McFarlane

    USB Drives, Live CDs, Headphones, iPod, DSi, USB pet rock, wireless mouse, USB wifi. SD card, blank CDs, screwdrivers, chapstick, diet coke, and the rest of the space is filled with as many chords as I could fit for as many different things.

  26. Annie B.

    8GB Kingston flash drive chocked full of Geek Tools –
    2 blade pocket knife
    WD Passport 160GB – for migrating users to better systems
    Saunders Recycled Aluminum Cruiser-Mate™ Storage Clipboard with Dual Tray Storage, Letter Size, 8.5 x 12 Inch (stuffed with recovery discs, receipts, pen, pad, keys to other people’s offices,cough drops and splattered with cool stickers)
    Lenovo S210, prettiest blue netbook you could buy!
    Slim Pen Light – for looking in all the dark places users keep their systems.
    Misc screwdrivers and the bended paperclip. A must have in all tool kits.

  27. hankchristian

    IPAD 16G Wifi, Screwdrivers, 2 USB drives with multiple applications:one bootable, HP Envy 15 laptop.

  28. LoneWolf

    – Moleskine Sketch Book
    – Acer Aspire 5551
    – iPod + headphones
    – lot of colors, pencils, erasers….
    – My TRON: Legacy notebook :D
    – Wallet with no money yay! :dummy:
    – A pocketwatch
    – A stylographic pen
    – Keys xD

  29. Zack

    I have the following:

    – Rooted Droid X with 2.3.3 Gingerbread
    – Jailbroken iPod Touch 4G: Would use my phone for music/media, but that’d require a lot of battery
    – Cr-48 with Ubuntu: my high school’s Wifi isn’t the greatest, so I wanted a desktop OS to put files if I can’t sync them. I still use Chrome OS at home.
    – 8GB flash drive with portable apps and linux
    – Leatherman Multitool: Not really sure what it’s called, but it has a couple blades, pliers, screwdrivers, etc

    I also carry the charger for my phone and the USB cable for my iPod. My phone charger works with the iPod. I don’t carry the power cable for my Cr-48 because it has enough battery life to last me all day.

  30. Lady Fitzgerald

    In my purse I have a Canon SX130 IS camera, 16 AA Sanyo Eneloop batteries, 12 AA Eneloops, a little Led flashlight, LCD and lens cleaning fluid, small microfiber cloth, lens brush, lens blower, lighted magnifier, audio recorder, cell phone, phone charger, Jetbook Lite e-book reader (the reader has my phone book and various manuals on it), pocket knife, pens, notepad (paper), hand lotion, makeup pouch, medicine pouch, hair brush, valet key for my truck, little tape measure, thin flexible 6″ ruler, disposable ear plugs, tissues, two 8GB and one 32GB SDHC cards, 4 GB thumb drive, antacids, folding scissors, pitch pipe, hair brush, travel size toothbrush and toothpaste, fiber pkts (hey, I’m old) and a little solar calculator, I think that’s all of it.

    When I travel (in addition to what’s in my purse), I take a Canon SX10 IS camera, tripod, panoramic adapter, two smart battery chargers, 16 more AA eneloops, 16 more AAA eneloops, an external flash for the SX10 IS, a netbook computer with a wireless mouse (which I’m using right now since I’m out of town), an extra e-book reader (in case the one in my purse craps out), a small travel alarm, a 6′ extension cord, a three outlet adapter, and another flashlight. All but the camera gear goes in my carry on bag.

  31. penywyse

    Laptop Gateway i3 4Gb RAM 500 Gb HD
    2 USB Thumbs, one with ubuntu, and the other with lots of portable apps + encrypted docs.
    Cellphone Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro, with a 16 Gb micro SD with more Windows apps
    Usb cable
    Spare change
    Swiss Army Knife

  32. Crypsis

    iPhone 4 and my wits, its a geek eat geek world out there and I wonder around bare handed…bring it on!! lol

  33. Jason Fitzpatrick

    Photos people! Photos! I love the great lists and descriptions but… photos! Bust out your cameras, snap a sexy picture of your gear on the table, and upload it to Imgur!

  34. Lady Fitzgerald

    You’re nuts If you think I’m taking everything out of my purse so I can photograph it. It would take FOREVER to put it back correctly.

  35. Zack

    Here’s my stuff. Everything’s in my pockets except for the Cr-48, so it wasn’t that hard to get out. I really just had to put everything in one spot and pull the Cr-48 out of its sleeve. XD

  36. Airjmax

    My computer tech Nike backpack I use daily contains:
    – HP 2710p Tablet PC with Windows 7 Pro
    – Wireless nano mouse
    – PC repair tool kit + precision screwdriver set
    – 4 flash drives (Ghost boot, Ubuntu, the rest for file transfer)
    – Two cell phones (HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Restore)
    – Phone charger
    – Various software (XP, Vista, Win 7, Office 2007, UBCD, etc.)
    – Gum, mints, toothbrush, toothpaste
    – 9ft cat6 cable
    – Various USB cables
    – Small LED flashlight
    – Black sharpie, black Zig click pen
    – 2 AA batteries

  37. Jonathan

    In my Crumpler/pockets

    Motorola Milestone
    Apple iPod touch (4th Generation) 8GB
    HP Pavilion dm3 (Windows 7)
    Samsung N150 (Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition)
    Laptop Chargers (optional)
    Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
    Vodafone USB Mobile Broadband Modem
    Pencil case + pens, pencils, etc.
    USB cables (iPod cable/MicroUSB cable)
    8GB Sandisk Cruzer
    Book(s) (optional)
    AKG K44 (headphones)

  38. Vikramjeet Raj


  39. Jon

    –> Toshiba NB200 (after 2 GB memory upgrade is a wet dream)
    –> A swiss knife with a screwdriver
    –> 4 flashdrives – one with free apps for security, another with XP drivers, portable apps and live CD Ubuntu Netbook remix
    –> 2 headphones
    –> a splitter for headphones
    –> A mouse
    –> a charger
    –> Nokia 7250i
    –> Samsung MP3 player yp-u2 – simple but powerful
    –> a charger for it
    –> cigarettes
    –> 1-3 lighters and/or matches
    –> Lots of heavy txtbooks

    –> A last cigarette
    –> Toothpicks
    –> pen/pencil (+ spare)
    –> a little notebook
    –> a watch
    –> a bottle of water with Google’s logo

    –> I plan top install a pair of speakers

    What I wish I had
    –> A fridge with food and alcohol
    –> big amplifier
    –> flashlight
    –> inflatable boat
    –> a hammer
    –> a mirror
    –> a gas mask
    –> condoms

    –> I have a couple of chicks and guys who want to be with me (because of all above) when the end of the world comes.

  40. Jon
  41. grigore

    -bootable DVD with all the tools i need
    -UTP cable
    -universal screw driver
    -smartphones (win mobile-use it to boot PC’s of it and android-use it for wireless file sharing)

  42. Jstyle

    As a side note:

    What do you people use to organise your gadgets for travel? I’m looking for a bag or small pouch, with or without a hard cover.

    Grid-It seems nice, but currently not available as I live in Belgium.

  43. Cornflower

    Am I the only one who noticed on the Everyday Gear web site that the only bag featured without either a gun or knife was a U of Toronto (Canada) student?

    My messenger bag contains my D40 with 35mm1.8f lens, 2 handkerchiefs, and lens cloth. It goes with my lunch (separated) in the main bag. If I have a few papers for work, they go in the adjoining slot.
    Side pockets: An cheap Vivitar camcorder in case of serendipity, and Powersource Power Mini emergency recharger, and AC-to-USB plug
    Front pockets: cables. USB to Sony eReader cable, to mini-USB for cell phone, to micro-USB for BlackBerry (work-requirement), and to Archos 5 multi-media player (only use for audiobooks) to work with recharger. I have GOT to cut down on cables.
    Cell phone, BlackBerry, Sony eReader, and Archos 5.
    Rounded off with a couple handkerchiefs, Splenda tablets, and a “just add water” mini-facecloth, a couple pens, the thin moleskine in the back pocket, and I am good to go.

    spare SD cards and earplugs
    I keep 3-4 pens/pencils andsometimes a spare moleskine pad.

  44. james

    1. tactical flashlight :-D
    2. tactical leatherman toolkit
    3. 31 pc precision screwdriver set
    4. 512MB bootable USB flashdrive (Linux)
    5. 8GB USB flashdrive
    6. 2GB microSD card
    7. various USB cables
    8. cigarettes and a lighter :-)

  45. Liz

    Hey, you left out the handcuffs and riding crop

  46. Celly

    Laptop, PSP, DSi, Android phone and DC shoes.

  47. Hisa


    a double-bladed switchblade — since 1992!
    carmex and a nail file
    a “screwdriver” (multi-headed and pocket friendly)
    my Canon camera
    1 external HD: 500 GB
    3 USBs (2-8 GB and 1-16 GB)
    a 4-port USB hub
    my wrist brace
    2 sharpies and 1 blue and 1 black pen
    6 blanks discs (3 DVD-R and whatever else I have)
    an ISO of Ubuntu (I believe in converting the masses ^^)
    eyeglass cleaner and cloth

    Sometimes I put it in a purse if I am laptopless. Usually I carry it all in my laptop bag with laptop though.

  48. Hisa

    Ha ha! I forgot my cellphone and d20. Both are usually lost in the bottom of my bag or purse and almost never used! XD

  49. Paul Ostrof

    Don’t forget a spare battery. Much of the equipment you bring will be useless if you run out of power.

  50. G

    At any time, I have a watch, 2 cellphones (one with navigation), calculator, USB stick, keys with bottle opener attached to keyring, zippo, matches, a wallet, little notebook with a pen, pepper spray, a knife, Gameboy color with Pokemon Red and Yellow editions, umbrella, up to 10 packets of handkerchief, little Axe deodorant, and a bandages (for training).

  51. Zeke

    @meatloaf, a knife is not a weapon, it’s a tool. The easy sanity check? Does the ratio of knife crimes to knives being used for mundane tasks approach the same ratio for guns? It’s not even close.

  52. John Walker

    I carry entirely to much crap (stuff). These are the things I carry every day, mind you this just started about a year ago.
    A computer backpack w/
    1- 15″ laptop
    1- 10″ laptop
    6- USB drives in a little carry case
    1- 150GB portable HD
    1- 320GB ultra portable HD
    1- external CD rom drive
    1- various cords and cables
    1- 1GB thumb drive w/Konboot on it
    6- DVD -R (1 w/ Konboot on it)
    1- North American Arms 5 shot .22 magnum
    And thats just me backpack.
    On my person I carry….
    1- Droid X cell phone (rooted)
    1- iPod touch (jail broken)
    1- Samsung Galaxy Tablet
    2- sets of keys (work and home)
    1- wallet
    A pack of cigarettes w/ lighter
    1- Jar of carmex
    1- Bottle of clear eyes
    1- Finger nial clippers
    1- Springfield Armory sub-compact .40 cal XD
    And a Leatherman
    Like I said, entirely to much CRAP.

  53. n0f3ar

    On my person:

    One-handed opening knife (not switchblade)
    32 GB 4th gen iPod Touch
    LG – Verizon Cell phone set to silent
    Buffalo skin wallet
    1 TB WD USB- powered mini-drive

    In the trunk of the car:
    PC bag with:
    zip ties
    tray with assorted screws, etc
    more SATA cables than I can count
    MoBo power extension cable
    Molex to SATA plug converters
    CD wallet with OS, ERD, Photoshop & Office software
    USB to SATA/PATA converter

  54. George

    I carry cloths, non-magnetic screw drivers, hard drives both 3.5 and 2.5, SATA and IDE, Windows recovery disks and Ubuntu boot disks, Datavac electric duster, a ground mat, external hard drive and usb flash drives. Also I have a little notebook journal that I made to catalog all of the issues I have tackled throughout my career in IT giving me detailed instructions on how I have resolved computer issues if they should arise again.

  55. EvilGus

    I’ll tell you what’s not in my pockets or bag. A gun.

    EDC is a website for paranoid survivalist nutters and OCD sufferers who feel the need to display their fetishistic tendencies to the world. It is the weirdest nonsense I have seen on the internet for quite some time. Since someone sent me a link to figging anyway.

    Have a nice day y’all (irony)

  56. Ridiculous

    I work in overseas construction and am the closest thing to IT available in the site office.

    Backpack is a 5.11 Rush 72

    Climbing grade carabiner attached to hand carry handle.

    Fleece lined pouch: Oakley Gascans (polorized safety glasses w/ lanyard)

    Front (smallest) pouch: 1 USB 2.0 A to micro B – 1 USB 2.0 A to A (3m extension) – 1 USB A to proprietary micro B (for Kodak EasyShare M341) – Felt pouch containing my X-Mini portable USB speaker (not the latest one – the one from last year) – bluechipworld USB in car charger & mains charger with USB A (fits into adapter) to 3.5mm female and an assortment of 3.5 male to proprietary cell phone and gadget connections. – 3.5 male to female (5m extension) – x2 SpecTec Travel Universal Power Adapter & Surge Protector (110/220) – Mini Bic lighter

    Medium Pouch: address book – Seagate go portable hard drive (500gb) and USB 2.0 A to micro B (in the Seagate carry pouch) – Buffalo HD-PX500U2 portable hard drive with integrated USB 2.0 (in a general Case Logic pouch) – 3x Western Digital My Passport 2x 250gb older models (Work Archive and redundant copy which is only in the bag when I’m traveling, otherwise stored elsewhere.) 1 1Tb new one, all without cases and with USB 2.0 A to micro B’s (The new My Passport uses a proprietary micro B, looks like the last WD External HD I’ll be buying.) Mole skin level book, either in this pouch or in my vest pocket. 2x USB A to A (1m extensions) – Maglite Mini * extra AA batteries for it – chapstick – Bag filled with coins from countries commonly visited (in my room now but when traveling it’s handy) – JLAB J4 earbuds with carry case, extra tips and SanDisc Sansa Clip MP3 player (and yet another USB A to micro B) – Spare travel dop kit with toothbrush, paste, deodorant, nail file/clipper, toothpicks and cotton swabs – packet of disposable wipes for electronics – usually some small food item such as an apple or packet of biscuits, this gets rotated out daily. – Blue pen – Black pen – Red pen – photocopy of passport and visa.

    Main pouch: Acer Aspire 8920, some foamrubber for better padding and another spare bic lighter.

    Right side accessory pouch: Vial of miscellaneous pills, from pain relievers to sudafed to sleeping pills (for flying) and several bandaids.

    Belt: Leatherman Wave black anodized with bit kit, extension and file / saw replacement

    Right cargo pocket: Kodak Easyshare M341

    Left cargo pocket: Work gloves – Disposable earplugs

    Left vest pocket: Cell phone (If my boss catches me trying to leave it on my desk)

  57. skulldrinker

    my case contains everything short of a soldering iron. Although I do have room for one. Weighs about 25 lbs. When i bring it along I feel like I can fix the world! Silly really cause we all know the world doesn’t need fixing!

  58. Fodaro

    A camera phone, iPAQ (Pocket PC), Multi-tool (13-bit Screwdriver, spirit level, good magnets, “hammer”), Maglite torch, foldable scissors, USB flash drive, and – of course – Duck Tape.

  59. Snert

    Flash drive with a lot of goodies, camera, S&W .41 w/carry permit, lock picks, a portable Tesla Coil (needs 120 vac. >for messing up radios<),Taser, 24" Wonder Wand (snap-spring pacifier),, and a few munchies, usualy 3 Mouskacteers and some few fresh fried chicken thighs, a first-aid kit and my 'good luck' silver dollar. .
    You asked.

  60. rajaspidey

    Dell XPS L501x & Charger
    Hand Kerchief :P

  61. Christian Kinnaman

    I dont leave my house without my EXT HDD, Knife, kets, Wallet, and other usual crap. My EXT HDD has 100GIGs of it partitioned for Ubuntu and i have another 130GIGS with Windows programs to fix computers or just do my daily work on any computer i get on, also movies and music incase i get bored in school. My EXT HDD is 500GB by the way

  62. Christian Kinnaman

    Oh, and i also keep an AK47 on me at all times.

  63. Anonymous

    What I have with me at almost every time of every waking minute are:

    #1 – Small pen-style screwdriver (usually my “General No. 744 4-in-1 Mini” – available at Home Depot.)
    #2 – Small inexpensive 2-blade Swiss Army pocket knife (with tweezers & toothpick).
    #3 – 8GB Thumb drive that multi-boots various OS’s (made with Sardu) as well as a few portable apps.
    #4 – Wallet which usually has an extremely small micro SD-to-USB adapter in it.
    #5 – Cell phone with a 2GB Micro SD. (My Motorola W490 cell phone itself acts like a thumb drive or in a pinch I can remove the micro-SD and use it with the adapter in my wallet).

    Sometimes, I try to bring my netbook and a spare Ethernet cable as well as a spare external hard drive and a flashlight. But since these things can be a little bulky at times I usually don’t always have them at the ready.

    Now as far as any “bag” goes… When I do anticipate problems I’m usually loaded for Bear! And short of packing up my entire workbench I do carry duplicates of most of my common tools that I regularly use at my shop. Most notably but not all inclusive, I carry at least the following when walking into unknown territory: a DVM (a few times I’ve even had an oscilloscope), soldering irons including 1 butane iron with all the amenities (flux, sucker, wicks, stand, solder, etc.), small paint brushes (for clearing heavy dust), can of compressed air, screw driver sets, small wrench & socket sets, nut drivers, allen/hex wrenches, at least 2 sizes of needle nose pliers, various side cutters & crimpers, scissors, tone set and probe (telephonic), logic pulser and probe, jumper wires (simple alligator clips on each end), and a whole bag of other wires including many different USB types and serial types (usually separate). I also carry quite a few standard fasteners like nuts & bolts as well as crimp-on devices I’m likely to use too. And did I mention tape, zip ties or heat-shrink? I got that too! But that’s assuming I can’t get whatever I’m working on to my shop. And believe it or not, it all fits in one somewhat large “box” too.

    I also carry quite an assortment of mechanics tools too. These are tools that would allow me to nearly tear down or build up a complete car – short of any heavy tools like engine winches and the like, that is. And one of my most favorite all-in-one packs there is my Metrinch set of tools ( But then again, I am straying away a little from what’s in my geek bag.

  64. Jake

    Front Pocket: Pen
    Right Front: Samsung Phone and SOG FLASH II Knife
    Left Front: 8gb Flashdrive/Orbit Gum(Addicted to this stuff)
    Back Pocket: Leather Wallet
    Right Belt Loop: Keys on Carabiner
    UncleMikesHolster IWB: Glock30 .45ACP
    In bag always near person: HP Elitebook 8440w (Work Laptop)

  65. Wil

    iphone/cable/usb wall charger, leatherman, casio e-databank watch, zebra f-301 pen, ear buds in front shirt pocket.

  66. Ehnsomnyak

    Thoroughly hacked Galaxy S (Captivate) (Phone/Camera/Notepad/Hotspot/e-book reader/video player/presentation broadcaster/etc. etc. etc.)
    USB Phone Charger
    2gig Sandisk
    Pocket Straight Razor
    Grenade pin keyring and keys
    (there is a few more items that never leave my person, but are purely decorative)

    My Dell and my toolbag never wander far. Usually in use, inside my location, or in my car.

  67. Eliot Gelwan

    Patagonia courier bag stuffed with:
    –iPad or sometimes my Toshiba laptop
    — Panasonic Lumix micro-4/3 camera and lenses
    — sharpies, highlighter
    — Leatherman Wave
    — Bob Dozier Yukon Guide knife
    — zip ties, duct tape, superglue
    — Carmex lip balm, hand sanitizer, Clorox Bleach stick
    — cables, USB hub, portable powerstrip, 8 GB Sandisk Cruzer, AC adapters
    — Etymotic earphones
    — iPhone 4
    — Surefire E2D flashlight
    — small moleskine, index cards, book of poetry, postage stamps
    — chopsticks and spork
    — Altoids, Orbit gum
    — magnifier
    — microfiber cloth
    — earplugs
    — couple of bandaids and pocket antiseptic spray
    — toothbrush, floss, sunblock
    — multibit driver, small wire brush, file, hemostat, Peter Atwood prybaby
    — checkbook, business cards, prescription pad (yes, I’m an MD), spare house and carkeys
    — reading glasses, sunglasses

  68. Dan

    Netbook, cellphone USB cables, USB Hub dongle, earphones, external hard drive, ballpens, notepad.

    Too bad I no longer carry, or else I would’ve added a gun just to piss off the hoplophobics. :p

  69. BatMan

    I have the following equipment:-
    Bat Line
    First Aid Kit
    Bat Light
    Shark Repellant Spay
    Small Photo of Robin

  70. derpahurr

    P to the e to the n to the i to the s

  71. Liz

    derpahurr, you are the only one with a sense of humour everyone else is just showing off

  72. Fultronic

    I don’t think anybody here ‘cept BatMan is packin’ heat. (Bat Darts)

    Everyday is kinda scary. More like “I got a”

  73. brssnkl

    packard bell easynoteTS (8gb ram, 2gb gt540M, i7 2630) + adapter
    2 earbuds + spliter
    microsoft wireless mouse 5000
    nikon D3000 + lens
    fujifilm finepix av110
    samsung i8910 HD
    energizer xp2000 “energy to go” (extra battery for i8910)
    small microscop (100x)
    multi card reader
    steanless steal cable keychain ( screwdriver + 2 guitar pick with holes + key)
    sandisk cruser 8GB *2

  74. One World

    “Don’t leave home without it….”

    For me that means:
    Ogio backpack with…..
    CF-52 Laptop
    Canon A570 camera
    USB-to-MiniUSB transfer cable
    microSD->SD adapter
    32Gb Adata USB thumb drive with
    Bitdefender Rescue ISO
    ubcd ISO
    Linux Mint
    boat load of Portable Apps utilities

    …and my favorite multi-pen….has four colors and mechanical pencil.

    If I ever have a chance to meet Liz, I’ll be sure to bring handcuffs and a riding crop as well!! :)

  75. bobgrosh

    Paper-clip, Scotch tape, and a white gum eraser.

    The paper-clip has fixed far more computers than any other tool.

  76. rMatey180

    What a bunch of show-offs.

  77. zepe

    Rose, Do you have back trouble???

  78. Scott

    I run media at my church, so I use nearly all of this stuff.
    -Toshiba Satellite A665-S5170 with Intel i3 / 4GB ram / 640GB HDD / 1 5.6″ screen
    (and charger….just in case)
    -iPod touch 2nd gen 8GB (and USB charging cable)
    -Altec Lancing in-ear headphones (3.5mm)
    -Kodak Zi8 (and charger)
    -3.5mm male to male audio cable & 3.5mm male to female audion cable & 3.5mm mini jack to stereo
    -8GB SanDisk Micro Cruzer flash drive
    -Pilot G2 gel pens – black / blue / red
    -1TB My Passport HDD

    All carried in Swiss Laptop Backpack –,r:19,s:44&biw=1366&bih=667

  79. Sheela

    At my Desk: Laptop with wireless keyboard & mouse & hub; label maker; stapler and stapler remover; blue pens, black pens, one red pen and one yellow highlighter, two pencils

    On the Road: laptop and wireless mouse; headset; iPhone; USB thumb drive but his is becoming less important with Mozy and Open Office

  80. Geekette

    – multipurpose screwdriver
    – purse
    – urban fantasy book
    – The Stig memory stick
    – 16GB SDHC card
    – USB multi-card reader
    – tissues
    – lipgloss
    – gym timetable
    – bluetooth
    – mobile
    – deodorant
    – neurofen
    and the ever faithful… Polos :)

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