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Bump Your Desktop Into 3D With BumpTop

Your desktop doesn’t have to be a boring graveyard for lost and forgotten files anymore! Transform it with BumpTop into 3D desktop that help you keep organized. Like a real desk. Create the desktop that suits your needs and style.

There’s nothing about the installation, you just keep on pressing “Forward” and you are done. When you launch BumpTop for the first time, you’ll be taken in tutorial to show you how to use BumpTop efficiently, it doesn’t last more than a minute so make sure you watch it.


Right after the tutorial you’ll see you shiny new 3D desktop. Let’s start using the new desktop by learning  some basics.

Right-Click Options:

You right-click menu is now replaced by BumTop’s menu, but you can still access your normal menu by choosing more.


You can make piles of files, photos and folders just like how you do in real life. You can do this by selecting them and drag across the pile icon that appears without letting go of the mouse as described below:


You can pin stuff to the walls, like photo frames or TO-DO notes and when you want to have better view of the wall, simply double-click it.

Setting Window:

BumpTop comes with plenty of setting you can choose from including the infinite desktop mode that allows you to have no boundaries or fixed size for your desktop.


The best thing in BumpTop is you can customize it with themes. It makes you feel like you are in a different room or went to somewhere else! You can download themes or you can create your own room.


Download BumpTop [via]

BumpTop themes [via]


Omar Hafiz is a geeky Linux user who loves customizing Ubuntu to fit his personal style. Whether it's the login screen or his Gnome panels, he's got them tweaked to perfection.

  • Published 08/24/11

Comments (15)

  1. JimmyCap

    This version of the program is 18 months old. Support (and new versions) are no longer available as the developer was acquired by Google in 2010. Sad face.

  2. Casiuss

    Yeah it isnt supported anylonger but it runs pretty darn stable, I tried it when I heared that Bumptop is acquired by Google and that Bumptop is free to download. Was pretty cool on my old Notebook, will be more awesome on my new computer I think.

  3. Hatryst

    Is it resource-heavy?

  4. Casiuss

    No, it ran fine on a dual core 2ghz processor, onboard intel graphics and 2gigs of ram on my old notebook, so everyone with a decent computer should totaly be fine. :)

  5. Harkaboy

    I’ve got dual-monitor setup. Does it work on multiple monitors?


  6. GuiltySpark

    Brothersoft!!!!! Dodgy, Dodgy.

  7. Meena Bassem

    oh boy, that’s’ really a good one
    thanks for sharing bro :D

  8. Meena Bassem

    btw, is there any better download link? i hate using brothersoft downlaoder

  9. Cratch

    Beware this is dodgy… Should have known better. Failed to install properly and difficult to uninstall. I used Revo Uninstaller to get rid of BumpTop and all the mess it left behind.

  10. mikeL

    @Meena Bassem: Just Google it and there are plenty of downloads elsewhere, and reviews.
    Some users report heavy CPU loads, but not many. Also, the cnet download review says some features are disabled after 15 days, but I can’t for the life of me, find out which ones. When installing, select free version, not trial.
    This article writer could’ve used about 3 minutes of research on Google to explain some of this stuff, like the fricking fact this software was discontinued in Feb, 2010!! Why the f%#* give the link to brothersoft, FFS, when cnet, pcmag, MajorGeeks, etc., have downloads!

  11. mikeL

    This installs and runs fine. I’ve got laptop, Win7 home premium, i5 430 – 2.3Ghz, 4gb DDR3. No sweat at all, seems to use almost no memory(~30 – 50mb) or cpu(2 – 4 %).
    It’s pretty cool, and the themes are wicked, maaaaaaaan!

  12. lilliput

    mikel,works fine rite? At least you shld give e write some complement.. Instead of yr DAMN f%#* remark. Numb skull.

  13. A

    Wow, this is such a fun program. Additional info on how it runs though- on my computer it takes nearly 128 Mb of ram, cpu usage is extremely low, and as for dual monitors it only works on one of them but in the settings you can change which monitor is used while the unused monitor works the same as regular.

  14. Omar Hafiz

    @Hatryst – No it isn’t resource-heavy at all.

    @Harkaboy – No. If you install it on a dual monitor setup, it will only take over your main screen.

    @Meena Bassem – More download links will be posted shortly. But I’ve tested this download from BrotherSoft and it doesn’t contain any malware.

  15. Brad

    I thought that this looked cool so I installed it on my laptop (i7, 8gig Ram, 1gig video). It ran really slow, eventually hanging then completely crashing. Attempting to move items around on the desktop was sketchy at best. The odd thing is there is a instructional part before the actual system runs where you get to interactivly learn how to use the new desktop. That ran great. The animations were cool and you could throw the icons against the wall with no problem. Unfortunatly once the instructional was over and my actual desktop was displayed it slowed considerably. When moving an icon the system reacted like a lagging video game. “Throwing” the icons were one one side of the screen, then on the other side a second later. No sliding animations.

    Needless to say once my system returned to normal state after the app crashed, it was uninstalled.

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