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Reader Poll: Are You Switching to Firefox 4?

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Mozilla rolled out a massive upgrade to Firefox yesterday, bringing a slew of new features and a whole new look. Are you rushing to switch to Firefox or upgrade your current install?

The new version of Firefox rocks a slick Opera-like interface, hardware acceleration (like Internet Explorer 9), and a cleaner add-ons interface. It also, like most Firefox releases, does a pretty good job breaking a bunch of your favorite extensions. Check out our screenshot tour to get a better look at what’s new.

So is it enough to sway you away from your current browser or compel you to upgrade Firefox? Log your vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments if you need more room to express yourself.

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Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 03/23/11

Comments (88)

  1. Kushal

    chrome is simple n complete n it ain’t d case with firefox 4

  2. 01NB

    Gonna take a lot to get me away from Chrome at this point. And I was a die-hard FF user.

  3. rg07

    Got tired of waiting for Firefox 4 to come out 2 years ago, so I decided to move to Chrome at that time, since then, Chrome has gone lightyears ahead of what Firefox 4 is finally. I’m sticking with Chrome. All the add-ons that I was using I found for Chrome anyway.

  4. dragonbite

    How about I have already upgraded (staring with Beta 10 to now)?

  5. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @01NB and rg07: Pretty much my experience… was a die-hard Firefox user, finally got sick of some of the issues I was having with Firefox and tried Chrome. I’ve been a full time Chrome user for ages now.

  6. Ben

    Just upgraded from 3.6… still can’t get over how much faster it is!

  7. jong

    I have tried to switch to Chrome several times, but the extension diversity in Firefox in incomparable.
    Plus, in my experience the plugins crash several times, especially flash when you open to many tabs.

  8. Merlin

    Already did so when RC2 came out. It automatically updated to the final version.
    It’s lots faster!

  9. Hatryst

    Why isn’t there a ‘Yo, I have already upgraded’ option? :)
    I was a FF user, but people said chrome was good, and i didn’t believe, until i installed it and started using it on March 20th 2011. And then FX4 came out on March 22nd. So it ain’t my fault, I’m simply a FF fan :D

  10. tyros

    the only reason I use Firefox is because of the Adblock Plus plugin. I used be a die-hard Opera fan until it started having strange memory leak problems.

  11. Mike Irwin

    I haven’t upgraded yet. I have too many add-ons, plus I’m running the Pale Moon variant. I figured I’d wait until the add-ons get upgraded before I switch.

  12. tsherry

    Upgrading, but Chrome is my main browser. I keep firefox as a backup when chrome fails at something.

  13. Don

    My video experience with MSNBC news was choppy and poor with 3.6 (Very disappointing.)
    I upgraded to Firefox 4.0 yesterday. Video is now enjoyable. It loads much faster than it can play out.

  14. trm96

    I’m going to stick with Chrome, but I do have FF4 installed and I am using it (here and there).

  15. Asian Angel

    I had already started upgrading all of my portable and regular installs back while it was in beta. ^_^ For me it was love at first site with 4.0. ^_^

    Firefox was awesome before but I truly feel that 4.0 has stepped things up to a whole new level. ^_^

  16. Luie

    I use both FF 4 now and Chrome. I’ve gotten use to Firefox too much to give it up. I love being able to use CTRL+Enter for .com (default for chrome as well), CTRL+Shift+Enter for .org and Shift+Enter for .net and I use them too much to switch to chrome for full-time use.

    I do like the separate incognito window while still having your regular window open in Chrome though, and I also like the add-in install with no reboots. If Firefox adds that, I’ll be all set. Another issue I’ve run into is using xmarks in Chrome. If I enable password sync, it wipes out all of my password for some reason. Personally I use Chrome about 19% of the time, and Firefox 80% with IE 9 being the remaining 1%.

  17. Rimas

    FF downloading take a look at statistics WOOW :)

  18. Gloorian

    I’m gonna keep Opera which is in my opinion better than Firefox. I find it faster and more personalisable.

  19. Alendra

    Been using Firefox4 since the beta 6, wouldn’t change it for anything ;)

    I just LOVE the way you can customize the interface ^^ (I personnally HATED the “default” interface, but you can change it back to the 3.6 interface :))

  20. rino

    i have tried to make the jump to Chrome but a lot of things are missing namely Adblock Plus (NO, the one in Chrome is not the same as what we have with Firefox), Ghostery to name a few.

    using Chrome also feels amateurish, IMHO, YMMV, for it lacks the essential security to block ads and trackers.

    yes Chrome is fast on startup. period. but once loaded Firefox is way faster for me. again, YMMV IMHO.

    i’m sticking with Firefox and have upgraded to version 4. i’m luving it =)

  21. Steve O

    NOPE. Fire FTP, measure it, colorpicker and MUCH more don’t work with FF4 yet. I’d like to get another browser with these features, but not sure which will do it

  22. Khai

    loaded FF4 but after an hour had to go back to FF3. the font fuzzyness in 4 is just an eye killer.

    until they fix that….

  23. Mighty Pharaoh

    No, I’m not upgrading! Not until all my extensions and add-ons are transferred to FF4 and why would you tamper with the status bar?! No progress bar? really?! It’s ridiculous that you have to download an add-on so that you get your old style status bar back!!

    I’m sticking with an older version now and if Mozilla don’t sort themselves out, I’m switching to Chrome…

  24. Jock

    How about an option in the poll for “Will upgrade when all my required add-ons are upgraded”? That’s what I’ll be waiting for, especially the Better G* series from Lifehacker.

  25. RiotFemme

    I upgraded Firefox, but Chrome remains my primary viewer.

  26. Thonoit

    I upgraded, spent over half an hour trying to find working alternatives to my frequently used add-ons, failed, got frustrated, reverted back to 3.62.

  27. epicexposure

    Would have loved to switch to FireFox 4.0, but Chrome still runs the fastest on both my laptops. Even after I disabled all extensions.

  28. Nasif

    Chrome always and forever :)

  29. Reni Webb

    One quick question to all chrome fans – Does chrome support RSS feeds?
    Even IE supports RSS.

    Firefox 4 is the best browser.

  30. vod

    I’m still stick with my Chrome as it is still faster and lighter comparing ie8 and FireFox. However, found Chrome starting to be laggy and taking more memory but it is still the fastest browser.

  31. Anton Magus

    Have used IE 6, 7, 8 and 9, tried Opera and preferred Chrome over earlier versions of Firefox. Have now been using Firefox 4 for two days and am totally switched. It loads quickly, renders pages more accurately than Opera, and seemingly more quickly than Chrome. I use various browsers in my work but really dislike IE9 with the tabs squashed to the right of the address bar, and Opera which doesn’t render pages the same as IE9, Firefox or Chrome. I like Chrome but I honestly think Firefox 4 is a BIG improvement over 3.6 and has the edge over all the competition. In 2 days it has become my browser of choice. So if you are crazy about Opera or IE9, please don’t try Firefox 4. If you do, you will switch, for sure.

  32. Andreas Toth

    People go on an on about Chrome but Chrome really sucks for anyone who’s tab-crazy like I am, its tab management is really poorly thought out in this respect and simply can’t cope. Until this isn’t addressed I’m staying with Firefox and will upgrade to Firefox 4 (I’ve been using the pre-release at home).

  33. Altyer Otoni

    I have upgraded from 3.6, but remain using it for my banking access, because the plugin was not upgraded yet.

  34. Anon

    No; I’m sticking with an older version of Firefox. 6.33% (68 votes)

    ^^Glad to see I’m not the only one staying with 3.6.^^

    As per my last two post under Anon about FF4 being released subject, they explain why I am sticking to 3.6.

    I feel FF4 is complete rubbish not only because of incompatible extensions,themes & userstyles, the addon manager is rubbish & bloated, I feel that FF4 is to Fat.

    Like in my last post, Hope Mozilla keeps support on 3.6., its at 3.6.16 so I cannot see why not as it still can go a long way to 3.9.99 before i’m forced to switch to 4.0.

  35. Dragon5150

    FireFTP works in FF4. To access it you have to turn the Menu Bar back on.

  36. Somebody

    I use chrome mostly but there are certain sites that don’t play nicely with chrome so I use FF for those. I see no compelling reason to switch to the new version of FF at this point due to a number of reasons. For instance as others have mentioned, the extensions, and I don’t want to go through the trouble of having to find out if it is going to work with the websites I need it to work with among other things. I will see how it goes and consider updating in the near future.

  37. @l3xX

    LOVE FF4 :)

  38. gyffes

    I’ll consider Chrome when they put a Master Password feature in place.

  39. derekr54

    I happily use Chrome and FF,upgraded to FF4 yesterday and it appears to work fine.Most of my extentions work but most of my themes do not.I will see how the new version goes over the next few weeks before saying it is great or crap.

  40. Andy

    I’m a die-hard FireFox & ubuntu mav meerkat user and I would have not switched to Chromium and Chrome if it weren’t due to FF4. After upgrading to FF4 my computer acted completely weird, text on screen messed up and FF has no offer at all to downgrade to previous FF version so I was forced to look in to other browsers and that’s when Chromium started to shine & led me to even download Chrome as well, so I got both. Boy, I was glad because not only my new browser’s fast, it’s also so very smooth with no issues.

  41. Antje

    Yes, but I’d keep the old style menus anyway. It seems the clear text technology is finally in-line with the system settings.

  42. Teresa Olson

    I upgraded to 4 then realized only 3 of my add-ons worked with this new one so I downgraded back to my previous version and will wait til my add-ons work in 4.

  43. Chrome fan

    nothing new….all the new features are in other browsers and were released months ago,most of it are copy chrome, and sync feature is very crappy, the only thing worth using firefox is the addons gallery.

  44. Simon Rodonalwitz

    Chrome offends me. If you uninstall Chrome, it leaves some problems in your Registry that will interfere with other browsers. That is not very polite. I’m sticking with Firefox, the new upgrade that just came out seems nice so far.

  45. John

    Sorry i already use Firefox 4.. i mean opera

  46. Daniel

    I use Chrome;I used to use firefox before, never IE and Firefox was very important because it had Javascript debugging. Now Chrome comes with this without having to install a plugin and for now it starts faster than Firefox. I still keep firefox and IE though for tests purposes before shipping a web application…

  47. lizzee

    Upgraded last night, and I’ve finally managed to make it look and function more or less like the previous version. All of the UI changes were a monstrosity, IMHO, but I do like how much faster it is.

  48. Kellan

    I’m sticking with Chrome until Firefox becomes self-aware.

  49. RappyBMX

    I liked the old firefox versions, but i consider firefox 4 a big fail :| going to switch to chrome… and occasionally use the old firefox…

  50. Robin Mathew Rajan

    I’ve tried IE6, 7 ,8, 9, Chrome 1 to 10, Firefox 2 to 4. Opera 9 to 10. With so much experiences with each browser, Firefox is the best out there. It got even better with its new version 4. Firefox Rocks.

  51. Enigmatech

    I tried firefox 4 last night. It was nice but… It made my eee PC 701 crawl while browsing. Its somewhat of a CPU hog. I have 2GB installed already. So I switched back to the old version. I wish they’d optimize it for slower processors. :(

  52. marco

    Opera FTW!

  53. indianacarnie

    Been using Opera for years now,tried all the rest at one point or another but I’m sticking with the best.

  54. MrFiXXXit

    Ain’t gonna happen. I’ll stick with Chrome 11.

  55. Johann

    No I’m not switching… even with all the tweaks an boosts and what ever. it’s still one of the slowses browsers on the market. don’t know how mozilla could manage it to get from an awsome browser to this thing. I’m using Iron browser now (switched from firefox to it) it’s fast don’t use that much memory, it’s stable and you get nice updates once in two weeks or so. and the times are over that there where addons for firefox that you couldn’t get for iron/chrome…

  56. Luke

    I have a lot of different browsers that I use at work including FF 4, but at home I’m sticking with 3.6 until some more compatibility for my favorite extensions and add-ons happens.

  57. Andrei

    I upgraded yesterday to Firefox 4 and i think it’s pretty cool and yes, much, much faster. Not all add-ons work, but i am patient!!!

  58. Eeki

    I uppgraded and it’s very good but I still prefer Chrome.

  59. Pejeno

    I was tempted to switch from Chrome because I do miss the Firefox version of Adblock Plus, but sadly Firefox still has some shortcomings compared to Chrome.

    They do have been improving it though. It looks way more polished compared to the bloat that the 3.X was.

  60. Manu

    I have been juggling chrome 11, internet explorer 9 and firefox 4 beta, then upgraded to the official release. All three have been outstanding so far, but still, chrome 11’s my primary browser. I’m sticking with the simplicity, lightness, privacy and security I feel with chrome – powering it up with adblock, better popup blocker, flashblock, web of trust and Abine’s chromeblock, an amazing adblock-like extension.

  61. MoonDPC

    Chrome is the best browser!

  62. techtikus

    Yup, upgraded on the day when the release was available. A whole lot better and faster than FF3. FF fan since 2006.

  63. Lucky

    I upgraded, might use more than FF3.6, but I still like Chrome better. I don’t think I have the hardware to reap the benifits of FF4 (or it doesn’t seem) and it’s still fat. I even like IE9 better. I’m just not a fan- boy of any of them so I use whatever works best for the website or application. I am liking how fast and lightweight IE9 is, but I have run into 1 or 2 websites that it doesn’t like. Chrome still default.

  64. CanadianMoose

    My Firefox 3.6 crashed multiple times after upgrading to 10.6.7 on the Mac. Since installing 4.0.. Runs like a charm..

  65. Woot

    Switched to 4 since the RC release, I think.

  66. cam2644

    Firefox 4 means I’ll stick to Mozilla as my primary browser. I can’t share the enthusiasm some have for Chrome which is still quite limited in its flexibility. Chrome is a useful second browser.


    Chrome shines !

  68. Lingo

    I switched and now I wish I didn’t, FireFox 4 sucks. One program I use is browser based, and now none of the links work. If I right click and say open a new window, that works, but that’s not the way it should work. FireFox gets an “F” for this upgrade.

  69. jon_hill987

    Upgraded and spent the first 10 min reversing all the stupid UI changes. If I didn’t want any menus I would be using Chrome.

    Still, all sorted now and I am happy with it.

  70. toolman59

    I upgraded today, it is a lot quicker and I will soon get used to the new U.I. I have already moved the tabs back to where they were. Also signed into SYNCH.

    So far so good.

  71. CarlB

    If they put it in upgrade manager. I use Fire Fox only for a couple of things, I prefer Chrome.

  72. Ada

    I have IE9 installed. Don’t like it, so I use FF4 portable, Chrome 11 dev portable as my browsers. Never get an app if there’s a portable version of it

  73. Robert

    I use IE9 just for its pinning of tabs and the small look of it otherwise if firefox can do what i want how i want it ill swich i have swiched like 25 times between opera (hated it), crome (used for its hiddeness), firefox, and IE

  74. Stef

    Now that Firefox looks exactly like Opera, I can just as well stick with the original…

  75. jdbpogo

    i put it on a non-critical box and will update the others after i smooth out the bumps and get everything the way i like.

  76. Anuja


  77. TG2

    I upgraded my main machine’s FF3.6 to 4 …. and immediately after installed that extension Status_4_Evar.

    I need my status bar as it was ..

  78. Bob Moulton

    I’ll switch when the add-ons are updated to work with the new version.

  79. Kevalin

    I didn’t get onto Firefox 3 until very recently, and I’m certainly in no rush to “upgrade” to 4. You know what they say: “Never try anything new. Let someone else try it first… and see if it kills them.”

  80. Bob

    As much as I would like to upgrade to FF4 right now (based on the promised increased speed and other positives), I am holding off because of the negatives that have been expressed here and elsewhere.
    Perhaps giving it some time will result in more positives than negatives, at which juncture I will upgrade. I haven’t given up on it but do need more feedback from present users.

  81. Richard Bishop

    I keep two browsers current, Internet Explorer and Firefox. I have Safari, which I only use for it’s “Reader” function. I tried Chrome and it was like wading through a swimming pool of poorly mixed, natural peanut butter. I’ll try it again when they actually finish it … Or, when Windows Millennium becomes the most popular OS on the planet :|

  82. Hariharan

    Have already upgraded to Firefox 4 on my desktop. MeeGo does not have Firefox 4:(

  83. Grump3

    Upgraded to FF4 then rolled back to 3.5.
    Too many items missing in 4 such as:
    Reload, Save tabs message & Add-ons.

  84. Sitrarasu

    Firefox 4, doesn’t support some of the add-on’s that were supported in previous version like IDM.., so i am sticking to fireox 3.6 itself..

  85. Rajneesh Gadge

    I’ve installed firefox as my secondary browser as I prefer Chrome 12 as my primary. :)

  86. allanrockwell

    Opera 11 is going to stay my unsurpassable browser; and i’m keeping my carefully designed FF 3.6.

  87. m_buzuzima

    Have move to Firefox 4 already, but I’m a little bit disappointed, it keeps crashing, my older version was more stable than this one. I’m trying out chrome too, but I’m still giving some room for the firefox folk to fix their product.

  88. poop


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